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On article First samples: Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 (222 comments in total)

These are great images. Anyone can take a technically great image today, it's simple. I see technically correct images every day that lack imagination. This is an imagination lens, a lens that gives beautifully impressionistic images. Love this. I could spend hours looking at impressionist painters work, images that are instantly recognizable but with a softness that feels as though you can be part of the scene. Leica is not your typical camera company, I don't understand all the negativity toward these beautiful lenses. $6500 is not in my budget, but renting one is.

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miric: Cr@ppy design and materials as well as BS quality and reliability are definitely iconic, brand-recognizable elements of the brand.

Shouldn't we withhold judgement until released and evaluated before we deem it a piece of crap. No doubt it will prove itself to be as good as the past.

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PrestonK: they reinventing the pass and not the future. All their M sensor are the same just different body. What they should have done is leave the Lcd on just to play back taken photo. We are living in the future and nobody want to go backward. I remember pager days without a phone. I got paged and I would drive looking for a pay phone or drive home which is a wasted of time. Today everyone has a cell phone that can do a lot. This is what you call today future. Leica will fall if they keep trying to move backward, they should find ways to improve technology. I love Leica M sensor. The bokeh is the best in class. I have the most expensive lens the summilux 35mm double A and I love it. The first of its kind when it came out. I want to have the same feeling when Leica release a new product however the this m-d without Lcd with same sensor doesn't make sense. It's a sad face to me.

If you look at Leica's profits they are going up, so I don't see how you say Leica will fail. This camera is not for me but Leica has to be congratulated for thinking outside the box, it is certainly no loss to have choices, one can simply buy the camera with screen or without. Leica has been encouraged with their monochrome success, something they expected to sell in small quantities and were quite overwhelmed by demand, perhaps this will happen with the lcd-less body. If not think Leica-collectible, similar to your lens. Congratulations on having a beautiful rare lens, I haven't had the pleasure of shooting one, perhaps someday.

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Working in the industry revealed Kodak as an arrogant company that was competent technologically however management was extremely incompetent. When Nikon released the D1 they hardly blinked, the rest of the industry realized the monumental event while Kodak management looked at film/processing sales as a forever cash cow. Kodak ccd's were among the best and can be found in high end cameras and backs to this day, yet management ran the company into the ground. I will miss the brand as it was a cornerstone of every photographers life, so sad to see it end up this way.

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On article Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor (757 comments in total)
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CraigArnold: Poor people are so funny when they are angry!

700+ scornful comments from people who can't even choose the right parents.


LOL....not sure most will appreciate this as anger over important matters such as cameras can have a dulling effect on life's better moments.

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Bossons: Amazed by how many that find this tweak to a centre column amazing. The best thing you can do with the centre column is to never extend it or remove it entirely. To maximize the stability of your tripod keep the camera as close to the spider as possible.

I've heard this repeated many times, and several years ago tested the centre-column-up vs. down. With good technique there was no difference using a 2 series Gitzo with 6 lbs of Contax 645 camera/digital back. The trick is good technique, mirror up when possible (otherwise avoid 1/4 and 1/2 sec shutter speeds), give the tripod 2 seconds to steady after any camera adjustment and use a cable release but with care not to move the camera by pulling it. If a cable release is not available just use self-timer. I redid this test recently with a very anemic tripod and it did fine also but not with 6 lbs. and good technique is more important.

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Looking at these cameras is like looking at an exotic car, they are beautiful to behold in person and in photos. The craftsmanship is unique amongst camera and manufacturers in general. Thanks Leica for being unique and providing excellent cameras and optics, some say jewelry because of their beauty.

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On article Shooting with the Leica M9-P (620 comments in total)
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Jazr: Here's my problem with m-series,,,I have owned 2 R3s and now an R5. I love the R-series. I have a 20mm, 35mm and 90mm. The body size is perfect, and just fitsa in the hand as it should. A 5d or Nikon 800 is huge by comparison. I need something for my lenses and the R series is the correct answer. I have switcheds to using my Hasselblad 500c 80 and 150 and Superwide for the better resolution. Please Leica... Give us a kick ass R series!!!!!!!!!!/

Good point about an R digital that would have the size of an R4, if Leica could put digital into an M they certainly could put it in an R4 size. But Leica went large with the R8 and R9 in the film days so the idea is not likely to happen but we can hope.

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On article Shooting with the Leica M9-P (620 comments in total)
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wb2trf: Leica cameras are bad and, more importantly, irrelevant in the digital age. One may as well have a political conversation about the Russian nobility. Leica's significance if it has any remaining, is as a lens maker. If you want to enjoy Leica lenses, buy a Nex and put it on it.

Your comment and analysis are irrelevant. "Leica cameras are bad" very articulate analysis I couldn't have said it worse.
Leica lenses on a Nex are often not any better than the Sony lenses due to the ray angle, the sony sensor is not optimized for the M lenses. I would recommend you shoot the M9, it is a powerhouse of imaging potential.

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Will Zeiss produce the 135mm in Nikon and Canon mounts, would love to have this for a D800 at a substantially reduced price although it would look cool as it is.

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On article Nikon D4 overview (839 comments in total)

Sad to see a still camera emphasize video and minimize improvements as a still camera. Maybe the D800 will be a still camera primarily.

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