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I miss the good old innocent days, when I look at a picture, if I see white in a picture, then white is white, no big deal. But apparently nowadays, if there is any white in a picture (255,255,255), people go scream "Ohh! Blown highlights, the picture, the camera and the photographer are all crap!!!"

O, and back then when I was still wielding a 400D + 18-55mm, my eyes were also immune to CA, probably had APO eyes.

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jackgreen: so basically, this helps sometimes to overcome smass front- and back focus problem with DSLR cameras. Luckily mirrorless ones as Sony A7 does not have this issue, as they focus from the actual sensor,

But subject movement or even movement by the photographer itself may still throw the picture ever so slightly OOF.

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faithblinded: Does Amazon own Kickstarter? That would certainly explain the push here towards vaporware spending. Go buy a bag that exists now, you'll be much better off.

I'd really like to support newcomers, but why I have to do so at a cost to myself? What benefits do I get? I thought the original idea of Kickstarter was to cover the developer's cost so that a great product can come to fruition. I would happily risk my money if the product was sold AT COST (that's including the developer's reasonable salary). But obviously developers are getting huge profits from kickstarter, even more so if they don't deliver and just bag the money and walk away, yes, they don't even have to run, because they have no consequences.

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R N: "we'd expect"... These statements in the absence of data are worthless. "we'd expect" DR will still lag behind... Based on what evidence?

"we'd expect" that coming from DP Review though, wouldn't we? I do have data for this last statement: the text of the preview itself.

Why the surprise? DPreview commentors (or commentators?) have supernatural abilities, they always know the image quality of a lens / camera wayyyyyyy before it's even produced, I won't expect DPreview staff to do anything less.

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On article Still solid: Fujifilm X-E2S Review (238 comments in total)

The question is, IQ-wise, does this X-E2s perform exactly the same as my lowly X-A1?! (disregarding X-Trans vs Bayer CFA)

BTW, I much prefer the controls of X-A and X-M series over the X-E, shutter speed dial is really form over function, I can use one hand to control the X-A1, but with X-E2, I can only use the lens aperture ring (I can use the camera dial or aperture ring on X-A1!!!).

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IMO, browsing through hundreds of Kickstarter projects, Kickstarter is just pure risk with no reward what so ever.

The so called "early bird" price is utter BS, it's a MSRP jacked up by 200% then discounted by 50% or so, and you still end up over paying. If you want a sure return, why not just buy from a established brand, at least you are guaranteed in getting what you paid for.

I think the original idea of kickstarter is good, and there were really some good stuff born out of there, but now, it just overpriced scams.

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Thomas Kachadurian: I'm not a nikon guy, but this is the first really ground-breaking lens news we have gotten in a while.

Can't agree more, I'm so bored by the wave of 50mm-ish lenses.

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2JoeA7R2: No VR, no IBIS. No deal!!!

I think VR on such a large aperture lens would cause massive decentering problems, no?

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Wow, first is the 2x macro lens, then a 15mm macro, then this lens, with a very interesting "Magic Shift" adapter (Interested to see how it works)
No matter how much I dislike the Chinese, this company is bringing out innovation after innovation in a field that is supposed to be creative.

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Yes, we really need another camera bag on Kickstarter.....
I had been using Kata backpack for years, and I can only say, with enough practice, I can swing any backpack in front of me in seconds, fluidly.

Why even pay $152 for an unknown brand? The full MSRP is ridiculous. Existing brands with proven quality can be had for less.

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There's even motion blur in the bg...lollll
Fake photo, legit editing.

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qwertyasdf: No matter what Fujifilm claims about their AF over the past few years, the King of AF is always Panasonic!

The new Fujifilm's AF is fine, but they just wayyyyyyyyyyyy overhype it, Panasonic, on the other hand, is rather humble about their insane AF.

I used Canon 1-series bodies, and 1-point AF, it's no match to the new Panasonics, I cant say how fast the DFD AF is in terms of time, because it's instantaneous!

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On article Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 Review (2174 comments in total)

No matter what Fujifilm claims about their AF over the past few years, the King of AF is always Panasonic!

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I'm so not gonna do this, buy 1200 rolls of film @ $5 a piece, shoot some random stuff and NOT develop it, hand it to my grandson, and instruct him to reach out his hands and ask for $15,000 after 50 years.

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AD in KC: Why are we so instantly enamored with photographers who are dead? How many living, breathing artists are out there who can't get a gallery to return their calls?

Hardly artistic shots, just some random family shots in the sample.

I guess any soccer mum or family guy will become an artist if 1. they own a camera 50 years ago 2. they died 50 years ago.

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Irakly Shanidze: Mirrorless IS the future. It does not mean, however, that this future includes Hasselblad. With digital capture technology getting better, more and more professional photographers question necessity of medium format. Of course, sensors larger than 24x36mm and files with more than 24 megapixel resolution will still be needed for some applications, 95% of professional photographic tasks can be satisfied with means more modest than medium format.
What is more important in my humble view, is quality of lenses. Hasselblad abandoned Zeiss and Schneider, which resulted in very high image quality without character. Of course, you can use old CF lenses on H bodies, but have you tried that?
The only high-end camera manufacturer that has so far stayed true to the idea of superior optical design is Leica. It would be very interesting to see a real-life comparison between Hasselblad X1D and Leica SL, which offers a smaller sensor and better optics.

Would be even more interesting to do a double-blind test to see if professional photographers, specifically Leica users can identify a Leica picture (high IQ and full of character?) and a Hasselblad, or whatever brand picture.

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Would like something fast to pair with my Noctilux f0.95, cheetah skin maybe?! Disappointed that that's not an option. Ostrich is so slow, so f1.4ish.

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qwertyasdf: Does it also have a focal plane shutter, or only in lens leaf shutter?

Thanks....well....so no adapted lens...too bad!!!!
I won't be able to revive the glory of my Mamiya 80/1.9

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (814 comments in total)

Does it also have a focal plane shutter, or only in lens leaf shutter?

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1188 comments in total)

Some tilt shift adapters would be highly useful!

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