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Looking at these I'm reminded of enlarger lenses. I'm all for cheap as long as they are "good enough".

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On article Domke F-803 and F-5XB review (73 comments in total)
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super steel: shame no black

Header link to Amazon shows both bags available in black.

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On article The DJI Spark is a $500 HD mini drone (96 comments in total)
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Internet Enzyme: Seems kind of expensive for those specs.

Looks impressive to me for $500. See Kai's irreverent but positive review here. No it's not perfect but half the price of it's big brother.

Link | Posted on May 25, 2017 at 10:48 UTC
On article Fantastic footage of fjords with the DJI Mavic Pro (53 comments in total)

Nasty colour. Bad grading, far too dark. Random collection of clips, not all good. Upside down end clip a total waste. Perhaps that was just before the Mavic crashed.....

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Apple burnt(sic) their fingers with the G4 Cube due to over heating problems. Looks like form over function has beaten them again.

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imsabbel: Its really a shame, because it shows how much Canon is dragging their feed.

Most of the stuff those guys spend ages trying to reverse engineer Canon could just activate/add with a few lines of code.

They just don't want to.

I'm quite sure that Canon and all of the other manufacturers have a small team that force all of their designs and specs to the limit, just to see what they've got. As Oz says they then have to throttle everything back to a point where everything is stable, reliable and therefore usable. As ML say, this download is full of bugs, so can't even be called a Beta version. If they've managed to improve on anything that Canon have already done I'm sure they will find out when they download a copy . Canon won't admit anything but if it helps their own developments I'm sure they won't mind.

Link | Posted on Apr 4, 2017 at 10:55 UTC
On article Pentax KP Review (664 comments in total)

Like many I guess I looked at the conclusion first and the bar graph. Seems unreasonable to me that a camera that's only rated under Performance as "Fair", (halfway between the poor and good) should warrant a silver award. Do you really want to buy a camera with sub standard performance?

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On article The Leica Summaron 28mm F5.6 is old-fashioned fun (189 comments in total)
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davev8: and the point of this lens is?.............

To perpetuate conspicuous consumption (waste).

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The LX3 is still my favourite everyday camera. Took advantage of a good deal on an LX7 complete with the articulating viewfinder which is better in virtually all respects but have got so used to the LX3 that it's with me all the time. Only negative for me is that the top selector dial is too loose and gets nudged round too often. For ease of use the Ai setting works faultlessly for 99% of shots even when I forget, frequently, to pop the flash up. With an added butterfly lens cap, a little gem.

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On article OnePlus 3T camera review (103 comments in total)

Can HDR and HQ be selected to work at the same time?

Link | Posted on Feb 12, 2017 at 12:54 UTC as 31st comment | 1 reply
On article OnePlus 3T camera review (103 comments in total)

"HQ mode improves low-light image quality"

This is in the "The Bad" list, how come?

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Sort of related... I started to watch the BBC's 360º coverage of the London New Year fireworks on YouTube. Very quickly found that besides the quality being down on what was being TV broadcast, any panning invariably took me away from the best view of the displays. The Beeb's properly selected camera views were about as good as you could get. Moral, if you do want to watch the inauguration, watch live as broadcast and go back later to play with the 360º program.
So they are using Nikon, so what, not much alternate choice at this end of the market, so it will be interesting to see what "cheap" cameras can do. The critics here might have a field day but I'd like to think it will at least be fun to watch at a photographic level. Note: No political comment here, although I could.....

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deluk: Chipotle? Never heard of them. Such is the power of advertising. Mind you, I am in the UK and have never eaten a burrito. Perhaps I'll look them up on Google, or maybe not............

Chipotle have 7 restaurants here, all in London. Their website shows what they sell and everything looks dry and unappetising. OK they are illustrations, but they should be indicative of what they sell. No prices either. Says Mexican Grill but I don't see anything "grilled".
If the tacos are anything like this I might drop by.

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Chipotle? Never heard of them. Such is the power of advertising. Mind you, I am in the UK and have never eaten a burrito. Perhaps I'll look them up on Google, or maybe not............

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On article CES 2017: Hands-on with the Kodak Super 8 (426 comments in total)

This article based on last years announcement at CES goes into more detail as long as nothing drastic has changed.
Does it mean that the cartridges will be usable in older Super 8 cameras? That might help give the processing system some momentum. Might tempt those who still have these cameras to blow the dust off them and put a couple of them through it even if that does only get them about 5 minutes of show time.
Those who comment about looks/style, the "bone china" ones do have a bit of Braun about them.

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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1644 comments in total)

Interesting that the "Pros" are the least you would expect for a new model at this price and the "Cons" are a list of what shouldn't be expected, and far more serious. The "Good For" conclusion doesn't seem relate to the Cons list at all. The Silver award seems generous and maybe just down to "fun to use".

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On article New kid on the block: YI M1 review (710 comments in total)
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aris14: A $349 price tag would do this cam a nice tool for a lot of people.

Price in China apparently $325. Note Amazon listing at £899!! Amazon Prime currently £529.

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Are all of the action shots selected from spray and pray bursts? Call me old fashioned, but I've never used this method. Recently bought a D7000 though, so looks like I will have to give it a go.

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On article Winning images from Red Bull Illume 2016 (89 comments in total)
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Bruno E: The #1 shot is the Rakotz Bridge in North East of Germany. And it's prohibited to cross it, so typical "F... the rules, we're Red Bull" shot.

Not being familiar with this competition I didn't even notice the bike, thought it was a gnarly tree. Would be just too easy to add it via Photoshop. Without it, it's just another stock image. Does this little squiggle turn it into a prize winner?

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On article PhotoPlus Expo 2016: What to expect at the show (65 comments in total)
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Pete_CSCS: Two years ago at this show Samsung had just released their NX1 and had one setup on a tripod for you to try with models posing. Last year their booth was swamped as they had a Back-To-The-Future Delorean replica that you could sit in (with lab coat) for a photo. This year, the PPE floor plan has them a no-show. Very strange exit with their camera division after showing so much potential.

I'm just hoping this year the cameras in "development" will be out from behind the glass cases and in the hands of the attendees. I'm particularly interested in the E-M1 II and the new Oly PRO lenses. If they aren't, I'll at least get to try out the m. zuiko 300mm F4 which the past 2 years was represented by a dummy prototype behind glass.

It's always a great show with many new products you didn't know exist! Lots of giveaways and special show prices too. I never miss it.

Samsung showing the DeLorean was rather ironic, maybe they were trying to say "Back in the Future". Lets hope so, at least they were willing to try new things even if they didn't, mostly, quite make it to the cutting edge.

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