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Smart phone cameras will continue to get better. This revelation was brought you by DPreview.

My wifes Iphone 6s takes good enough photos as a convenience but many have a weird painted look and are a long way off an actual camera. Will be interesting to see how the new Iphone camera performs.

Important to remember cameras aren't standing still either, they will also continue to improve so some choice will still be there for those that want it.

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dr8: how is this image any more the property of the named photographer than the 'monkey' image that copyright laws say is the property of the entity that initiates the image capture whether by shutter button or remote sensor??? strange how 2 of the same thing can end up in polar opposite worlds....

Only PETA thinks the animal holds copyright.

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trungtran: Someone wants to get paid and retire.

I wonder if this sort of thing has a negative affect on big corporations employing freelance workers. Just something to think about.

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cosinaphile: i dont see this poor reality deterring canon loyalists

consider apple

Not even vaguely comparable.

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On article 2017 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $500-900 (553 comments in total)
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tkbslc: I don't know why these articles get people so fired up if their favorite isn't picked. Anyone with a shred of honestly and experience will admit that every single camera in the list is very capable and will take very similar photos. Might as well be getting mad because Dpreview says the Chocolate is the best ice cream and you like cherry-vanilla.

Oh great, now I want ice cream.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel T7i / 800D review (373 comments in total)
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mgrum: Another Canon article? Are dpreview being paid by Canon?

Oh grow up the lot of you. We all know they are paid by Apple :D

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On article Canon EOS Rebel T7i / 800D review (373 comments in total)
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Roland Karlsson: Is this a review?

And ... why a gold award? It is not really all that good at anything. Yeah, I know, it is the feeling of the reviewer - how much he/she likes it. Sure, but why? What is there to like so much?

Seriously DPR?

Reads like a solid 75% review so the gold seems misplaced.

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DPPMetro: Cue Pentaxians to come in and use this as propaganda to bash other brands and to cover up that Pentax has basically one foot in the dumpster with the other foot pushing off the loading dock.

DPPMetro you are coming across as a complete and utter idiot posting this sort of nonsense. No one cares, get over yourself. Maybe stop stalking Pentax forums and look in the mirror and ask yourself why you do it?

(surprised this forum doesn't deal with trolls more firmly)

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Oli4D: Phone cameras soon will be able to zoom properly. As soon as that happens, the classic camera manufactures will have huge losses again. For sure.

I am curious as to how they will fix the issue of poor zoom in a smart phone?

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Jefftan: Mirrorless is the future. Coming head of DSLR only a matter of time especially in Asia
People in Asia just hate big and heavy

"Mirrorless cameras make up a historic high proportion of these sales, and now account for 36% of all the ILCs shipped, though they make up only 25.6% of the value of those shipments"

Yes the weight myth has long since been put to bed.

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NickyB66: Thank Fuji for that and the excellent X series cameras and lenses. Plus of course Canon, Leica, Nikon etc....maybe people will start to realise that a phone camera is no replacement for a decent camera IMHO.

Is is a replacement for many peoples snapshots and for want of a better word 'casual' photography. I think the inference that they are not a replacement for those looking at photography as a hobby was clear.

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Osa25: This sort of journalism should be throttled at birth.

First of all the statistical event in itself is an abstract concept and not a person. It cannot "hint" at anything.

What is in fact going on is that someone is making a subjective - even hopeful - assumption, and hiding behind numbers as a proxy for what is actually industry propaganda. Because the long term trends and technological drivers are crystal clear.

Just report the facts please. If making analysis, be clear what it is and what it isnt. This here is muddled and misleading.

The numbers are there to see. Numbers are not subjective but anyone's interpretation of them might well be. No conspiracy nor propaganda.

In other news tinfoil has increased in sales. Hats are back in fashion.

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On article Canon EOS 77D Review (284 comments in total)

The lack of weather sealing and 4K would leave me uncertain but I could see past.

The lack of micro-adjustment at this price is a BIG no.

Such a shame Canon felt the need to with-hold that particular feature.

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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1644 comments in total)
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Pavel Muller: Well, the current model is not a great pick - not much in terms of lenses. However, let us hope that Canon will grow to be a fierce competitor that will deliver well designed controls (more DSLR - like (like my Nikon D800) and less confusing than my Olympus EM-1) and that there will be plenty of excellent and yet compact lenses (more like M43) Fuji and Sony may well be great, but with 4-5 lenses in the bag, their weight is similar to my D800 and so why switch?

So Canon, nice start but without plenty of compact great lenses, no thank you.

A nice start but years behind.

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On article New kid on the block: YI M1 review (710 comments in total)
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GarysInSoCal: Waaaaaaay too many CONS in the review for me to even consider this tinker toy. A half-way decent 'first offering'... but they SERIOUSLY need to go back to the drawing board and fix a few dozen of the F-ups... ;)

A camera that has severe issue with focusing and it still gets 69%. 30% would be my score. As a consumer I would probably send it back so that 30% is quite generous.

"Beginners looking to move from their smartphone to a platform that delivers higher quality photos, bearing in mind that the autofocus is severely limited. "

I very much doubt a phone user who is used to just tapping the screen for instant focus will be anything but severely disappointed with this effort. I really don't believe this should be on the 'Good For' list.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1383 comments in total)
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Cultured Vulture: Isn't it time for DPR to stop giving mirror less cameras points for having great AF "for a mirrorless". Just as it has past time for DSLR's to be given a pass for poor video or live view focus. The camera either performs or it doesn't. It either produces great images or it doesn't. If you want to make comparisons, base it on price for a given performance. The Mark II is expensive, does it perform to its price or doesn't it? I'm not saying one way or another but that's the way I would be looking at it no matter what camera was being reviewed.

Don't think Cultured Vulture was specifically referencing the scoring system more this sort of comment in the conclusion:

"The AF system is one of the best we've seen on a mirrorless camera ....."

Why on a mirrorless camera? Just group cameras by price i.e. is the conclusion 'The AF system is one of the best we've seen on a £2,000 camera.' or 'The AF system is one of the best we have seen from Olympus but has not caught up to its peers within the price range.'

The conclusion could be read either way. A minor point, but everyone (I hope) buys within a price range and its that specific range they will be comparing to whether it is mirrorless or DSLR.

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trungthu: If Canon uses it in the first full frame mirrorless camera... I think it's very impressive information for the next year to develop the "high-end mirrorless camera" market...
I think, with this sensor dimension, almost all the L-series lens can have enough covering power to afford it...

And that is the cost of the black and white one.

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On article DxO ONE adds Raw image workflow for iOS (16 comments in total)

I thought this went the same way as Google Glass?

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villagranvicent: The headline should say: "Yongnuo MOCK-OFF the 100mm F2 Canon EOS lens. Another example of Chinese business practices; wait until other invest millions in R&D and then we simply make a cheap copy of it". CLASSIC.


For a start the patent has expired, plus the elements are different.

In the future, villagranvicent, probably worth reading the article first.

Oh and if you think US companies don't do their fair share of industrial espionage you must live a very sheltered life.

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Sangster: In the beginning, Japanese camera companies copied German designs. For example, Nikon copied Zeiss, Canon copied Leica. This is part of the learning process.

As for consumers competition is good. :)

If this get close to its $500 step-dad for $170 then its all the better for us, the consumer.

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