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On article CP+ 2018: Hands-on with the new Tamron 70-210mm F4 VC (76 comments in total)
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entoman: For most people, probably a better proposition than a 70-200mm F2.8. I'd hazard a guess that the number of occasions when the average F2.8 owner actually uses the lens wide open, is pretty low.

It surprises me how many peope buy the Canon 70-200mm F2.8 in the mistaken belief that it is optically better than the F4 version. In truth optically there is nothing to choose between them, but the F4 is far cheaper and much lighter.

i use my 70-200 at 2.8 the majority of the time

Link | Posted on Mar 3, 2018 at 09:33 UTC

and...i'm regretting going with sony now, lol.

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On article A letter from the Publisher (332 comments in total)

Long live DPReview!

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braisim: Facebook is evil

nah, zuck and his wife are up to good things. haters gonna hate while ignoring the good work they have done and are doing.

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(unknown member): I agree with everyone else who said: 1) never knew he existed; 2) still don't care he existed; 3) very angry, and very little to do with photography; 4) DPR has degraded their own reputation by saying anything about this hateful person.

Errrr....ever heard of humor?

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Most certainly one of the greatest photography blogs of all time.

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And this is why I switched to LR a month ago...

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On article Samsung Galaxy NX Hands-on (195 comments in total)

i tired it in store the other day - felt great in my hands, and the touch interface seemed to work well.

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On article Canon PowerShot S120 real-world samples (UPDATED) (67 comments in total)

don't know why i would get this when i could get the eos M + 22 f2 for less money...and still stuck with an S100.

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On article Editorial: Why I can't stop taking iPhone Panoramas (298 comments in total)
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AshMills: Why isnt this in Connect?

because its about photography

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It's funny how far the S-series has fallen from grace. The S90 was the hottest thing around when it was released!

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CameraLabTester: The odds to make money from your photos are overwhelmingly stacked against your tiny image contribution...

Unless you have the rare photo of a UFO mother ship returning Richard Dreyfus to his mashed potato mountain, which will then earn you millions of dollars in paparazzi royalties.


I'm pulling in about $100 per month on average from Getty. And other than my initial submission, I'm not doing a darn thing. One month I pulled in $800+. So obviously some people, myself included, are making money.

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shaocaholica: Why would you want this over the Sigma 18-250?

at vibrio: convenience and versatility. duh...

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tkbslc: This comments section always brings out the bitter and angry people.

Why would anyone taint their DSLR with such horrible glass?My guess is to make pictures like these:

because some people care about pictures and not pixel peeping...

any good photographer can make great photos with a lens like this.

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