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Tom K.: "...these days the iPhone 8 is all he brings. Find out what makes it 'good enough'."

Reduced expectations.

"subpar image quality" is an understatement.

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Superb images!

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The black 50mm f/1.2 mug is something I really want!

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cdembrey: Here's another iPhone X 4K video that is actually Cinematic—a real documentary story is told.

now THAT is really impressive. Very good use of the light, scene, everything.

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I see a lot of purple fringing. Evidently, more pronounced on 5DsR because of the resolution but it doesn't look great anyway. Sigma 85mm Art is sharper and Zeiss Milvus 85mm has zero purple fringing, for those who don't need AF. I have the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 first version and I've tested every 85mm out there. I am not sold on the new Canon.

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Looks like it's been through a plane crash rather than checked in. Anyway, if the lens looks like this, I assume everything else in the bag is smashed to bits. I can't imagine what they could've done to bring it in this state.

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eno2: So if the photographer uses Hasselblad, Phase One or Fuji MF cameras, he's not qualified to do the job. :))

no, but Haselblad is okay.

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Lu Heng: this is funny how many people are concern about pixels, high ISO etc., making a war between canon, nikon, sony.. name it. as if it is a substitute of actual photography. as if the one and only available light is a candlelight and they "desperately must" print huge billboards from every shot they take.
supposed to be that way?

forget the flexibility, get a 200mm f/2.8L (cheap and great) or a 300mm f/2.8L IS and continue shooting with your 5d2. I believe it would be a MUCH better investment.
In my view, neither 5D3 nor D800 are worth it.

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I believe the vast majority of posters here are not payed for their photography. A professional would think this 5d3 / d800 matter very objective: how much more money will I make using this new camera? Do some math and if it's worthwhile, buy it. If not (MOST LIKELY!!!), just move on until new gear is really needed.

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