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On article Kodak shows off Super 8 camera in first sample reel (185 comments in total)

What a load of Bolex...............

Link | Posted on Jan 17, 2018 at 12:28 UTC as 34th comment
On article Google Pixel 2 sample gallery (141 comments in total)

Not even having a camera on my phone, I am thinking of upgrading (lol), I'm wondering why I would need all of my shots to be taken at f/1.8 coupled with the need to use 1/10000 sec for some landscapes. Does seem to go against all of the rules. Am I missing something? Teach me something here.
Pics are OK but some dull weather shots would have been useful. Days like those here are rare for much of the year in the UK. High contrast HDR not always the way to go though.

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On article The Nikon D850 could be the only DSLR you’ll ever need (1100 comments in total)
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barrym1966: "Image processed to taste in Adobe Camera Raw, exposed for the highlights with shadows lifted. With a Nikon D5, Canon EOS-1D X Mark II or Sony a9, this processing would result in a much noisier image.
Nikon 24-120mm F4 @ 24mm | ISO 64 | 1/160 sec | F8"

Actually on the Sony A99ii you can lift those shadows to +100 in lightroom with no noise.

ALSO, the subjects are still extremely dark like no shadows have been lifted?

Is the raw available for me to play with?

(ps i just shot my 32nd wedding of the year with the A99ii in Italy and those pictures destroy that sample, it looks like a guests photo in comparison!)

I think this shot is posted just to illustrate a point. The clouds and light make the picture. A small amount of fill in flash could brighten everything up and make the group more individually identifiable, but for this shot that wasn't needed IMO.

Shinto blessing? Light is important with that religion.

Link | Posted on Sep 27, 2017 at 11:29 UTC

What is he using here? A Sony camera, what one, and one, two or three, or may be a universal 42mm adaptor?
Nice shots, he has a good eye.
A while back I though of getting a Canon 5D (classic) and trying this sort of thing but was then offered a Nikon F7000 kit at an unrefusable price, could use that body I suppose.

Link | Posted on Sep 27, 2017 at 11:09 UTC as 13th comment
On article Throwback Thursday: the Canon PowerShot G1 (164 comments in total)
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HRC2016: Why is time spent recycling old news? Oh yea, page clicks.

The past puts the present into perspective. In the present you just have your dreams of the future.

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rsf3127: Steve McCurry and the last roll:

Pity that's only in 360p.

Link | Posted on Sep 16, 2017 at 09:47 UTC
On article Hands-on with new Fujifilm X-E3 (206 comments in total)
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Tonkotsu Ramen: You can add touch functions, without affecting manual controls.

Never, ever, replace physical controls with touch controls.

But they added a joystick?
What a strange move.

No, not a phone, but with more and more people using swipes and taps all the time you can easily use that skill set with this camera. Not me though as I don't have a smart phone.
Camera looks neat but basic, is probably competent and that combination will please many. P&S or a bit more. There is still a market for that IMO.

Link | Posted on Sep 7, 2017 at 10:42 UTC

You are expected to use this control with your left hand, which assumes that you are still using the mouse with the right. Maybe you should be ably to plug the control in on the right side as well so that the confirmed lefties can be happy. Logitech being well known for their fancy anatomical mice should maybe have this control plug into a custom mouse. Switcheable Trackball? I realise these are not loved by many.
My Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse set is now about 18 years old. Expensive at the time, but besides the mouse battery flap now being held on with tape and the slider pads being long gone, all is well.

Link | Posted on Sep 6, 2017 at 10:34 UTC as 14th comment
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justmeMN: It's shocking that a camera that's in the same price range as the Olympus PEN E-PL8 doesn't have the same features and specifications as a high-end enthusiast camera. :-)

Many DPR members are stuck in an Enthusiast Myopia.

Or maybe a $30 T shirt with a logo you might have heard of and a $3 T shirt with a logo you've never heard of, especially if they both came out of the same sweat shop in Bangladesh.

Link | Posted on Aug 30, 2017 at 12:01 UTC
On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D700 (115 comments in total)

It's interesting that the review is almost total praise from beginning to end and the conclusion states that it sets the benchmark, gets 4 x 9.5 and 2 x 9.0 out of 10, yet only ends up with a highly recommended.
I'm sure its a good retro buy, as I did recently with a D80 and a D7000 outfit but CF and no video might put a lot of people off. I don't shoot video by the way. Yes I'm missing out. My LX7 is probably good enough for me though. Don't have a smart phone.

Link | Posted on Aug 25, 2017 at 10:33 UTC as 13th comment | 1 reply

Interesting that the Amazon prices don't even list the Nikon D5 or the Sony. Do I detect an implied bias there?

Link | Posted on Aug 23, 2017 at 09:34 UTC as 160th comment

Looking at these I'm reminded of enlarger lenses. I'm all for cheap as long as they are "good enough".

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On article Domke F-803 and F-5XB review (73 comments in total)
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super steel: shame no black

Header link to Amazon shows both bags available in black.

Link | Posted on Jul 7, 2017 at 10:31 UTC
On article The DJI Spark is a $500 HD mini drone (96 comments in total)
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Internet Enzyme: Seems kind of expensive for those specs.

Looks impressive to me for $500. See Kai's irreverent but positive review here. No it's not perfect but half the price of it's big brother.

Link | Posted on May 25, 2017 at 10:48 UTC
On article Fantastic footage of fjords with the DJI Mavic Pro (53 comments in total)

Nasty colour. Bad grading, far too dark. Random collection of clips, not all good. Upside down end clip a total waste. Perhaps that was just before the Mavic crashed.....

Link | Posted on May 11, 2017 at 10:12 UTC as 23rd comment

Apple burnt(sic) their fingers with the G4 Cube due to over heating problems. Looks like form over function has beaten them again.

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imsabbel: Its really a shame, because it shows how much Canon is dragging their feed.

Most of the stuff those guys spend ages trying to reverse engineer Canon could just activate/add with a few lines of code.

They just don't want to.

I'm quite sure that Canon and all of the other manufacturers have a small team that force all of their designs and specs to the limit, just to see what they've got. As Oz says they then have to throttle everything back to a point where everything is stable, reliable and therefore usable. As ML say, this download is full of bugs, so can't even be called a Beta version. If they've managed to improve on anything that Canon have already done I'm sure they will find out when they download a copy . Canon won't admit anything but if it helps their own developments I'm sure they won't mind.

Link | Posted on Apr 4, 2017 at 10:55 UTC
On article Pentax KP Review (665 comments in total)

Like many I guess I looked at the conclusion first and the bar graph. Seems unreasonable to me that a camera that's only rated under Performance as "Fair", (halfway between the poor and good) should warrant a silver award. Do you really want to buy a camera with sub standard performance?

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On article The Leica Summaron 28mm F5.6 is old-fashioned fun (191 comments in total)
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davev8: and the point of this lens is?.............

To perpetuate conspicuous consumption (waste).

Link | Posted on Mar 26, 2017 at 12:30 UTC

The LX3 is still my favourite everyday camera. Took advantage of a good deal on an LX7 complete with the articulating viewfinder which is better in virtually all respects but have got so used to the LX3 that it's with me all the time. Only negative for me is that the top selector dial is too loose and gets nudged round too often. For ease of use the Ai setting works faultlessly for 99% of shots even when I forget, frequently, to pop the flash up. With an added butterfly lens cap, a little gem.

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