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On photo Angourie sunrise in the Seascape challenge (7 comments in total)
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Five Piece: Such negativity in the comments here! Very lovely shot, well deserved win. Looks like a sea to me...

To you this may look whatever you want to see.(no offense) (see my first post for the definitions of seascape and beachscape taken from a dictionary). To me this looks like a beautiful picture that might deserve to win in the right context.
My point, on the original message is not based on envy or negativity but to point an error on the contest theme and interpretation itself.
With your comment you have just confirmed the same error in interpretation that all other people who submitted a beach picture made.

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On photo Angourie sunrise in the Seascape challenge (7 comments in total)

My 2 cents

This is a beautiful picture no doubt about it however this is no seascape. This is a beach.
Let me quote seascape from dictionary.reference .

[see-skeyp] Show IPA
a sketch, painting, or photograph of the sea.
a view of the sea.

In other words seascape should depict life or other things happening in the sea and not on a beach. If you wanted a beach should have asked for a beachscape.

[beech-skeyp] Show IPA
a section or expanse of beach and shore scenery.
a picture or other artistic representation of this.

This picture and any other non-sea specific pictures submitted to this contest should be disqualified. Or the contest theme itself is just wrong.

Note: I tried to submit this to the contest host but the form gives me an error so I post it here.

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On photo smokin' wee' in the Eloquence of the Eye challenge (1 comment in total)

I got the picture while waiting a light.

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