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On article Drone buying guide updated with a new top pick (30 comments in total)

Everyone should ignore this. They claim to have updated us about the state of the industry as of June 16, 2018 -- but the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 has been out for a month, and lots of us have tested it, while DPReview doesn't even include that latest drone to market. Not to mention, the Parrot Anafi is just around the corner, to kill the Mavic Air.

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Ironically, Google's speech transcription engine beats the API used by this and most other competing Premiere plug-ins. And then, here's how you can accomplish basically the same, for free, with better quality:

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S Review (590 comments in total)
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AshMills: Deleting image stabilisation is a very silly move that has already lost 1 sale. They have dropped it because they had to by using an oversized sensor - not because you need to not have it to use of pro rigs. Silly silly people.

Again, here's the (red herring) quote: "For high-end video work, Panasonic says its users would prefer to use dedicated gimbals and dollies, rather than internal stabilization, and that means physically locking the sensor in place to avoid unwanted interactions between these systems and a floating sensor."

Nonsense. That's Panasonic's accounting department talking. And as noted, all IBIS/sensor stabilization cameras provide the option to turn it off anyway. The remaining concern of interacting with gimbals and tripod movements is an answer looking for a reason that hardly exists in practice. Ultimately, it was a bean-counting move to leave it out of the GH5S. But we're smarter.

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tinzi1: If Ronin-S provide 4 stops of vibration reduction to a DSLR camera, and the lens itself has 4 stops vibration reduction, does the combination provides approximately 7-8 stops of vibration reduction or things don't add up this way?

You're all taking at face value a poorly written description (e.g., the DJI marketing department trying to sell as many of these as possible). They didn't engineer a damn thing to make in-body and in-lens stabilization harmonize with the gimbal. They're just asserting the obvious, that you can have both kinds of stabilization on at the same time as you fly on the gimbal -- no duh. Are you all falling for that?

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Annoyingly vague like all of these manufacturers, hiding key shortcomings. That double-asterisk, "For supported camera models," means only Canon. The entire focus feature is meaningless for Sony and Panasonic cameras, since those companies are paranoid and protectionist in preventing any focus control from third parties.

Also, this has got to be the stupidest line ever: "...its advanced stabilization algorithms work with both in-camera and in-lens optical stabilization technology."

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On article Review: Rylo is a 360º camera done right (81 comments in total)
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Gesture: But there are no new markets for us. Signed, Canon and Nikon. Action cams, specialty cams, adventures cams-big market.

An interesting trend here, is that the Chinese are killing it in VR (e.g., Yi and Insta360). Japan: dead air. Nokia used to dominate from Europe with Ozo, but no more. Israel made an interesting play with the Vuze, but it was too late, too little. GoPro's Odyssey never took off, meanwhile their stupid tiny cameras in arrays still dominate the "pro" industry.

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On article Review: Rylo is a 360º camera done right (81 comments in total)
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Hirsti: You can achieve the same from cheaper 360 cameras, the Yi 360 for example is a lot cheaper and higher quality resolution. Look at this footage I made f rom the Yi 360 VR 360 footage -

No, matt1941. Specs are everything when the resolution, for example, is already the Achille's heel of 360 video. Rylo is basically VHS quality in any one direction. The Yi 360 at least takes a "jump" up to DVD quality in any one direction. Kinda huge factor.

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I also find it peculiar that Microsoft seems to have gotten exclusivity at launch. Another wrinkle in the wild world of VR manufacturers playing musical chairs amongst the various platform corporations like Google and Microsoft.

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Kharan: Such a shame that there's no talk of sensor sizes or planned lenses. A 1" device with a C-mount would be incredible, especially if it didn't add much to the price. There's tons of incredible glass already available for it, and would truly make it into a cinema camera.

This precisely. Though I'd prefer Micro Four Thirds. The Hydrogen is a nothingburger until they pony up concrete plans for the imaging expansion. Yet I fear it's going to eventually be just a viewfinder for RED cinema cameras, practically (and impractically) speaking.

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MuffinButton: What about overheating? The a6300 has the problem even without the 5 axis stabilization..

Even professional reviewers like yourself continue perpetuating the fallacy that the overheating problem is tested by running the camera continuously while it stares down a stationary flower pot.

