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Terkwoiz: At 32 inches the best resolution (to me) is 2569 x 1440. Anything higher than that and text becomes too small from a normal viewing distance. If you want 4K you should go at least 40 inches. There are some very nice 40" 4K monitors on the market now for around $1k. For mobile devices it's a totally different scenario as you're viewing the screen from 15" away or less. For anyone to say that we'll all eventually be using 8k displays doesn't make any sense unless they also specific the type of device - TV, monitor, or mobile.

Pixel density is a different story. The higher the pixel density the better - as long as the resolution makes sense for the type of device being used. And yes, scaling would then need to be involved.

This 32" WQHD is a great monitor and it's now less than $400:
Samsung 32” WQHD LED Monitor (S32D850T) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L3KNOF4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_hdqkzbCQA6B2T

I'm running a 27" 5K HP monitor on a Mac Pro (via two Thunderbolt feeds) and find the text much easier to read than on a lower res screen so even Word is a more joyful task. Calibrates to 100% of Adobe RGB 1998 too. The best part is viewing images in Photoshop at 100% as you're not having to scroll around to check the entire image. The first HP failed but their support was perfect with a replacement on my porch quickly with easy return of the faulty unit. It does seem that 8K would shine at 32" or larger.

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davidashapiro: This is a really useful and helpful article. Thank you. I am strongly considering buying the E-M5 (it seems to be back-ordered everywhere I've looked though). I have a PEN EP2 - which I really like, especially the size.

Two questions: 1. Is it possible to set auto-bracketing easily? I do a lot of landscape photography and setting/unsetting bracketing on the EP-2 is a real pain. I don't see this listed as a feature on the custom dials..... (and if it isn't possible, please tell me the bracketing control is not set at the bottom level of a series of menus as for the EP-2).

2. Size. The E-M5 is clearly 'cute' and has small SLR look to it. However, for me the beauty of the PENs is their size/function ratio. I've left my Canon DSLR in the cupboard for the past 2 years. So, is Olympus planning a revised PEN - with many of the features of the E-OM5?

It's best to set up your auto bracketing parameters and then save them into one of the four MySet memories (Shooting Menu One). Though you can set up a seven shot bracketed burst, you're limited to 2/3 stop range, so it's better to set up a one-stop bracket using five exposures. Hope this helps and happy shooting.
And thanks to the dpreview team for this tremendously helpful article!

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