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MikeFairbanks: I've had my iPhone X for six days, and it's darn near perfect. It's a huge leap forward compared to the previous models.

A huge leap forward? It really isn't.

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RTSIMON: What really scares Nikon / Canon is that Sony is large enough to buy them out when the time comes.

Canon is a huge company.

Sony market cap $40.4
Canon market cap $41.6

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james s. kennedy: Just struck me that I never see cameras advertised on TV. Was it about 10 years ago that Cheryl Tiegs was pushing Canon Powershots? Cheryl could sell me anything.

"...and us old folk remember David Bailey doing Olympus. ;-)"

Don't remember her, was she a model?

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FencerPTS: This is good business actually. Someone somewhere pays full price, sells to Brazil. Liability for tariffs is on the seller. Nikon sells just as many cameras but now doesn't have you write a check to Brazil.

Can't wait to read Nikon' s financials with a footnote explaining the decrease in taxes.

Exactly this would mean that people will just buy another make of camera that is supported and available with full manufacturers warranty. Their sales in Brazil must already be abysmal.

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Max Thunder: I love that blurred background effect. It looks pretty much like what I get with my new iPhone...

"Pretty much what I get with my iphone" Oh dear.

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April 1st really comes around quicker each year.

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Lawn Lends: Wonder if my tongue would work on the touchpad.

Your tongue......

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Yeah must be horrible been poor.

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Sony, is that you?

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sh10453: Some unusual and interesting things in this release.
- $360 for the top i7 - Normally that's priced at least twice this price. Clearly Intel is feeling the heat from AMD's Ryzen line of processors.
- Only i7 provides multi-threading.
- Only dual channel memory instead of quad channel.
- A bottle neck has been reached (and this has been for a while), around 4GHz. Of course. It is not easy to control EMI and RFI in such a confined environment once you get to frequencies this high. Not only for processor manufacturers, but motherboards manufacturers as well.
The solution would be the multiprocessor systems for consumers, which already exists, but mainly in commercial servers running a pair of Xeon processors.

Thankfully, we now have choices. I'd go with the Ryzen 7 1800X anytime over Intel's consumer processors, although my recent 10th gen build was around a 14-core, 28 threads Intel Xeon E5.

Mainstream i7 is usually around £300-320. Their HEDT models are.

Hopefully the boost of 4.7 means a minimum of 4.7 on all cores so 6c/12t's at 4.7 with Kabylake IPC should be good for gaming performance.

AMD 1700 stacks up much better compared to 1800x for price/performance.

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MaxFury: For 1, AMD Ryzen annihilates this intel rehash processors.
And for 2 I didn't see any similar AMD Ryzen article on this site.
Makes you wonder.

Ryzen does not annihilate. It rather gets annihilated. It is generally behind. Including in how far it can be pushed in overclocking since i9-7980xe has already been overclocked to 6.1Ghz "

On liquid nitrogen while pulling 1000 watts. What does that have to do with anything lol

Essentially Ryzen has given a cheaper alternative that comes close, and for many it will be the cpu to get.

Intel still have the lead but they have stuck to their pricing structure meaning you pay a lot for that often small amount of performance. Plus they are at the extremes of how far they can push their current architecture.

Even if you are an Intel fanboy like miksto we all need to be thankful AMD are back in the game as Intel would still be drip feeding us 4c/8t mainstream and charging stupid money for their 6c/8t + CPU's while restricting them to their HEDT systems.

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RichyjV: Overclocking means running at higher speeds than the default, this doesn't overclock to 4.7, it boosts to 4.7 on its own without your input. If I deliberately run it a 5.0 then I am overclocking it. It probably overclocks to a very high number, well above 5.x with specialist cooling, so the statement is just plain wrong.

Above 5Ghz wasn't guaranteed on a kabylake (same archetecture) so it will be interesting to see how the 6 core coffeelake managers the thermals. It looks like, purely for gaming, this could be the one to go for. As always, its Intel, and you will pay more.

