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Ken53: I downloaded a couple of Tamron's full size sample images to examine here:

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Yes 24mp can be tough on the less then sharp lenses.

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Ken53: I downloaded a couple of Tamron's full size sample images to examine here:

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I would agree but it could be the way their website is maintained. Yes exif normaly shows extra creditability.

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Ken53: I downloaded a couple of Tamron's full size sample images to examine here:

I agree about the exif and landscape shots. They do look good but time will tell when more samples get posted. Thanks for the reply.

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I downloaded a couple of Tamron's full size sample images to examine here:

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Thanks Dan
This has been the most helpful review of the Tamron 150-600 to date. I appreciate the details of lab tests as well, but the real world outings is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. Your findings confirm my suspicions and experiences after a year with the lens myself. Christopher Frost has a review with findings similar to yours also. More lab like though. You might find it interesting.

Outside of the lab environment, the Tamron's light weight and dimensions add to its low price, and IQ, making it perfect overall package for many serious hobbyists or even pros on a budget. Those that spend time in the field understand your emphasis on weight and size. A Canon 600mm prime would be nice but I would rather use that money for other gear, seeing that the Tamron gets the job done with respectful results.
So Dan, you have done many of us a wonderful service by offering us this great hands on real world review. Many will benefit from it in the future.
Have a nice day.

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Way to go, congratulations. You deserve #1. I enjoyed viewing.

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Nice upgrades to the Rebel, assuming IQ receives benefits also. It should.

No MFA, and no Custom modes, will keep some from buying the 6T, including me. Otherwise it looks like another hot seller.

The 70D is safe this round. :)


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Enticing headline, but didn't finish reading. I got bored. 5x point and shoot vs 3x point and shoot. Yawning... time to go.

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On article Canon India teases 'something big' coming soon (145 comments in total)

They didn't say get your DSLR ready. They just said camera. I am going to guess it is a service or contest, and not hardware. May be cloud related. Also it may be for India or certain limited number of countries.


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On article Travel tripods: Comparing 5 aluminum kits (112 comments in total)

Dolica seems to have nailed down the main purpose of what a tripod is needed to do first and foremost. Vibration control. It's vibration was nulled in less than .6 sec while the others took longer.

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On article 5 best photography apps for your Windows tablet (4 comments in total)

Nice article, but more people would read it if it was featured on DPR's web site instead of over here.

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Bob Meyer: 11. By dividing short, simple articles across 10 or 12 pages you can get more clicks and make your advertisers happier while annoying your readers.

Same here... I didn't read this article. I don't click a bunch of pages to read tiny bits of information on any website. A sad tactic that seems to be gaining popularity. This trend would go away if no one would bother to read these types of articles.

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