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Biggest dog food conglomerate buys Nikon ;-)

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That's better, finally! :-)

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True, to each his own. But when one needs to have all that capability, rain or shine, top speed in very low light, what are the options that can be trusted to perform?

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In the thick of the action, we see the whole world through Nikon cameras: they are still the ones chosen in space missions, for a reason.

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Until I can't get ISO 1 gazillion + fine detail I'm sticking to my present 36 Mp Nikons for all the good reasons, dark night photography of black bears included - with flash and remote trigger, of course; no one in his right mind would do otherwise.

That day will come, though. Most probably, it will be a future iteration of Sony's A7 whatever + tons of marketing that compels reviewers to say that it beats Nikon by a hair, even if you can't see it.

Not that I don't like Sony. I even bought the R1, with the finest Zeiss optics and the worst AF & ergonomy. It was great for high-speed photography, as long as I focused manually.

Those were the days, when we pushed Tri-X to ISO 3200, with Microdol... ;-)

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Jan. 2012 DPR review of Nikon 1 J1:
"[...]we can't help feeling that with the J1 and V1 Nikon has missed an opportunity to offer a product that fulfills that other great un-met point-and-shoot need: a small automatic camera that works well in a wide range of lighting conditions, from bright exterior to dim interior.
[...] Also, although we try not to be influenced by a retail price when writing our reviews, it's impossible to ignore the fact that at street prices of around $600 and $800, respectively (with 10-30mm lens kit), the J1 and V1 are entry-level mirrorless cameras that cost significantly more than several higher-end alternatives. Got a 67% overall score.

Informative, perhaps. But how can one understand the above, more so when the 1 System (same sensor size, first to use it) has an extra advantage: interchangeable lenses? Nothing against Sony, which is a great product. I'd just like to understand the meaning of 'unbiased'.

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The cat is right: these things are good for chewing...

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Ryan21: I love the Genesis 200/400 kits. I have used them for a wide variety of things without fail... I highly recommend them!

Geez, 43 comments and only one about the Profoto - or its price...
The fact is that they're the best lighting acquisition I've made. Far better made than others (great design & ergonomy, too) reliable, consistent results, everything a Pro needs to set up a studio anywhere, in or outdoors, together with the BatPac.

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