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(unknown member): I agree with everyone else who said: 1) never knew he existed; 2) still don't care he existed; 3) very angry, and very little to do with photography; 4) DPR has degraded their own reputation by saying anything about this hateful person.

Errrr....ever heard of humor?

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Most certainly one of the greatest photography blogs of all time.

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And this is why I switched to LR a month ago...

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On article Samsung Galaxy NX Hands-on (195 comments in total)

i tired it in store the other day - felt great in my hands, and the touch interface seemed to work well.

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On article Canon PowerShot S120 real-world samples (UPDATED) (70 comments in total)

don't know why i would get this when i could get the eos M + 22 f2 for less money...and still stuck with an S100.

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AshMills: Why isnt this in Connect?

because its about photography

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It's funny how far the S-series has fallen from grace. The S90 was the hottest thing around when it was released!

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CameraLabTester: The odds to make money from your photos are overwhelmingly stacked against your tiny image contribution...

Unless you have the rare photo of a UFO mother ship returning Richard Dreyfus to his mashed potato mountain, which will then earn you millions of dollars in paparazzi royalties.


I'm pulling in about $100 per month on average from Getty. And other than my initial submission, I'm not doing a darn thing. One month I pulled in $800+. So obviously some people, myself included, are making money.

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shaocaholica: Why would you want this over the Sigma 18-250?

at vibrio: convenience and versatility. duh...

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tkbslc: This comments section always brings out the bitter and angry people.

Why would anyone taint their DSLR with such horrible glass?My guess is to make pictures like these:

because some people care about pictures and not pixel peeping...

any good photographer can make great photos with a lens like this.

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