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“automatically adjusts the screen’s white balance based on the ambient environment.” Does it do this when editing photos?!!!

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Weight wise they’re about the same with the FTZ adapter; Z6 (and Z7) weighs 811gms with the adapter vs 840gms for the D750.

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In my humble opinion this is not a camera aimed at all professionals; only those who manually focus with or without a tripod. To say its a pro camera is just marketing hype to please enthusiasts and to sell more of these new cameras.
Nikon know exactly what they are doing; they combine their world class technical expertise with their tried and tested marketing strategy. In typical Nikon fashion they have engineered this camera to differentiate it from their other high end cameras sales including the D850 by downgrading the auto focus system and low light capability, at which they are world class experts. This is Nikon’s (and Canon) way of sliding into the mirrorless market with minimum disruption. Don’t expect any software upgrades for their cameras and lenses like Fujifilm do. But do expect some improvements in successive cameras. Expect their mirrorless cameras to match the quality of their professional DSLRs only when the time is right for Nikon’s profits. You heard it here first!!

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keepreal: I am sure mirrorless fans are cheering but I am not interested in saving 200g for the loss of my OVF.

Just look at the size above of the Sony with Tamron's upcoming 28-75mm F2.8. Such big and usually heavy lenses are ridiculous with any camera, more so on mirrorless than DSLRs, since they are supposed to be small and light. LOL.

What is the point of them otherwise?

@Clayton1985 This thread would be so much nicer for all the other readers worldwide if you refrained from critisizing other people i.e. “that’s exactly your problem”. This is a great read about camera gear. Can we keep to this please?

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A bit outdated with Fuji now offering the X-H1 which has all the benefits of the X-T2 but with built in image stabilisation, better buttons, bigger grip, and much more.

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Tripodasaurus: Does anyone know if the X-H1 has these X-T2 upgrade features already built in?


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Does anyone know if the X-H1 has these X-T2 upgrade features already built in?

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Gatoraied: Using X3 for a few days and although a bit slow at times on my 9 y/o iMac , I like the interface much more than Capture One or Lightroom. I still use Aperture which I think has the most intuitive interface and exceptionally useable tools. No multistep masking , but simply brushes to do virtually every basic edit. I find it ironic that most amateurs salivate to own DSLR's costing thousands because they can produce such great images then buy complex editing software to salvage an image that should have been shot properly to begin with.
I think X3 has most of the right tools for exceptionally quick selective edits with brushes. I shoot wildlife and sell my work at art shows. I've rarely needed a fraction of the features available in Lightroom and the like. A tweak here and there and its done. If you need to spend more time editing than it takes to create an image you are doing something wrong.
I see an infatuation with complexity in photography these days which is not necessary.

I think your last point is pertinent to photos like yours in which you want to portray realistic scenarios, but less so for more arty or creative images, imho.

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NickyB66: Why so much? I really would like this for my X Pro2, but the price is too high (even with its OIS) and compared with the current Macro, albeit 1:2, its just asking to much, for me at least. Maybe in 6 months it will drop a bit (hoping!).

Keep hoping! Fuji lens prices don't seem to drop. I think your best chance is to buy a Fuji-refurbished lens from the Fuji website shop when they eventually become available and probably with a £300 price reduction. I did this on my last Fuji zoom lens and it's as good as new. I'm very pleased with it. Best of luck.

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1:1, Autofocus, f2,8, OIS, Weather resistant, 122mm ff equiv., aperture ring, operates down to minus 10deg C., compatable with x1.4 (170mm) and x2.0 (244mm) ff equiv. teleconverters, digital zoom in post from 24mpx sensors, Fuji quality optic, what's not to like? And don't say price 'cos you have to pay for all these!
Imho this really establishes the Fuji XF lens range as a major competitor even before the other new lenes on the roadmap appear. Well done Fuji 👏👏👏

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MinAZ: Awesome, now I know that if I were in the market for a flagship sports camera with some unspecified lens (which btw affects the image color output), and if my models were primarily young white females with blond hair and blue eyes, I should probably choose either the Sony or Canon or maybe the Nikon because although it was in last place, it still was my pick about a third of the time. This was truly useful.

Also if I were predominantly a portrait photographer looking for the best camera and lenses for portraits I wouldn't make a choice based on ooc jpegs! I would be shooting RAW and choosing my clarity and skins tones etc in post processing. Who dreams up this stuff?!

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raindance: Purchase $2000 camera body, $1800 lens, shoot raw, process 24 megapixel files in LR, apply, compress and upload to social media. Makes sense right ?

Unless you're going to print your photos, how else will you show them off or will they just stay in your PC?

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Jay Siegel: If one already subscribes to the photographer's option of CC LR and PS for $9.99 will they "have access" to Portfolio?

What does "included access" to CC LR and CC PS mean?

Just checked out your website and gear list. Very nice easy to view website and some lovely photos. I esp like the Avebury Stones, and Stonehenge. And tips re Stonehenge visits. Thanks.

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biza43: I always prefer to keep things simple. Short descriptive titles are fine for me, sometimes complemented by longer descriptions if required. For example, Ansel Adams titled many of his images in a descriptive and plain way; in Salgado's latest opus (Genesis), he has some descriptive titles, complemented by longer and documental descriptions. In the end, it depends.

P.S. I am surprised at the acidity of some people here; these are fine images, in line with what many photographers do these days. So much envy and so little talent perhaps?

I wholeheartedly agree with your PS comment. You have saved me the time of writing something similar. Additionally, such acidity doesn't make for comfortable reading. I feel sad that people can be this way.

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p-dub: It's amusing to read the hubris in the replies that sneer that the iPad Pro (or any iPad) is a "toy"; is completely unsuitable for any professional work, etc.

While it certainly isn't a device that is targeted at photography post-production, there's little doubt that some inspired young people will do amazing things with it in that field. (That's what young people do... ignore the bitter naysayers and invent new processes.)

But besides that, iPads are already being used professionally in other fields. To give one example, in music production iPads are certainly already employed at a professional level, with synthesizers from Moog and Korg, multitrack recording platforms, and advanced guitar amp simulations. Even iPad Minis are being used professionally in this way. The iPad Pro will undoubtedly inspire further advancements in this field.

There's no doubt that in other fields iPads are equally "professional".

If you think they are toys, it's only because you are childish.

I agree with P-dub. Also used by restaurant waiters for taking orders, communicating directly with the kitchen and the till, used by hospital doctors in patient settings, so it's no toy in the right hands and brains!

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DJohnny: This looks like a large iPad to me... Wouldn't a Surface Pro 3/4 be much better suited than this? Or Wacom Cintiq? Or anything else running Windows OS?

A good point. It negates the purpose of the whole article; still it's fun to while away a few minutes commenting on this rubbish!

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davidit: Always be nteresting to hear the "who has the best editing platform" argument. Should be the who can make my photos look better argument. Seriously how would you guys even have made a living in the film days with your heavy reliance on post editing? If you cannot use one of your photos straight out of your camera without running it through software then you should give up. The only editing i do is cropping.
You should all take a step back and learn how to take good photos rather than waste your time arguing about editing.

A good point indeed for many photos but for media photography where airbrushing and colour enhancing etc. etc. is the industry norm I imagine there will always be the need for post editing and fast computers.

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