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Roland Karlsson: The camera is APS-C. It seems like a no brainer to make it FF and increase the price by $500. Or?. But - that is not really possible. The Leica lenses are close to the sensor and not telecentric. So - you need some special solution for the corners if it is FF. Leica has solved that with custom made sensors with offset micro lenses. I guess that custom stuff is not cheap, and it might even be patented.

So, therefore the camera is APS-C. Which, for many people, will make it totally uninteresting, no matter price.

I agree, I'm very surprised Leica found a solution for their small mount and make it work. Would really be annoying if they stuck with apsc or even worse, with new sensor.

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turvyT: I think this camera is very interesting, and well designed. I also think that it's very expensive and the IQ of the samples is barely exciting. I don't know about the built-in battery or absence of sd card. What floors me is that no mainstream japanese brand had come out with a simple ovf reflex or telemetric, brand traditional mount (to use legacy glass), no af, no fps, no lcd, just aperture, speed, iso and wb control camera. Something that could be linked to computer via cable or bluetooth and with a nice but sensible ff sensor. I was waiting for something like this for years, and only two brands have delivered something similar, both incredibly expensive, Leica and Hasselblad with their digital backs. Too expensive in both cases, The rest are decorative-retro. Maybe Ricoh with its modular GXR and M-mount followed for a while that route. Con/prosumer cameras are declining and it's sad no brand came out with something like that, with good IQ but as simple as possible.

Hey same with me, I was waiting for a camera like this for a looong time..I had X-Pro1 and 2 but the experience is not quite there yet. So what I did is just sell all my Fuji gear and save a little bit then finally I can buy (used) Leica. People say Leica is too expensive but for me it's really worth it and exactly what I'm looking for.
Would I be happy if japanese company make this kind of camera for cheaper price? Well of course. Because one downside of this leica I own now is, I have a constant worried to break it LOL. Sub $2k camera wouldn't gave me this problem.

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guabijiqiren: The comments tell me that many people don't want anything good to happen on fuji

Too many trolls and salty old men in here

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Tom 13: big deal
my wife found me fully functional after 40 years in Iowa City

I’m sorry to hear that

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Slouch Hooligan: Oh! Sure! If Fuji lenses are so good how did this one get lost?
That doesn’t happen with Sony lenses!!

Like, Sony lenses broke before even get lost? 😂

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miric: I'm just wondering if this fixed X-Trans as a main Fujifilm issue. 😂

Don’t blame X-trans for your bad pictures ;)

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SamCan: With filter and rear lens cap, all weather sealed lenses can do the same.

I’d like to see you try it with Sony lenses

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Zvonimir Tosic: I wrote a few years back, that if they continue plagiarising and learning from Leica for example, Fujifilm may end up with a decent looking 'retro' camera one day.
From the front, this X-A7's design is a fine rip-off of (A) colourful Leica Q iteration, and (2) a rather gorgeous Olympus Pen E-PL9, and therefore, it looks decent.
Finally. But I personally would not change it for E-PL9, nor Leica Q.

The grip reminds me of X1D

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attomole: With a three lens smartphone with all the computational image tweaking and sharing advantages, is it a better photographic tool and more more fun than this, I starting to think so. and I like what they have done with this and the Fuji brand.

Smartphone photos are only good on your phone.
This is interchangeable camera..meaning you have access to all Fujinon lenses including 56mm f1.2 that will give you "real" bokeh and nice low light performance or 100-400mm if you interested in wild life and sport.

Smart phone’s camera might be good but doesn’t give you access to all the manual control you get from a real camera. So if someone wants to learn photography properly and not relying on their tool..then this is a great start.

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RonHendriks: Vloggers never do more then one minute takes......


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phoenix15: Why it is not so sharp compared to 50 mpx medium format image?

The GFX100 has higher magnification, that’s why

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Dewanata: "What we don't - A tripod or gimbal is needed to get the best of the camera's video"

So you don't like something that the camera doesn't have? Seriously for a review?

I should pointed out that the lack of something shouldn'y be a minus points, especially in a review about the camera IMO. I'd understand if they won't recommend it to someone who needs or if they're wishing to put something that it currently doesn't have.

Same goes with review about a camera that doesn't have a put "the lack of viewfinder" as a minus point (just because other cameras have it) would be really silly.

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"What we don't - A tripod or gimbal is needed to get the best of the camera's video"

So you don't like something that the camera doesn't have? Seriously for a review?

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Hautedawg: Coming from someone who would get this camera if it had IBIS, I honestly don't get the "fun to shoot with" moniker these cameras get. What's so fun about turning a bunch of analog dials ?

Too similar to the "cameras have to be big to not be a "toy" argument. It's like a pat on the back for Fuji for not moving on from traditional operations.

I also don't get how Fuji never seems to be panned for their grip.

Your question is like asking "what's so fun about doing this or that sport". Not everyone would enjoy football, but for everyone who enjoy it..they would have so much fun watching or playing it.
I could ask the same question, what so fun about PASM dials or looking your setting always from the screen? But I rather not do that because I know it's a personal preference.

For me with Fuji, at least I have options wether to use the physical dials or not.

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