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foto guy: Who cares? These and other cameras can shoot a decent pic at quite high ISOs. Do you think you folks could focus on something important for a change? Perhaps photography, for instance.

LOL No kidding. Read the comments though. People get off on this ISO stuff.

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On article Two photographers re-imagine city potholes (147 comments in total)

Love it! Number 8 is my favorite.

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bobbarber: Given: Sensor technology gets better every year.

A. Therefore, people will need larger sensor cameras in the future.

B. Therefore, people will need smaller sensor cameras in the future.

Looking back to the history of large format, medium format, and 35mm film cameras is cheating. The logic behind your choice must come from your own ideas.

As the illustrious HF said 'history is bunk.'

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Nice case!

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Top one reminds me of a Dali painting. Haven't looked at the website. I do often wonder about the clothes and shoes you see on the side of the highway sometimes. Where do they come from and why?

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Mark Roberts: What a great report... I was delighted to see it written with a human perspective, not just technical.

The Dave Etchell piece was very interesting. I read and enjoyed the whole thing. Much better than those superficial u-tube things we get everywhere now.

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crsantin: Very clever Sony, very very clever. 20 megapixel APS-C with a lens for...$400???That's the initial price too, not the deeply discounted price that comes along at the end of the product's life. The DSLR goes mirrorless. Goodbye micro four thirds, it was nice knowing you.

Suck em in with a decent camera at an affordable price . Sell them on lens and body upgrades. Brilliant really. Even as cheaply made as the preview seems to make it out to be. It's tempting.

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RichRMA: Ad agencies kill me. Their ideas about "20-somethings" are all the same. Bearded, always breaking out the acoustic guitar, impromptu jam sessions, some trendy, formerly intolerable beer on hand...

Kind of looks 80's to me (I remember). Why is she holding a Polaroid though?

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Ulfric M Douglas: Do I get a free Hasselblad Looney too?


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stevez: I think the 1 system along with the EOS M were doomed from the start from being stubborn and going they're own way. At least in my neck of the woods the micro 4/3 system is doing quite well which is the way I feel Canon and Nikon should have went.

that's silly joe unless your shooting 6400 ISO all the time.

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playForever8: The key problem for Nikon 1 is its price.

1" sensor is not much bigger than those sensors that are used in high end P&S cameras, but it is priced for around $700-$900, which is around 2-3 times of the high end P&S. Nikon thought consumers are just too stupid to buy its 1 systems for 2-3X price.

Yeah the APS-C mirrorless are worth a shot I guess but even that will be tough going against m4/3 right now.

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Digitall: If any member of the DPR buy this camera, please say something! Sure that your camera will be tested here. Because otherwise it will be impossible to test this camera. All units are sold already :(
The list of pre-order is already quite large.

Getting rid of the Billy Beer cans was a big mistake. They will be worth more than the Lunar soon.

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On photo Hotel California-1062520 in 19andrew47's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

LOL The woman with the cigarette and P&S camera is up to something for sure. I like it.

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Paul Farace: Why do we call this tiny sensor a 1-inch sensor when it's not! One inch is 24.7 (something) millimeters... this is much smaller... call it APS-T (tiny)...
I really don't like the effects of the tiny sensors and I welcome the further development of a class of 4/3 sensors and APS-C sensor-based compacts with good zooms 24-28 to 90-100 with 2.8 apertures or better... or interchangeable lenses and OPTICAL VIEWFINDERS, even if its just a slide-on accessory like the ones I use on my 35mm rangefinders! We're getting closer and closer, but still too many turns onto dead end streets IMHO.

Bah Even the APS-C guys rag on the 4/3 because it is too small . It seems that size is not as much a problem as the technology judging by the EM-5 . I hope to see further improvements.

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LOL the picture in the title says it all. I hardly see any pedestrians anymore that are not looking at their phone. I just nick them the first time or honk .

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On article Just deployed: New forums system (699 comments in total)

Sorry Had to do it. :) We'll all get used to it though.

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Uh oh :)

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I like the snakeskin one best That flash looks baddass with it :)

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Absolutic: so is it like a toy for people who cannot afford a real DSLR so they can pretend they have a DSLR?

Is that the first Pentax superzoom bridge camera? Couldn't find another one.

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On article Canon issues product advisory for PowerShot S100 (48 comments in total)
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onlooker: Canon's solution to a design defect? "exchange affected cameras regardless of the warranty status". Other companies listening?

"This is more likely to happen in certain environmental conditions such as high temperature and/or humidity" Well if they sold a lot of them around here there is going to be some *repaired* ones for sure :)

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