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Tom Schum: If Sigma is working on a new DSLR or Mirrorless camera, this fine might put a serious dent in their schedule. We might be stuck with another year of delay in the Sigma development process.
On the one hand, patent infringement is a serious problem and ought to be enforced with fines. On the other hand there can be far-reaching effects against competition in a case such as this. Since Nikon was asking for ten times as much money as they actually got, the judgement seems lenient to me.
Thinking about in-lens image stabilization in general, it seems to me that there is not a whole lot of choice regarding how to do it: move a lens or an element of a lens. In-camera image stabilization is a similar situation: you move a sensor.
Either way, one false move and you have re-invented something previously patented, and there will be infringement issues to deal with. I doubt Sigma had any criminal intent. This is an area for the patent trolls.

i'm not a expert on patent, but usually a concept cannot be register. What you mentioned is a concept, move a element or a lens. That's a concept. But the implementation can be register, how to do you move that lens, with what to move it...

I guess sigma has copied the way to do it. Then you can argue there must not a tons of way to do that either. Ask a lens architect and he will tell you otherwise.

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slncezgsi: The film duplicator is going to support also medium format films, hurra! I really need that sort of accessories so that I do not have to send ALL of my films out for scanning even if mostly I only need decent pre-views (the good ones are then scanned with better quality of course)

I have used that kinda of duplicator with a digital full frame dslr, the trouble is how to get uniform light.

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jonikon: With the recent price drop announcements* for the Nikon D800 body to $2799.95, and the Nikon D600 24-85 VR kit now reduced by $700, to only $1999.95, it is obvious to any reasonable person that the Sony a99 is WAY overpriced at $2800 for the body only. A thousand dollars to high!

How DPR ignored these huge price discrepancies in their value rating for the a99 is anyone's guess, but unless Sony substantially reduces the exorbitant price on the a99, they will not be able to sell very many of them, DPR gold award notwithstanding.



But that's just rumor right?

where can I buy it?

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Marc Rogoff: This is not only a D600 problem but apparently the D800 has the same issue. In fact my D3X has terrible dust issues - very frustrating that Olympus seems to have solved the dust issue yet Nikon with all their R&D money cant sort this out...

I don't think Olympus have solved anything, but the fact that the sensor size is smaller it does help I think. I never get dust on my 4/3 camera. And also I rarely close down my lens at more than f8, so it kinda help too. I don't know but I never get dust on picture with 4/3 camera. I have a old 1ds, I get dust all the time :)

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On photo leaf colour in the Ad campaign: Turning over a new leaf challenge (9 comments in total)

very nice leaf, how do you black background like this? do you put a black cloth on the back of the subject?

thank you

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On photo Lily 1 in the That Colorful Lily! challenge (6 comments in total)

Very nice shot, how did you get that black background? I want to do the same with my daughter shot. any insight would be welcome.

thank you

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Banana Chips™: The lack of CRC (floating element) is a disappointment...

"It has the same focusing distance .85 feet as the old AIS 28mm f2 (which had CRC). Why do you need CRC necessarily?"

The 28mm AIS f2.8 has CRC and it focus 7inch compare to the f2 which is 9inch I think not 0.85feet. 9inch is 0.75feet. Anyway, it's not big difference but some some people and use it makes the difference.

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On photo FRANK ANDIVER - PONTE DEL DIAVOLO in the Drivin' that Train... challenge (15 comments in total)

Very well done, thank you for this inspiring picture

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cleverinstigator: wow this image makes the E-5 and OM-D look awesome.

+1, the om-d is amazing, maybe not just sensor related, the lens has surely something to do with that.

Thank you for posting image of the d800, to confirmed I should buy the OM-D :)

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Mtsuoka: looks like this one gonna beat "current" APS-C offerings..
think about it:

why 35mm film, with all the advance in film technology, never replaced MF film?

well you are right, it can't possibly replace bigger size sensor. But if it gets to the point where it's excellent enough. people might just settle for that. I was just like the film days, 35mm was getting excellent enough so 35mm rule the landscape of photography. 35mm did replace medium format in a lot of field. It just didn't totally replace it.

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On article Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 test samples (456 comments in total)

Is the setting from the jpg over sharpned or other camera are just soft???

I see line from the scene so clear now, it's like someone highlight it.

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On photo this one might be closed (1 of 1) in the Sorry, We're Closed challenge (3 comments in total)

It might be closed, but the building is still pretty leveled :)

nice pic!

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On article Nikon D4 & D800: What do the Professionals Think? (376 comments in total)

andy sheppard:
"It's great to see Nikon finally challenging Canon's dominance in the HD video arena but for me video is not a priority. On the rare occasions that I need to capture video I'll do it with my phone."

Hehe, I always wanted video from my camera, I have 2 who can do it, but I never do video.... only on the beginnig when I want to test it.

Weird isn't it?

maybe video is a art that demand more knowledge, I never had nice video.

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On article First impressions shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (264 comments in total)
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petrocan: I was very interested to see how it performs with 4/3 lenses. I have a few I would like to be able to use.

I know I can buy a e30 or e3, but this camera is tempting.

too bad, I thought it can be faster.

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On article First impressions shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (264 comments in total)

I was very interested to see how it performs with 4/3 lenses. I have a few I would like to be able to use.

I know I can buy a e30 or e3, but this camera is tempting.

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On article First impressions shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (264 comments in total)

I like the model :)

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On photo _DSC3750 in the Senic views of California challenge (4 comments in total)

nicely done, I don't think this is post processed at all. nice capture, nice patience.

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I feel that mirroless system has mature enough. I feel that medium format camera hasn't move much. Still for professional and very riche amateur. With the technology we have, when are we gonna have a medium format mirroless. Please fuji, stop that non sense, bring out a digital 645 or 679.


I know big size sensor is still expensive... Why don't they make a just a 16mp 6x4.5 sensor.

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I find that we put too much importance on a nice picture. That you will remember that day as the nicest of all.

Hell!!! I have picture that look like crap taken in china when we had only money to take one picture for like 5 years. And I appreciate them as much as you who have tons of beautiful pictures.

All that wedding crap, it has to be the perfect day, the biggest ring. All crap, have you want, don't let people tell you what you need. Does that ring a bell for us? Like some marketing dude telling you, hey dude you need that full frame, you need that lens that go 2.8!!! shoot at iso 6400.

All I'm saying if she kept he wedding simple, she wouldn't have to rant like this. Ask a friend to do it if you are on budget and appreciate what you have.

Let me go for a last example. Tv telling us we have to live our fullest. So everyear we put pressure to go on vacation. No just camping dude, I need to take the plane to a place where I don't speak that language.

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Jonathan Skrimshire: I notice that Nikki Wagner lists an expense of $200 for a second shooter. Maybe the disgruntled bride should just hire the second shooter. ;-)

good one, I miss that :), better yet, paid two, that way you will for sure have all the images you need.

but seriously, I always wanted to do that, but I just lack the skill. Those second shooter are just there to snap picture that serve purpose as who came to the wedding.

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