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On article Capture One Fujifilm X-Trans Raw support tested (211 comments in total)

wow not impressed at all by the raw conversions. hopefully it gets worked out a little more

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On article Accessory Review: Manfrotto Solo VI DSLR Holster Bag (96 comments in total)
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mischivo: No matter what anyone tells me, I'll never find a "modern" cushioned neoprene/nylon camera holster or bag to be properly stylish. Give me retro or contemporary, made from either leather or unique fabric, and with COLOUR! And maybe then, if well designed, it could be called stylish. This bag, like most other camera bags, is rubbish to look at.

I will say very few pull off the ballistic nylon look. And god do I love my domke!!!!

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Mbaris: Although xpro1 is really a magnificent camera, something with a soul, i have to admit focusing is a mess. Manual focus is slow and unintiutive, autofocus is slow and unreliable, it requires much convincing to make it take a shot really. Still, it is so much fun to use it.

Does the new zoom lens have a faster autofocus motor?

If I had a wish from Fuji for this platform, it would not be a full frame sensor (the sensor is really magnificent already, compared to my 5Dm2) or a zoom lens

It would be a lens with "USM" "FTM" equivalent features I really admire in practicality in my canon L lenses.

Like the x100 I'm glad to see fuji continuing to try and correct its faults! What amazing support in relatively timely manner

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On article Photokina 2012: Hasselblad Stand Report (47 comments in total)

And they atleast didnt make it full frame because why ??? God these are terrible

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I love all these comments ! What's really so hard to understand? Are these same people also on Mercedes forums saying why not buy a Hyundai instead? Or showing up at open houses of some beach side mansion saying "hey u know about 10 mins inland from here u can get a home twice the size for half the price" . There is obviously a market for Leica . Would I want one? Yea . Would I buy one ? Prolly not . But what I do agree has been mentioned . If you are going to make it at such a price I would make sure my camera would include as many technological advantages as possible as sees fits. And truly make it feel like what I'm purchasing is not only the best built but equipped.

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T3: Good job Fujifilm. Now I can't wait to see what Kodak introduces in response. I love the back-and-forth battle between these two giants, Fuji and Kodak! Oh, wait a minute...nevermind.

@t3 lol

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jbckhoo: Can anyone verify whether this update has improved the "smarts" of the Multi-AF focusing?

When I had this camera, i found that the Multi-AF focusing would often lock on odd parts of the scene in the foreground or background (example: Giving the camera to a waitress to take a photo of the table, camera locks focus on back wall instead of faces at the table).

I know the x100 doesn't have AF face detection, but the Multi-AF seemed "dumber" than other implementations I've used.

Anyone know if this has been improved in this update? Thanks!

@jbckhoo .... i will say this i probably shot a few 100 shots just last night alone indoors low light and heavy light giving it some pretty crazy AF tests and to me at least it feels like there is a fraction of improvement. not enough for me to feel like night and day, but i do know what you are talking about with the crazy camera locks. i feel like i am throwing away less photos in my work flow due to "out of focus subjects". but this also could be attributed to us getting better with the x100 and its little quirks!

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i have literally been obsessed with my x100 as of lately. i cant believe i am now just seeing this update!! (edit) after playing with the new update for a few hours i am very impressed. iso access, ND filter access, and focus zoom have made this update everything I've complained about for the past few months! the more and more i get comfortable with my x100 it makes me just get faster and working with my camera more seamless.

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i love my x100 and just because i love it so much... its really making me consider this crazy xpro1.... price is pricey.. but user interface and the design is exactly what i want in a system camera....

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