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An exposure meter should only be used as a guide. Your eyes should be the real judge.


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Blaklynx01: Patent? Are they for real?

In the auto industry I've designed backlit buttons with LED's for years. No light guides, no light leaks. The silicon switch can prevent light leaks but it's not the only way to prevent light leaks, either. Item 210 in Canon's diagram is the silicon switch (5 switches moulded as one unit)

The silicon switch is basically a cone shape with the tip cut off. Think of it like a funnel or tube. The cone angle can vary depending on design. The top surface of the cone touches the button. The bottom surface of the cone touches the PCB. This is now sealed and no light can leak. The LED throws light through the centre of the cone towards the button. The button has two coats of paint; a white coat and a dark top coat. The top coat is laser etched exposing the white coat which is the graphic shape. The white coat lets the light through.

Whoopee-doo. Nothing new here. Over 15 years late.

If Canon get a patent, the Patent Office is more stupid than I care to say.

Canon finally catch up with Nikon who had illuminated buttons in their D4 way back in 2012. Good to see though.

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On article DPReview on TWiT: Is the Sony a9 worth $4500? (223 comments in total)

Over priced and limited lenses. A high price tag doesn't mean it's a professional camera. It'll probably drop to half price after a month or two.

No doubt there's technology which which others will use in the future but this camera certainly won't convince me to change from a Nikon D4s.

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On article Looking back: Canon's eye-controlled focus (225 comments in total)

I have an EOS 5 and what a camera! Eye control focus worked really well once calibrated correctly. 5fps was very useful. Awsom camera!!

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On article Throwback Thursday: Casio QV-4000 (61 comments in total)

I remember selling a big range of Casio cameras back in the day. They were always great quality with the Canon lens. Great brand!!

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As a pro football photographer I chatted with a tog using 2 TP devices linked to Nikon/Canon Lan connectors of D4/s and 1D series cameras. No app was needed but don't fully understand how it all worked. Anyone used it in this Way?

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On article Toshiba brings TransferJet wireless SD cards to Europe (33 comments in total)

Good to see their marketing photo shows their SD card with a camera that only used CF or XQD cards!!

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Hugo600si: No stabilization for Sony, wake up Sigma and smell the e-mount! Its a mount with high opportunities and limited lenses in their segment... hope they turn around on the no OSS for Sony.

Sony usually have Shake reduction in the bodies so it doesn't need to be in the lens.

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I'm personally not too worried about the Sigma 24-105mm f4 as I already use the Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 but if it's made as well as the new Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 Sport lens it'll give the big boys a run for their money.

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I work for Jessops Brian and we spoke about this very thing. I would like to see it but would Nikon and Canon open up on the high street? Could they afford to? Possibly Sony or Panasonic perhaps. If anything, camera gear will now increase in price (IMHO). When was the last time you got a real 'deal' from Apple? They set their prices and very rarely move from it.

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I've had one of the Samsung Galaxy cameras since October and LOVE it! It does everything I need it to do as a point-n-shoot camera with great interaction with social media.


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(unknown member): I use a 1Ds MkII. I cannot get good lenses for it. I have returned a 17-40mm, a 100-400mmL, and a 70-200mmL recently, and have tried out four 24-70mmL-none of which is as good as my old 24-85mmUSM, and have tried out 3 24-105mmL, lenses and bought 2 which were returned, as like the tryouts, they were soft and quite hopeless at the longer lengths across the frame.

So I fully understand the current problems Canon users have, none of which a new body addresses. The lenses are poor.

I am saving for a new machine, but why bother? as without the optics to match there is little point. Dealers box them so badly they get damaged (must be deliberate- you cannot do that by accident) .

Some lenses may be OK, but this new machine needs lenses that cover 35mm not the EF ones designed for cinema HD 2 Megapixel formats, and everyone is waiting for those. At the moment, its a con.

Hi Munro

I'm in 'the trade' and get a lot of people say the same. It annoys me a little that it's always the lenses that get blamed. I've been to a factory in Japan to see how these lenses are made and how each and everyone is hand assessed.

A friend has a 7D and she kept blaming her lenses. Letters and emails went to Canon and after taking it all to a repair center it turned out it was actually the body's sensor that wasn't flat to the lens mount. It wouldn't have mattered what lens would have gone on the body, the images would have been soft.

To me, if you have 4 L series lenses which are 'hopeless' and a 24-85mm which is OK, you just have been lucky with that lens/body combo.

I've had customers try numerous lenses on a body in my store only to dismiss them. My advice is get the body back to Canon and send all your lenses too and get them all set up together. I'm not saying some lenses are not out, but to get 4 all out, I would start looking at the camera IMHO.

Regards Jon

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