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Photomonkey: For those sneering at his work he starts out saying that this lens is not for everyone.
Frankly his work is very appealing despite the detractors.
As for it being in use for over 100 years that is true insofar as view cameras have been around that long. However the usual use has been to increase DOF and only rarely to decrease it.
The technique is enjoying a fashion these days because of the renewed interest in alt. lenses.Just as Instagram and any number of PS actions give a photographer a look, this effect is another enjoying some fashion at the moment. As fashions/fads go at least it is attractive.

I guess why he didn't use it to increase apparent DOF, is because reducing apparent DOF is much easier, just tilt it to the max the "wrong" way, done!

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Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee: I think he's more impressed than the clients will be. People just don't care about that kind of thing. They want facial expressions and a record of the event. Full stop. Nobody likes a SLOW photographer at a wedding.

Hahaha, last time I brought my TS lens and took some tilted pictures of my friends, after explaining, they still don't have a clue lol

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Mssimo: Can't wait for the "using fisheye for wedding photography" article.

This world is moving too fast, I can't stand the tide.
I want my wedding to be taken in Daguerreotype.

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Higuel: amazing... NOT!

JUST ANOTHER supposed article with half dozen nice pictures and no real juice to get from! Nothing to learn here, people DID use tilt for this more then 1century ago already!!! Good that he feels like he discovered the wheel! The article is just another one about publicity!!! And even for the canon lens at that! :/

Indeed like someone said: he asn his budy and the store get a few more hundred clicks from all this when i believe most of us would like to ACTUALLY learn something.
A waste of time. :(

I had been looking at TS portraits on photography forums everyday for years!

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On article Equinox modular and Leica X3 concept cameras (41 comments in total)

WTH are these??????

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Beau B: Why wouldn't you just buy the Samyang 24mm TS that comes out this month for $999?

Is this a joke or what?

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Rod McD: Looks interesting. Note that the tilt and shift are on the same axis in the photo. The article says that the lens can be turned 90 degrees relative to the mount, but it's not clear if the movement mechanism can also be turned so the shift and tilt axes are at 90 degrees to each other.

Why no Pentax mount? Pentax don't make a TS lens and a good number of Pentax users have been keenly awaiting the Samyang....... With a Pentax FF camera expected in the next year or so, the lens would be even more relevant.

Pentax users had been expecting a FF next year.....for the past ten years LMAO!

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On article Pro DSLRs, Pro Photographers (99 comments in total)

There are the real pros that can track a runner with a manual focus camera...just like the good old days
And there are the so-called pros that shoots with 10fps, the best AF system in the world and gets 1 keeper out of 3000 shots.

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I always wondered why ALL camera manufacturers are so conservative and complacent with kit lens apertures. it's been 3.5-5.6 for general purpose and 4-5.6 for telephoto since the beginning of time.
Fuji is the only exception, taking half a step (stop) at a time, now that's progress!

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marike6: Wonder if those here claiming 28mm is not useful for this or that have seen the sample images:


Honestly, don't most zooms start at 28mm? Do the above people not use the most interesting focal length on the zoom, 28mm?

Anyone who has ever tried shooting in a large city like Manhattan or the small streets in European cities with a 35mm or nifty fifty knows that you spend all your time backing up to get buildings or people on the shot. A wide angle lens on the street solves this problem and is pretty much standard on the most popular street cameras like the GRD. Besides, 28mm is actually a bit more interesting than a "normal" 35mm or 50mm FOVs.

"Honestly, don't most zooms start at 28mm? Do the above people not use the most interesting focal length on the zoom, 28mm?"

LOL...if the zooms started at 24, they'd use 24

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On article Just posted: Fujifilm X-E1 Review (525 comments in total)

I bought the X-E1 used, when the seller showed me a shot taken with ISO 6400, I was immediately sold (literally) the noise level is at the same level if not better than the 5D3...
But soon reality came, Fuji cheated on the ISO and on me.
Still, it's a great little camera, but it's low-light ability is sliced into half.
I think the autofocus is adequate, and mines never freezed up...
But frankly, the ISO cheating, is not acceptable by all means and to me is a serious offense, based on this alone, the camera should not get a gold award

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jon404: Bought one recently at the discontinued price. Two great kit zooms, and an APS-C camera with superb image quality-- what a deal. Love this camera! It is an ergonomic delight -- feels really solid, good in the hands.

Shocking price drops of so many fine products -- not just the K-01. We bought an older Cadillac XLR for a song... way, way down from its $85,000 original price. Maybe when a company is on the ropes or is reorganizing, that's the sweet spot for consumers...

I won't buy a Pontiac Aztec even from the 99cents store.
It'll cost me all my friends...

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doctorbza: The idea that Pentax did no wrong here, and this products' failure is attributable to photographers not "having an open mind" is completely absurd. Pentax designed a camera, photographers decided that they didn't want it. It's a failure on the part of Pentax, plain and simple. If they want to blow the photographic world wide open with their open-mindedness they're going to have to do a lot better than a ridiculous looking DSLR with no viewfinder. Apple didn't invent the iphone by taking a few features off a Nokia 3310, you know?

Pentax, like many other manufacturers, chose to create a product nobody needed. They failed where others succeeded because they were unable to make it sell. It's a marketing failure. Hopefully they'll do better next time, because other companies churning out more stuff you don't need like Nikon and Canon could use the competition.

Well said.
We don't attribute the D800's success to photographers having an open mind LOL

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Hope ricoh wont discontinue pentax too soon :P

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Camediadude: Probably the coolest story this site has covered in months. Too bad there can't be more stories like this one, rather than the constant coverage of insipid mobile devices with trendy names that will be obsolete in a month.

Pray that they don't put phones inside these devices lol

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Whats the crop factor?

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In summary, he shot for Playboy and he's gonna shoot 50 in one day...

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On article CP+ 2013: Interview with Canon's Masaya Maeda (490 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: "Without fail?"

"Yes... without fail!"

"Yes, Mr Dawes... I shall be there precisely at 8:00."

Dawes, Tomes, Mousley, Grubbs, Fidelity Fiduciary Camera Corp

Actually what was Maeda referring to? :P
"some day in the future" or the "70D"
hope it's not a 18mp sensor paired with a 9-point focus system!!!

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