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On article Why have cameras and lenses become so expensive? (749 comments in total)
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glennray: It's very interesting to read the comments after a story like this. Photographers can take good photos with any camera. There are many cheaper second hand cameras available that have hardly been used. Most of them bought by camera enthusiasts, who are not necessarily that interested in photography. Consumers that enjoy the tech and the experience of snapping away with the latest version from their favourite camera company. I'm not talking about professionals here, just most camera consumers. People who worry about how many thousandths of a second their camera takes to focus, or whether they can see individual leaves on a tree a kilometer away. They are the one that keep the camera companies in business.
So, get into photography and worry less about the camera. And save some money.

OK, but seeing a leaf in a tree a mile away also means you can better capture fine feather detail on a bird 50 yards away, which these cameras and lenses are getting better and better at.

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DingieM: I am waiting for breakthroughs in smartphone variable lens designs.

It's happening with telephoto lenses with parascope designs.

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paolop23: just compared the camera in the Galaxy S7 to Galaxy A32 5G model.
The 5yr old S7 is better (overall sharper, especially edges). Has camera tech stopped evolving? Or do they just put cheaper lenses in the budget phones when they used higher quality lenses in flagships from 2016?

I agree... pPics I took back in the day with my S7 are just as good or better than my S21+

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They make Android tablets?

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