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On article Report: Chinese company Xiaomi may purchase GoPro (93 comments in total)

It's funny to read people concluding that because GoPro (a very small company run by an incompetent CEO) failed and will be bought by a Chinese company, then China is the world leader. Boeing, Apple, Microsoft, Lockheed, Raytheon,Intel, and the list goes on and on...the US is light years ahead of China and the world.

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On article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8 (362 comments in total)

My $30 brand new Lumia 640 does everything I need and more. Spending over $100 on a disposable device is beyond me

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Do you need a special permit from the FAA to launch this balloon? I would guess so

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On article Caltech research team develops lensless camera (61 comments in total)
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Scottelly: Holy cow! I guess Apple's going to buy Caltech now.


Caltech is not sellable , at most Apple can make a donation and have a "Steve Jobs" or "Apple" building or lab named after. Not everything in life has a price tag. As a Caltech alumni I can certify that :)

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I wonder what is it about a gravity field that makes a mass in it feel a force?

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Interesting, I wonder how people standing far away from Buchanan were able to listen to his speech.

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Just 9 comments? What a wonderful video and message for our lives, and yet just 9 comments...seems people prefer to comment on the latest smartphone, so sad.

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Who's better at marketing, Apple or Canon?

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So going to a National Park with a Pro camera will automatically classify you as a pro with commercial intentions? Is this the end of the FX era?

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What about the camera? I wish they posted pictures of the Powershot to see how the housing performed after such a long time.

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I never owned an iPhone or any Apple product, and yet my world is happy. I must be an iGenius.

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On article Canon significantly improves EOS 7D with firmware v2 (296 comments in total)

Please Canon, release a firmware for my G12 to convert it to a Nikon D800

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