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As an architectural photographer I am sometimes asked if I offer drone images.
After a lot of research I found these things:
1. Drones are banned in most places I shoot.
2. Clients don't want to pay for drone images (its just a snap or two!)
3. It occupies a disproportionate amount of time in relation to the potential revenue.
4. Every guy in the world seems to offer drone photography for $50.

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Peiasdf: Good luck shooting a drone on the move consider the military don't have buck shot.

Sorry, a bit optimistic. I do have familiarity with shotguns and hunting waterfowl and drones aren't going to be as low or as slow.

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Peiasdf: Good luck shooting a drone on the move consider the military don't have buck shot.

I think the challenge is greater than a solution of just a shotgun.
While a shotgun will be effective on low flying drones, it is useless on the ones flying at greater altitude and high speed.
The threat of a drone with a bomb that can be flown into a structure or a bomb that can be dropped is very real and very hard to defend against.

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Biowizard: I can just imagine an A-10 Warthog Tankbuster taking on a DJI Inspire 2, missing, then sucking the drone into its engine and crashing.

"OF COURSE NOT", comes the "informed" military response, "a plastic toy like that is no danger to our aircraft".

EXACTLY! Something I have been saying for a LONG time. There is FAR too much "Drone Mania" about at the moment. How about the military taking out anyone seen carrying a GUN? That would do the world FAR more service.


A-10's were designed specifically to endure the sort of abuse that comes from low level attack flight. Military pilots know what they can and cannot do and they are also ready to eject if necessary. A plane full of passengers is not.

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Dr_Jon: It's trivial to see what a drone is sending back home (if it's encrypted the volume of data will be obvious if it's more than simple diagnostics) so presumably it isn't as serious as some people are suggesting or there would have been a bigger stink. Or possibly they have changed their mind about some of the diagnostic data. Maybe it's just they want a buy American policy. I'd be surprised if there was anything serious here, it's just too difficult to do vs the chance of getting away with it.

I think the fact that electronic hardware and software sourced from China and containing unknown code and firmware is a serious concern. The notion that eavesdropping is occurring is of course alarming, but the idea that the device can actually be hijacked is even more concerning.

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Let's see.... Chinese product stuffed with Chinese electronics and GPS. What is not to love for a security minded person?

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TwoMetreBill: And still no smart adapter for the thousand times more popular X-mount. Not too smart.

@CCD FTW, You are correct. I misunderstood the comment.

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On article Nine new lens adapters announced for the Fujifilm GFX (83 comments in total)
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TwoMetreBill: And still no smart adapter for the thousand times more popular X-mount. Not too smart.

As the X mount was designed for APS-C, I can only imagine a very slim advantage in mounting these lenses on the GFX.
Vignetting in most cases would be significant and the IQ near the edge of the image circle would fall far short of the center.

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PLShutterbug: Good for Polito.

However I am shocked that her lawyer posted that diatribe. It is disgraceful that a "professional" acted in such an unprofessional manner.

You clearly have not heard many lawyer statements then.
This is very much in keeping with the practices of demonizing one's opponents.
There is scant civility in civil law despite the fantasies many entertain.

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Impulses: What are the odds they pay out the damages? I'm surprised the trial only took a week after they spent so long trashing the photog (or maybe because they did?), you would've thought they'd have an attorney ready to drag it out.

I was involved in a lawsuit that was similar in complexity to this one and it took two years to settle.
Fortunately everything came out my way but the defendant in my case took 18 months of payments to finally settle.
Then he went bankrupt.

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sop51: The article doesn't mention if the defendants have sufficient recoverable assets to satisfy this judgement, or some type of liability insurance policy that would cover such acts. If they don't, the wedding photographer won't see any part of that award. The Goldmans are still waiting for OJ to send them their money.

No responsible attorney should undertake such an action without some realistic possibility of recovery for his/her client. Perhaps the plaintiff's attorney was charging by the hour, in which case the wedding photographer will be left paying thousands in legal fees and never see a dime of the award. All for $125.

Doesn't matter. The photographer was not in this for the money. But more importantly if the judgement stands the defendants will have a lien on them till the judgement is paid.
THAT is a burden that lasts.

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aven59: 2799 USD... Shop Now ??? I get 3 Sigma Art for this price ;)

Price of everything, value of nothing.

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Hugo808: Not more bloody pixels! How big do you guys print for crissakes?

In our lab we regularly made large prints from small files. It matters what the subject is.
We made brilliant 40x60 prints from 6MP Canon 10D files that many pros thought was MF. Even when examined close up.
OTOH we made some very mediocre images from mediocre MF files.

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This what a pro does on assignment.
Stuff happens, photographer adapts creatively.
All the armchair photographers would have filled their Depends.

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (408 comments in total)
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Photomonkey: My take on this gallery is that the PNW is a brilliant place in the Summer.

I live near-ish to San Diego. Was there today as a matter of fact. However I have kids in Seattle area and relish any excuse to get there. I don't care whether it is rain, shine, fog or snow. It is a beautiful place.
I live in the desert and am a full time pro. Yesterday I had a job that started at 6PM and the temp was 108. Job ended at 8PM, temp was 104.
PS, My Son-in-Law is an MIT grad, Army vet and getting his PhD in Math.

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (408 comments in total)

My take on this gallery is that the PNW is a brilliant place in the Summer.

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Chuck2: Selling gear gets you fraud Selling to a known store gets you dimes on the dollar. It's a bit like giving away your gear. Meeting at the police station gets you robbed on the way home. Ebay is full of scams and fakery.

I have found that after the Post Office delivers a package the tracking number will often show a delay in delivery.

B&M stores cost more but everyone complains and rushes to online sellers.
I understand there are a lot of good online vendors but when the local shops are gone we will have lost a valuable resource.
Of course smart asses quack about being ripped off on the cost of a filter or the ignorance of a new clerk. Yes, there are weaknesses but their obstacles are enormous.
They have to deal with a long line of snarky jerks who "learned" everything online an hour earlier and sneer about clueless clerks who don't have the gear announced a day earlier in Japan.

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BeefCoffee: I just hope the mount is supported. Still love my 400rx Gemini heads. They've made their cost back a couple times over now.

The mount seems to be public domain

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It's not even April yet.

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iae aa eia: Well, it sounds reasonable to me that a Chinese company could achieve that. That's what China's for. To make companies from developed countries---that have been the ones spending more in development and quality of production, in safety, in labor costs, etc---look like greedy companies in the eyes of folks that don't mind where a product is produced, the story behind it or behind who makes it, and all the effort to make the wellbeing of each employee a very high priority. Chinese companies are the antithesis of all that. I don't buy Chinese products (unless I have no choice, of course) and Trump is right when he tries to review trade agreements.

@captura, The jobs that were moved overseas was a simple business decision. China represented a cheap source of manufactured goods, shareholders demand bigger profits every year, close the factory here and open shop in China. Voilá! Instant profits.
More ridiculous was the agreement by US firms to hand over their IP and trade secrets as a condition of doing business in China.
So you see it is basic American corporate greed (what some call free enterprise) that has driven jobs overseas, driven wages down and created the sort of social tension that has been exploited by other self serving individuals and groups for their benefit.
Again, always at the expense of the American worker.
Yes, a lot of the trade deals are self interested deals for companies. But at the same time they keep us in the game at some level as opposed to being completely screwed by being hosed by protected industries (1970's Detroit anyone?) or losing entire industries completely (steel, beef, wheat, and lumber)

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