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A Owens: A world where it is compulsory to wear a hi-viz vest and employ a spotter to climb a metre up a stepladder is all the poorer for the loss of this brave, adventurous and unorthodox young man. Imagine what he might have achieved had he matured with the steadying responsibilities of matrimony and fatherhood. God bless him and his bereaved family.

You must be crazy yourself ;-)

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josh bailey: I used to use FCP X but switched to Premiere just because of very basic things. After learning Premiere Pro I have discovered it is so much more advanced than FCPX. I am really surprised Apple has not just trashed it, how does it even sell anymore?

I've worked extensively on both systems professionally. FCP was a pain. No native editing. Slow. There was a stage a couple of years ago that we all thought Apple had downgraded it to a consumer platform.

Premiere Pro took a few years to arrive (I started editing on V5 in 1999). But when it did, it began to steal Avid users. Unfortunately I won't move over to the subscription model, so I'm stuck with PP CS6.

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sunilkumar: used Singh ray in past, did not like specifically on wide angle. 5 stop and 10 stop those are the two fixed ND filters in my bag.

ND filters on wide angle lenses notoriously do not give even coverage. For optimum efficacy the subject should be at 90 degrees to the sun.

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Why would I want to do that?

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On article Photo story of the week: Colors of the Arctic (107 comments in total)
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entoman: Not saying that I could do any better, but this shot does nothing for me. It comes across as one of those "you had to be there" shots that doesn't translate into a great photograph.

Exactly Wye Photography. It's a wonderful shot. It may be the one that perfectly encapsulates how Eraz felt about the location.

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On article Photo story of the week: Colors of the Arctic (107 comments in total)
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entoman: Not saying that I could do any better, but this shot does nothing for me. It comes across as one of those "you had to be there" shots that doesn't translate into a great photograph.

Entoman, you miss the point entirely. ALL landscape photography is about being there at the right time. The art of the professional photographer is making sure that they are there at the right moment - usually through painstaking research, recces and patience.

The second crucial ingredient you seem to overlook is that, just because you are there, doesn't mean that you get the shot. You just may not have what it takes to see the picture.

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Ansel Spear: I have a D850 on back order with Calumet. To say that I'm somewhat apprehensive is an understatement.

I'm not concerned about honesty issues. I just wonder i) how seamless the transfer of systems will be and ii) how priorities will work out between Wex and Calumet customers awaiting delivery of the D850.

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Brian Homer: My local Calumet is actually OK but in the bizarre branding decision to keep the shops as Calumet but to make the website Wex - currently the Calumet store presence is now absent from the web. Very weird decision making- there are some FAQs buried but it takes effort to find them most people wanting to find a Calumet store will probably be frustrated.

I spoke with an online Calumet salesperson yesterday. It was interesting that he let slip the stores would remain as Calumet - for the time being!

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I have a D850 on back order with Calumet. To say that I'm somewhat apprehensive is an understatement.

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The price you pay for buying Brooklyn Beckham's What I see!

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marcio_napoli: Here I am again posting something in the "who cares about your problems" category.

So, there you have it. Who cares, made it easy for you.

But if you care, read on.

This is why pro photography is dead, and we're possibly seeing the very last generation where one can make a decent career being a photographer.

There's just too much free knowledge. Regarding the functionally of a profession, we're past the healthy threshold.

How to's, DIY's, lighting tutorials, pose tutorials, desperate photographers giving away their secrets on videos (and workshops) everywhere.

Too much easy info at the click of a button.

Free knowledge + no really hard entries to the profession (no degree needed, very affordable used pro gear) means you have thousands of wannabes tomorrow.

What if you had too much available easy info to become an engineer, a doctor, etc?

Would those professions keep their value under the same conditions?

One has always been able to buy books and magazines: read articles about how to do this and learn that. It's only the delivery method that's changed - not the availability or content.

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On article Photo story of the week: The Purple Hour (121 comments in total)
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Leonp: What are these lumps in the front? For the rest I see one and a half bush in the middle and some bushes further back. What seems to be the horizon is not horizontal nor is it visibly why it isn't.
I can't see the crispyness in the frost. Maybe it's because I can't look at the original 24MP pic, but I just don't see it.
There is a moon in the image but no stars and no interesting clouds.
There is no color scheme that enhances depth ore makes anything interesting.
there's no main or secondairy subject. But there's a very strong color cast.
I'm going to check my rejected photo's again....

So you're not keen on it then?

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panchorancho: First thing I do when I get a Nikon body with a built in flash is to gaffer tape it shut. It's the dumbest thing ever to have on a pro camera.

Me too.

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Excellent work. If I was the envious type...

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On article Sony's Mavica FD71 liked floppy disks, hated magnets (80 comments in total)

Tee hee. I remember those days well. The bleeding edge of technology. Trailblazers we were.

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I understand what you're trying to communicate, but surely 'use-case' is a software engineering term.

Perhaps you mean a case study.

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STOP PRESS: Dog Chews Camera.

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On article DPReview on TWiT: Is the Sony a9 worth $4500? (223 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Just weight for the A9II. Should be here by Xmas.

It may indeed be a heavy price tag, but you'll just have to wait!

Link | Posted on Jun 1, 2017 at 06:20 UTC
On article A Taste of New York is a stunning Big Apple time-lapse (90 comments in total)

That's a breath of fresh air; loved it; loved the audio. Done with a wry sense of humour methinks.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Our first cameras (394 comments in total)
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geepondy: First film camera as a kid was a Kodak Instamatic that took 120 film and used "magic cubes". As an adult I eventually made my way up to a Minolta XD-11 SLR. First digital was a Nikon CP900 in 1998, 1megpixel, $1000 and I sure was the envy of my friends. I later moved up to a CP990 and many since. I think Nikon ruled in the early days of relatively affordable digital cameras, say from 1998-2000 or so.

I'm pretty sure Instamatics took 126 cartridges. 120 was rollfilm.

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