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I work for a small advertising company. I film and edit commercials, take product shots, create product websites, sell sheets, all of that stuff. I enjoy photography, it's more of a hobby, but I would like to learn enough to be able to do it for a living or a side job, along with videography.


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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)

I think this is one of the dumbest things I've seen as of late. There excuse for the price is building materials? Why build it out of something so expensive, when it's internals are going to be outdated in 3-5 years? With film that would have made sense, because you can use whatever film you like, even when they come out with a better process/whatever, but with digital your stuck with the sensor they gave you, and if you want better you've got to buy the whole camera again. Digital camera bodies are, in a way, disposable. It's the lenses and basic accessories that need to last. Not sure how they missed that.

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On article Lightroom Photo Import (117 comments in total)

Nice article, very helpful to those who are just starting to work with large quantities of photos.

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On article Evolution of an image (123 comments in total)

I like day 2 the best, the color and tone looks more natural. If the framing was moved up a bit (just above the bald spot in the grass) I think it would be an almost perfect shot.

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I love my 40mm f2.8, it's a great little lens. I haven't had this problem and I probably won't seeing as how I don't touch the front of any lens that extends/retracts when focusing, they aren't designed to be pressed or pulled when engaged. At least they are taking care of the issue.

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On article Canon significantly improves EOS 7D with firmware v2 (296 comments in total)

Great for people who own the camera, but c'mon release the 7d mkII and the 70d already! I'm not about to buy a 3 year old camera when a new system should be just around the corner.

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I think I'll definitely look into this lens for my XSi... nice and compact. I'm wondering what camera they've designed it for though. 40mm isn't really one of those sought after focal lengths for FF or crop bodies.

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On article Quick Guide to Video Lighting (33 comments in total)

I've done similar with a 2 light setup. I had 2 250w lights with umbrellas, one was aimed at the talents face at a 30 degree angle, and the other light was used as a hair light and the spill from it lit up the backdrop. The backdrop was just a textured one that was about 5ft away from the subject, it made for a nice vignetted look with good subject lighting.

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On article The One-Light Studio (94 comments in total)

I think this is a great way to start out, a single flash/strobe/ light and a single model against a simple background. I practiced like this when i first got my flash, just trying different positions, angles, and methods of diffusion and modification. Then I tried adding in my reflector as a fill. Then I practiced using the flash outdoors as a fill light, and now I'm looking into picking up a second flash to use in the "studio" as a hair light.

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