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Thanks for another great review. Though the author discusses how the LCD performs outdoors, it's unclear how the LCD fares underwater specifically. Better or worse than the others in this series?


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monomondo: Reading the verdicts it's hard to figure on why the Panasonic finishes behind the Nikon.

It might need a stronger flash and faster lens, but it has a high visibility screen vs the Nikon oled screen which you've said makes it "nearly impossible to see outdoors and underwater"

Now that is a pretty fundamental basic to get so badly wrong.

Surely this failure should have weighed much more heavily against the Nikon.

For me I think the better battery life of the Panasonic trumps the excellent full GPS mapping of the Nikon too.

Pity it seems there's not one camera in the group as tested so far with all the sweet and none of the bitter.

I agree with your comment. As I read the review for the Nikon, the tone suggested to me it wasn't going to rate very well, and here thus far it's the best rated. (Though being new to, I'm not very familiar with the overall tone, so I very easily could be mis-reading). Either way, I too think cameras built for "rugged" use, i.e. outdoor/underwater, that have such flawed displays *outdoors and underwater* perhaps shouldn't score so highly.

But that's just me. :)

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Really looking forward to the comparison. Perfect timing for me.

In reading reviews on other sites, it seems some of the cameras (Olympus, Pentax) have a lot of auto-focus/lens/something noise while shooting video. I would be interested to read more about this on all the models you'll be reviewing, should you encounter said noise.


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