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Some of the pictures are just bad, bad, bad. Why they were realeased, who knows.

Some of the pictures are not bad, almost to the point of being good. But not excellent and not noteworthy in any way.

Most of the pictures this guy (I don't know the name of more than one contemporary photographer -- in 30 years from now the ones worth remembering will have filtered through) has taken, look like outtakes or behind-the-scenes shots. This is what makes them interesting, and thus good, in an unconventional way.

IMHO. If this is not your take on these pictures, say so and go on with your life. Getting all hung on up on this, shouting about dignity (if the athletes' dignity can be seriously attacked by a pictures, so help us god) and patriotism (WTF?!?) is just plain... sad. Go on with your lives, and if you want star-spangling-banner-pics of these athletes to hang above you bed, no worry, in the other photo-shoot-booths, enough will have been taken.

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Fantastic article! This is is photography 101. Perfect!

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If you, DPR, are publishing this for the sake of transparency, which is a noble reason, then I beg you, follow up on that cause. Call Canon and tell them:

1. You've designed a great little camera but are producing it with a production-flawed lens. This is what we will publish. Unless...

2. We go out and buy at least 12 of these cameras, on our own, from different stores, locations, even countries, while you reimburse us for those costs. We will then test those cameras to find out whether it was just a early batch problem or something found in regular examples people will be buying.

3. If you don't cooperate as asked, we will publish the results as we have them now: three cameras with the same fault is just not a statistical anomaly, it's reality. This is your only chance.

If they go for it, great, if not, it is your right -- no, your duty -- to believe what three cameras are showing, one good cameras cannot disprove that picture.

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@dpreview: maybe you add a statistical method to remove outlier values from the collection of votes, in the case of the "winning" picture this may not have helped, as there are soooooo many 5-star votes that they may statistically not be an outlying value, but that would probably depend on the mathematical test involved.

Congratualtions: lone tree, foggy, thouch, crossing, two mouths, eagle eye, egret balarina, early bird, cappadocian sunrise...

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