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On article Fujifilm X-E3 First Impressions Review (339 comments in total)
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whawha: That huge 23mm lens is ill matched to a body that seems to have been designed with portability in mind. It's not even ultra bright - something more like the size of the fixed lens that comes with the X100 series would have made more sense...

BS It works great and is sized right for this camera.. get a DSLR then

Link | Posted on Oct 6, 2017 at 03:26 UTC
On article Fujifilm X-E3 First Impressions Review (339 comments in total)
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whensly: Of course 99% of us have not seen the cam (used it) but I have a sneaking suspicion my face hitting the LCD when engaged in the viewfinder would trigger the LCD mode and controls causing havoc. Hope I'm wrong.

You can just shut off the touch screen and use the joystick. I would anyway....it still will have the swipe commands available

Link | Posted on Oct 6, 2017 at 03:25 UTC
On article Hands-on with new Fujifilm X-E3 (202 comments in total)
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duchamp: Is battery charged by usb cable and if yes, whether it can operate while charging?

likely yes, and you can always get extra battery with charger (might come with one anyway). all cameras I have used cannot use camera while charging. not a big deal to me

Link | Posted on Sep 8, 2017 at 14:35 UTC
On article Hands-on with new Fujifilm X-E3 (202 comments in total)
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webber15: I won't buy as I have the Xpro2...but...I'm liking this.
I like the idea of Fuji keeping the Xpro or XE line "purer" I.E. no flippy screen and ibis...
Xt line or proposed new high end system can happily push on as a technological "tour de force".

It's how I see it anyway...

So close minded , I have the flip screen of the X70 It is great on the street, I do not do selfies at all. IBIS should be in all these cameras. You want old school buy OLD on Ebay

Link | Posted on Sep 7, 2017 at 17:14 UTC
On article Intro to drones part 1: Drone basics (113 comments in total)
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Bambi24: toughest commercial drone restrictions:
- Canada, max 90 meters high and away 70 meters of everything
- Belgium, max 10 meters high allowed within own private property. 90 meters with government approved license
- Nicaragua, banned
- Morocco, banned, 100% illegal, heavy penalties / jailtime
- Fiji, impossible registration process, basically banned
- Zambia, banned
- North Korea, banned, do not even try it if you want to make it back out of North Korea
- Cuba, banned, tourists regularly get jailed for it

GOOD, i hope they ban them here also, too many Idiots out there with these toys

Link | Posted on Aug 3, 2017 at 03:16 UTC
On article Power Zoom: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100 Review (359 comments in total)
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brownie314: "Colors lean toward neutral and yellows take on a greenish cast, which can lead to undesirable skin tones."

This is what I have found with Panasonic cameras as well. Colors are not nearly as nice as canon or even Nikon. Both of those companies work hard to deliver natural looking skin tones and colors. Panasonic looks a little like technicolor.

yeah, is why I gave up on Panasonic for the most part, colors are not as good as the top makes, and faded

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Can you picture this Sucker on one of those posts in Best buy Camera dept?

Link | Posted on Sep 8, 2015 at 23:43 UTC as 5th comment
On article Roger Cicala cynically re-defines photography (53 comments in total)

Meh, thinks he is funny, not really

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The alligator tasted a Canon and barfed

Link | Posted on Aug 26, 2013 at 01:44 UTC as 26th comment | 3 replies

Darn, I should have taken a picture of my "tree" pond I created yesterday when I watered it...at least It had a nice tree in it and I would only ask Half a Million

Link | Posted on Jul 22, 2013 at 20:05 UTC as 89th comment

just sign up for auto upgrade for cameras online, get the latest upgrades!

Link | Posted on Jul 10, 2013 at 01:33 UTC as 121st comment

buy a RED DOT logo on ebay paste it on my LX5

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jm67: Ugh. Yes, I'm the only guy on the planet who's not a fan of facebook.

so who told you to use it?

Link | Posted on Apr 8, 2013 at 15:30 UTC
On article Facebook 'phone' comes to fruition (16 comments in total)

if you want all Facebook phone, you need a life

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RoelHendrickx: For me, "the best vacation photos possible" would be those that are original and reflect the way I experience a site, NOT a replica of photos made before by other people.


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On article Just posted: Hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 100D/SL1 (379 comments in total)
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Woodlink: Steve Jobs would punch the Canon CEO in the mouth over this camera.

Canon seems content to completely disregard the "technical vectors that are on the upswing", as Jobs used to put it, and instead continue down the road of less innovation.

canon sheep will buy

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