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I loved (still do) that you could quickly choose manual mode on the side of the lens and prefocus with the little top deck focus button, then wait for the right moment and bam - no lag. When you have good light - it still delivers great quality.
I often attached a SunPak 120J with a Canon module to it (yes it looked ridiculous...) and blasted the ceiling with flash and it made amazing images... in full auto mode. Go figure...

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Does anyone know if this is similar in design to the 25 year old Nikon 135mm f/2 DC.
The DC stand for defocus control, but that actually means/meant the bokeh defocus - not a subject defocus. As far as I recall...

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Can we assume an airtight seal between the non-moving mirror and the sensor? - Therefore never having to worry about dust on the sensor? Or does it still have a sensor shaking cleaning mode? I hope it's sealed. As I recall with the older film version, the semi-transparent mirror is somewhat more delicate to clean. All in all, it looks great - along with a price tag I probably won't be able to afford. I'm glad there are lot's of pre-orders.

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Slight addendum to below -
From metabones site:
the Speed Booster ULTRA has a magnification of 0.71x, and so it effectively reduces the crop factor of mirrorless cameras with DX-sized sensors, such as Sony E-mount and Fuji X-mount cameras, from 1.5x to 1.07x. "

So those focal length examples below are for full frames. But 1.6 crop cameras now would see basically the native FF focal length.

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We know it works pretty well with Canon lens and the Metabones IV adapter.

What I would really like to know is how well it focuses with the Metabones Speed Booster, which in theory - brings the lens to equivalent focal length (or close to) as it would on a FF body, as well as making the lenses somewhat (faster/brighter/larger aperture...)

Anyone out there able to test this?

From the Metabones site:
"Thus, the Speed Booster ULTRA performs extremely well with professional-grade f/2.8 zoom lenses such as the 24-70mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8 zooms by Canon and Nikon to produce 17-50mm f/2.0 and 50-142mm f/2.0 high-speed zooms, respectively. Similarly, high-speed fixed focal length lenses such as a 50mm f/1.2 will be transformed into a 35.5mm f/0.9 lens with excellent contrast and resolution from the center all the way to the edges of the image"

But how well, quick etc does it AF with the Sony a6003 - is the question...

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My question is.... just as the Sony A7R2 can now quickly AF with the latest Metabones adapter w (most/many) Canon lenses... is the a6300 going to work as well (or better? - or worse) than the A7R2 with this adapter? This could change the game for me as I can afford the the a6300 whereas I can not afford the a7r2 and I have quite a bit invested in Canon lenses.

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Gee, I got a sweet deal on my 1200mm Canon lens (with IS) that I bought last week. It also zooms out to 24mm and came with a camera attached, and a tripod and a bag for $379. (Yes... I DO realize the difference)... but still.
The first shot I took was a hand held moon shot in Manual exposure mode. Pretty darn good for the price, and I can pack it on long hikes too....!!
Yes... no need to educate me on equivalences and sensor size differences, but think about it... lenses (and small digital camera systems) like the lowly Canon SX50 HS were not conceivable when these lenses were built.
If I had the monster lens, I'd still use the SX50 more because of its portability.

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Maybe by filing on March 18th, Amazon thought it would become aware to the public on April 1st.
I think I'm going to apply for a patent for a particular way to walk where the opposing arm and leg are in the forward position at the same time, therefore ensuring maximum use of energy whilst walking. If I see anyone using my walk that hasn't paid royalties... look out.

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So if the adapter was used on a traditional slr APS sized sensor - would the AF performance improve?
I have both a 5DMKII and a 60D. At times, I only want to bring one camera and that could often be the 60D especially if I want more reach from my 70-200 2.8. But if I could get 25.6mm at the wide end of my 24-70 2.8 (and at f2.0) that would be pretty cool!

I wonder if they even could make a pure Canon FF to Canon APS adapter. Perhaps this is an impossibility because they can only work with mirrorless cameras??

Just wondering

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SheikYerbouti: A zoom lens on a rangefinder type of camera seems to be going against everything that rangefinders were originally designed for. But, as Fuji have demonstrated with their X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras, it can be done quite elegantly. Still, I'm wondering how useful and how intuitive a zoom will be on these cameras? To me a zoom makes much more sense on an SLR because its through-the-lens view is more suitable for framing and composing an image with a zoom. I think rangefinder photographers are better off with 2, 3 or 4 excellent prime lenses in the bag ...

... which gives me an idea: Wouldn't it be nice if at some point in the future Fuji introduced a high quality, compact, K-5-style SLR that made use of their amazing X-Trans sensor? Maybe Photokina 2014 would be the right time to announce such a camera?

But don't forget that "rangefinder-like" optical viewfinder can also be an EVF which enables 100% viewing in the eyepiece - so a zoom lens can still function well on that camera - if one doesn't like the quircks of the moving framelines/zoomed eyepiece lens.

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Couple more things
I agree for the price... built in ND should be there.

I'm sure it's capable of incredible images, I just wish Sony would look into their Konica heritage and rescue a few gem technologies from the Hexar AF and put them in a modern camera. (as mentioned in my post below)... then the $2800 might seem a bit more reasonable...
I'd love one... but probably won't be able to justify buying one at that price.

Is it just me, or with a lens that big... we could handle having a slightly larger body to hang on to? OK... now I'm just nit-picking. Competitors go forth... and compete!

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I'm always looking for Sony to deliver a digital Hexar AF clone. While the full frame 35mm f2 leaf shutter along with crazy resolution and sensitivity will deliver wonderful pictures no doubt, I wonder why Sony couldn't have added a few other Hexar AF tricks since they would own of the patents from Konica/Minolta.
Like: If it is going to be able to shoot in such darkness, why spoil the moment with an annoying AF assist light when they could have put the Hexar AF's IR focus technology that could focus in pitch blackness... quickly and easily without needing to see contrast. It could have been a hybrid focusing system that used contrast detection in better lighting and IR in low light and low contrast.
Add the Fuji rangefiner-like eyepiece system.
I wonder if they have used any of the old Hexar AF's flash technology that took perfectly exposed flash pictures, not based on reflectivity, but on guide no. and distance calculation.
Add Hexars mid-exposure aperture adjustment for flash

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Is it just me... or is this really pushing the limits of a lot of glass out there? If I wanted to exploit the resolution of this camera, I would have to put nothing less than the absolute best glass in front. But well... I suppose everyone already realizes this. I'm probably just a wee bit jealous 'cause I won't be able to afford one. If pixel density continues to be a factor in the amount of noise when shooting in low light, I'm anxious to know how this one performs because cramming 36 mp into the full frame might be making things somewhat tight. Still a lot less crammed than high MP compacts but obviously more crammed than the earlier full frames that were noted for their low noise at high ISO's.
Yet... I still drool a bit...

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Jogger: Ive been shooting the Nikkor 24-70 for almost 3 years, i dont think ive ever needed IS/VR once. If you are shooting under 1/60, youre going to get motion blur from your subject... so, nice sharp background and blurry subjects.

I've definitely wished I had IS a few times. Whether it be some posed wedding pictures where the subjects are not moving, or taking some lower light scenics in the canyonlands of Utah. We can't always have tripods with us, especially when carrying a baby back pack. I have both the older 28-70 2.8L and the somewhat newer 24.70 2.8L and the 5DMkII and 60D. I use IS all the time with my 70-200 2.8L IS at 70mm (well, throughout the range...) Someone else pointed out... it is nice to have in video mode as well. I say well done Tamron... now I just hope the quality is right up there. I doubt it would be sub $1K though... or does someone know this.

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