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  • I use this adaptor: Adaptall 2 - NX: http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Tamron-AD2-Adaptall-II-Lens-to-Samsung-NX1-NX210-NX200-NX10-NX5-Camera-Adapter-/271948792609?hash=item3f51694321:g:cwIAAOSwD0lUfICW I ...
  • I very much enjoyed the NX1000 and was always pleased with the results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lmk_T5AzTuU However I found the NX300 did not have the video quality of the NX1000 as Samsung ...
  • I can only assume that you are using the "Studio" version as opposed to the free version? I know there are very few differences but this may be one of them. Cheers.
  • Hi Does not appear to support H.265 in Windows. I have installed it in Windows and I get nothing. "In addition DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1 also adds supports for Ultra HD H.264 renders on Windows, HEVC ...
  • https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/58146920
  • Created discussion thread Gotta get me ...
    ... a stabiliser! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkU-96xqkPg (unfortunately the effect of Youtube compression does take it's toll) Got the same camera, got the same lens, but how to convince the ...
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  • A random selection captured from last week. NX1 - Tamron Adaptall 70-210 lens Using Vasile bitrate hack 5.x at 180mbps. (This has made a big difference no macro blocking and no smearing of details ...
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  • https://mpc-hc.org/ it's free! In the file menu: Save Image I normally play the video through to get a rough idea of the frame(s) to capture then go back and pause just before the point and then ...
  • According to the "First Impressions" here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/first-impressions-review-samsung-galaxy-nx-android-camera it is progressive video 1080/30p 720/60p.
  • Thanks! I agree 4K stills with the NX1 is a glimpse in to the future of photography, eventually 8K (32mp) video will be the norm and than I'm set for life. Yes I agree there is a lot of latitude in ...
  • Looks good to me, a great shot of a lion in it's natural habitat. I wonder how many beds they go through?
  • The only thing I miss is RAW processing, it's fun to manipulate the image after the event, but having said that the video stills have a lot of latitude for processing and even more so when using ...
  • Created discussion thread In the mood for some NX1 video stills?
    A random selection captured over the past couple of weeks. NX1 - Tamron Adaptall lenses 80-210 / 70-210. Using Vasile bitrate hack 5.x at 180mbps. Standard profile: Sharpness -6 to -10, contrast ...
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