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faterikcartman: I'm not sure you're really getting a full 40 PCIe lanes here. Which is important with multiple GPUs and NVME drives. I think there might only be 16 lanes to the processor. I will be investigating further before I embrace this. I still think you have to go with Intel's more expensive chips for more PCIe lanes. But I want the lanes with the high speed and fewer cores to maximize Photoshop and Lightroom. Will Adobe ever be more multicore friendly?

Also, I note that I've read AMD has left ECC memory a functional possibility on its Rysen chips (dependent on motherboard). I had to get my laptop with an Intel Xeon chip so I could use ECC memory.

I think these new Intel chips are really going to be great for gamers and fast, but simple, systems. But I'm not convinced this is going to be the Grail for fast photo and video editing machines. Still appear to be some compromises necessary. But I'm not an expert. And will wait for more info and real world results.

You are correct there are 16 PCIe lanes connected directly to the CPU. Intel still protecting their HEDT systems.

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Ruy Penalva: Every year Intel launch a new generation processor to boosts its sell. Is an easy way to increase profits. Probably this one was made 5 years ago to be launched now.

Fact is people have wanted more cores for years on the consumer chips but Intel could make more money by restricting the additional cores to their HEDT systems. It is only down to AMD that we are finally seeing the desktop market move forward. I am not a fan of either company (and have never undertood the insane loyalty people give to a company that only wants your money!) but the last 5 years have been remarkable in the lack of progress thanks to Intel drip feeding c6% IPC updates from year to year.

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Gary Martin: Disclaimer: I own and use Apple products - and they are very good - but the way the tech press fawns over them is nauseating. Stop feeding the hype machine already!

My feelings as well. My wife has the iphone8 and the camera is very good. BUT that article is bought and paid for apple marketing.

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ojos azules: DPAF only working in Mirrorless mode, of course.

So what the point of this mirror charade?

Mirror mirror on the wall what's the best camera type today?

CCD FTW I think you need a new hobby, you seem tense. Anal even. Anally tense. You sound like a ****.

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Father Bouvier: Sony, next time put an APS-C sensor and and make a similar 16-220mm/2.8-4.0 lens and people will be all over it. Otherwise you will continue to hear only yawns.

bakanecko if no one complained the comment section would die :(

Also it gives people a purpose in life, I think care in the community is a commendable endeavor.

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ageir: We shouldn't, care that is. For all intents and purposes compact cameras have been replaced by camera phones. in fact I've read that camera phones, especially with the new iPhone, have even replaced entry level DSLRs. So who's going to buy this camera?

Firstly you read wrong. If a iphone x replaces your DSRL then you were massively under using your camera. The iphones camera looks very clever (and the advances are more than welcome) but they haven't yet broken the laws of physics.

As for the RX10 IV again this camera is so far away from the iphone camera the two are not comparable other than they are capable of taking a picture. 24mm - 600mm vs something like 28mm and 56mm (would need to check as specs hard to find).

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SandySandy: "It is smaller, but it's inarguably better in terms of color management. The iPhone X's wide gamut OLED is the most color accurate device on the market. That's a benefit to anyone who takes and looks at photos on their mobile device."

Obviously a poor uneducated guess, influenced by Apple's shared literature to be reproduced without any research of your own. If Samsung provides the screens for Apple, and Samsung makes the best OLED Screens in the world, what are chances that it will provide Apple with better even than its own phones?

Please maintain a certain minimum level of credibility.

It's worse than that Apple vs Alexa video quality comparison.

Yeah they are well and truly drinking from Apples teat on this one. The phone isn't out, no one has seen it or tested it and they include this nonsense as if its a fact and not a marketing claim.

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clicstudio: People should stop crying over the fact that flagship phones will cost around $1000. Smart phones have become the center of people's lives in most cases. Who cares if it's $700 or $900 or $1110. People will sell their soul to own one. Phones are the new status symbol, like watches and jewelry were before. Some still pay thousands of dollars for a Rolex that only tells time.
Smartphones are here to stay and if u are afraid of $1000, then get one of those cheap Chinese knockoffs for $200 and stop whining.
Besides with the 12 month lease options available, anyone can afford a $45 monthly payment and always be up to date with the latest model.

As Red G*R said you cannot compare say the Rolex or other type of luxury goods to an electronic device that will be worth a fraction of the cost. Apply marketing really does work well on some people.

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