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Brueghel: Why compare a dslr to 2 mirrorless?

When is DPR going to learn that apples should not be compared to oranges?

They compared entry level to entry level.

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zodiacfml: Not even about mirrorless but content. Video is pretty much the content king right now since mostly anyone can stream and create video.

I have various devices that can record and stream video. I don’t as I am into photography.

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Dragonrider: For being a stitched panorama, this seems kind of low-tech relative to the mission itself. The lens is clearly fixed focus (all the background is out of focus). The panorama is presented as a fisheye, which is kind of silly since it likely wasn't captured that way (i.e. lots of images from a relatively narrow lens. Bottom line is that the mission may be high tech, but the photo capture and processing technology are both quite primitive.


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DarshanDesai: It is same camera with firmware upgrade..they could have provided these features via firmware upgrade to M50...there was no need tag "Mark II" to this camera.

Ignore Chelsea poor thing is broke and stuck on a loop.

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aegarcia: Someone alleged that Canon make relatively cheap cameras but expensive lenses. You can see this trick with Canon printers but terribly expensive inks.

What? Every single printer manufacturer does that.
It’s a shocking practice but no way can you put the blame on Canon.

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lnsmr: I am grateful that Canon keeps releasing stuff that I am not tempted even slightly. Perhaps this signals the end of the M system.

Still one of their best selling camera ranges.

The RF mount is just too expensive for the lenses.

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dwl017: Are you kidding me? autofocus and video refinements lol

Minor upgrade that resemble a firmware release.

Wonder if someone will hack the firmware and make it available for the M50.

That would be hilarious.

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ChelseaPhotographer: I guess the M mount is dead...

Does Canon even care about its customers? Or to them are we just fools that keep on buying their crippled products?

It is the opposite. The M50 was a huge hit.

Odd that ashbashbeard just made that up ?

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ravi pratap: Sony should add sony 18-135 as kit lens with 6100.

Fast primes on an entry level camera would be too niche.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1720 comments in total)
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beavertown: Let's be honest, your a few year old flagship smartphones take better pictures than this.

Don’t be daft.

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Funny Valentine: This 20 megapixel m43 sensor is really future proof. Even if it's a few years old It has less noise than the new 32 megapixel apsc Canon sensor, and Olympus PDAF's doesn't give the horrible banding issue present on the Sony a7III and Nikon Z6 beginner's full frames. So in real life conditions this sensor will give much better results, specially when you combine it with pro grade lenses. And the noise above ISO 800 is very "film grain" like which is aesthetically pleasing.

Lol 😂

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Dericali: It's a bit depressing when you realise a large portion of people who at least own a camera, who are on a photography website commenting on a story about a photojournalist who had his equipment cancelled while taking photographs that were viewed by million of people around the world, and may be among the defining images of the coronavirus pandemic, don't understand the first thing about photojournalism, it's function or it's purpose.

Or for that matter, democracy.

What a load of BS.

The bloke broke the law to make money.

Yeah such a hero.

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aerorail: ignorance of the law is no excuse...don't care what your reasoning is. i have 2 drones and 2 r/c helicopters and don't fly where i'm not suppose to...

Mastic that is nonsense and including a reference to Nazis makes you sound ridiculous. It was known that people were buried there. Has been for a long time. It was known that victims of the virus were buried there.

The bloke broke the law for no reason other than for some photos to make MONEY from.

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Sirandar: This is really a case of piecemeal law and holistic law colliding.

This photographer broke the law and according to piecemeal justice he should be tried and sentenced exactly and only in the context of the words of that particular law.

This photographer broke the law but there are other social and philosophical condensations and realities that need to be considered when applying and/or sentencing.

Each is a minefield much of which is associated with that we generally believe the law is about fairness when it is not. Fairness is only one consideration, or not.

Expecting a NYC police officer to make this distinction is a bit of a stretch though, and did George really need to shoot with a drone? ..... and you could also say that that is why there are legal restrictions on drones .... so you can't see what others don't want you to see. That is also a collision of piecemeal and holistic law.

You used some words while not understanding their meaning.

Holistic laws lol

He broke law in an attempt to get a photo to make money. What’s not to understand.

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TheGrammarFairy: Sorry New York, we still have the Bill of Rights. Courts and legislators have indicated that the Second Amendment gives Americans almost unlimited freedom to keep and bear arms.
With that precedent firmly established, it is clear that the First Amendment bestows the same level of freedom to observe and report the workings of our government.

Lol another second amendment spouting nonsense.

Don’t fly drones in NYC. End of.

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Alduin: MR George Steinmetz's 1st amendment rights were violated and the officers breached there Qualified immunity thus opening themselves up to being sued. The Constitution has always overpowered local laws. If I was representing MR Steinmetz I would have FOIA Requested all officer body and dash cam footige for that police encounter.

No drones to be flown seems a fairly straight forward law to follow?

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hmayle: Big AMD fan here, but this should actually be called " Wallet-ripper" in view of the price of these high end cpus. LoL.

"Big AMD fan here, but this should actually be called " Wallet-ripper" in view of the price of these high end cpus. LoL."

Big AMD fan but knows nothing about CPUs.....ok.

These high end CPUs from AMD are a fraction of the cost compared to what Intel has been selling for years.

For reference I am not a fan of AMD nor Intel.

Link | Posted on Nov 12, 2019 at 11:13 UTC

A system with some fairly obvious gaps but hey an £8000 lens that no-one asked for.

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danski0224: Canon. Is. Doomed.


Keep backtracking, certain everyone will believe you.

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danski0224: Canon. Is. Doomed.


danski0224 Is. A. Moron.

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