In actual creative practice, overheating happens much, much sooner even after the firmware update if you're moving the camera. It's like a computer fan spinning up when there's more number crunching to do, because on-the-fly extreme compression like XAVC gets more intensive by orders of magnitude when there's movement. And that's before accounting for a new 5-axis sensor getting jostled.

The lack of technical common sense by even camera reviewers is bizarre. Seems like these days you're just reprinting press releases, wary of biting the hands that feed you free samples.

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I was so disappointed when Manfrotto abandoned this rear-opening design that they deployed on my favorite photo/video backpack ever, their Agile VII, and it's great to see the feature coming back, though it's a smaller opening and I preferred the one along its complete length (for larger video cameras than just a regular/small camera body). The Agile VII also had a travel tripod compartment for the 99% of us who think that hitching a tripod onto the outside of a bag is no solution. I completely disagree with the other comments that there are meaningfully similar alternatives on the market. The Dakine looks like a football jersey, and the Lowepro is...well, Lowepro.

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I'm surprised by how insistent folks are here about the size issue. Yes, Micro Four Thirds is a smaller sensor, but Panasonic deserves lots of credit for being first-to-market with mirrorless, portable, CONTINUOUS f/2.8 aperture zoom lenses that are not priced into the stratosphere. Their G lenses, especially 12-35mm and 35-100mm, are a dream team.

Someone in one of my camera user groups said it best: evidenced by the launch of the a6300 simultaneously today, which is a jaw-dropping bargain, it's clear that Sony is in a panic to keep its coffers full from high-tier revenue, while its margins on electronic bodies is slipping away (just like HDTVs and smartphones where they can't make their big wealthy margins anymore). All the marketing jargon about these lenses is motivated by profit, to justify dramatically inflated pricing on these "G-Masters," but actual tests will mean everything.

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tkbslc: Since I am sure someone will say it is too expensive, how much is a high-grade 21mm f1.9 for FF?

Yikes! I had high hopes for the new Voigtlander 10.5mm f/0.95 hyperprime, but look at these sample pictures: awful!

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Since I haven't seen anyone mention it, wondering if anyone has comments on whether I should upgrade from my ultra-compact Oly 9-18mm zoom that starts at f/4. Am I gaining much more than a couple of mm on the low end, and a wee bit more brightness?

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Their bags from a few years ago were brilliant, including the Lino and Veloce, because they were cleverly idiot-proof (myself being a frequent idiot) by putting the main compartment zipper on the straps side, so that you couldn't just walk away with the bag and let the other unzipped side flip down and drop all your lenses. Why they abandoned this clever design idea is beyond me (apart from the inevitable whining from people used to conventional bags, which they should have ignored).

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On article Quick Review: That Steady Thing (70 comments in total)

Lost opportunity: they should have called it "Monomate"! As it is, "That Steady Thing" sounds like the title to a rom-com.

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dpreview digested the news incorrectly on multiple fronts. For instance, the sensor size of the BMPCC is not smaller than the BMCC models. They are all, however, smaller than the BM4K.

Also, there is no software update for the BMPCC "available on the Web site." It's just shipping with the "update."

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On article Photoshop Express available for Windows 8 tablets (10 comments in total)
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ryanshoots: Good news for those five folks with the Windows tablet.

On a more serious note. Real photo editing is going to take place on a dedicated computer with lots of processing power and large monitor.

The kind of editing done on tablets is already handled by a plethora of apps. (not sure about the Win tablet, it's got limited apps, so maybe not the plethora that are available for IOS or Android)

On the tablet, Adobe would be conspicuous by their absence. They are only going to bring a "me too" effort so they can tick the box and that is about it.

Some people who are extremely serious and detailed about photography also live part of their lives in mobility, needing simplified equipment on-the-run for modest outputs. Duh.

Windows RT paired with this new program is fantastic. If I want to share anything quickly while away from the desktop, this is ideal. And using Remote Desktop, truly the best in its class, I get my monster computer at home on a remote connection with a symmetrical screen -- looks identical to sitting in front of the workstation, minus the three-panel array.

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Let's not forget that Kipon is on the way. Metabones will see some healthy price competition.

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