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Tommi K1: Thank you Olympus from ruining the camera for photographers and trying to please videographers by adding a off-axis slow operation and fragile sure articulating screen!

Now the screen is 95% of the time useless instead only 5% useless!

I've been scratching my head how the articulating screen is a drawback, other than maybe it will be more fragile.
I suspect in my hands it will almost always be flat against the back of the camera except once a month when I need an angle. That seems pretty secure for most users although maybe you have a special use.

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On article Bang for the Buck: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Review (719 comments in total)

Would love to buy this OMD EM-10 II, especially while Olympus is having the $150 trade-in bonus at certain retailers for old gear.

Unfortunately none of the three that offer the trade-in deal near San Francisco (Keeble, Looking Glass and Samy's) have it in stock. All three stores report a recall related to the EM-10 mark II not correctly connecting with the 14-42 kit lens.

Good for Olympus pulling it back before it's perfect, but hope they figure it out soon!

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M5 rumored to be out of production (210 comments in total)

This seems a lot like non-news and don't recall seeing it posted for any of the hundreds of other cameras that have come and gone. You're just giving the insecure owners of other systems something to pounce on.

Did you guys know that Sony stopped producing the A900? So glad that POS is done. When will these guys learn that anything other than Canikon is a waste of time!

Seriously though, I've been so pleased with the performance of my EM5. The ergonomics were tricky sometimes, but that just goes with the territory for the small size and weight.

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Cal22: If I'd go for an MFT camera I'd go for Olympus and I'd likely prefer the PL7 over the M10. Both of them are compact and capable of providing good IQ because of a comparatively big sensor. The M10 moreover has a built-in VF which is certainly welcomed by many a photographer. And yet - if you really like picture composing with a VF, you want the PL7 with the additional VF! The VF-4 is said to be great, and attached to the PL7 it's most likely a comfortable way to shoot with a compact. (Not only the left-eyers don't like pressing the face onto the rear screen of the M10 all the time)

Since the PL7 is more than a restyled PL5, it seems to be a package that's worth its price.

Totally agree. I own the OM EM5 and EM1, and while I love those viewfinders I actually prefer the attached VF-2 on my EPL5 because I can get my eye so much closer. Call me crazy, but I've even attached the VF-2 to my EM5 - it just really makes for a personal up-close experience I've never appreciated with cameras before.

If you've never had the experience of using the VF-2 or VF-4 attached to a Pen or an XZ series compact, it really is a treat. The side-mounted Nex-6 and Panny GX7 viewfinders come close to this experience but still not as nice.

A separate point, but my EPL5 gets as much use as my OMs for day-to-day because of it's size and convenience. With the same sensor as my M5 I don't think I'm missing much IQ-wise. I'm sure you'll be happy with either the EPL7 or OM10, but might prefer one or the other depending on how you'll use it and the overall gear package.

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On article Olympus PEN E-PL7 First Impressions Review (510 comments in total)

I've scoured the net for any reports that would indicate that the new shutter mechanism would allow it to be set to a silent mode. Can't find anything firm.

Would love to be able to use this discretely during live theater productions. Does anyone know if this is possible with the EPL-7?

I mean like the Panny GX-7 where there is no sound at all when taking a shot in silent mode. The GX-7 is hindered with ISO and shutter speed restrictions in silent mode, but at least it offers it. Wondering if the EPL-7 provides a better alternative.

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ChrisKramer1: A good overview but we all have our favourites. I really want to replace my G9 because it is so old but every time I use it I don't see the reason why. It really is a terrific camera and proves to me that 1,7 inch is more than big enough to make great photos.

I have the same problem with my Panasonic LX3. I can't bring myself to replace it because the images are great and it feels nice in my hands to use. I rented a Sony RX100 II last week for a job, hoping that the hype would be fulfilled. I probably had too high of expectations because after taking test shots I just left it in my bag and stuck with my MFT equipment for the job. The images were far from acceptable for paying work, and I totally understood the reviewers comments about using it being unengaging.

But unless I drop my LX3 again or an RX100 falls from the sky into my lap, I think I'll stick to my LX3 a bit longer.

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ironcam: Here's the website of the artist.

She has some pretty cool stuff. I like her canvas portraits.

This will do wonders for her reputation. Thousands of people who don't happen to go to Harrods have now read about her work on engadget, dpreview and probably elsewhere. She doesn't need all or even most to like it, she just needs a handful to love her work so much that they'll buy it. It's clear that you would not and you've made your opinion clear. She may or may not ever get deemed a "great" by the art snobs, but I love seeing another artist succeed.

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snovs: A little help?

Nex 5N, Nex f3, A37-- what to do??

Been taking pics on my iphone for years. Love the image quality of DSLRs and recognize when pics are shot with them. In the market for a new camera particularly to take on my honeymoon (leaving June 26th, very important) and also for future use with children etc..

Seems like I should eliminate the 5N no? What features would I miss with the f3? Any help would be much appreciated. Will probably post in multiple spots.

All depends on what size you're looking for. If a tidy package is what you want, these compact interchangeable lens cameras are pretty amazing. The f3 will probably give you great results. I personally use an Olympus PM1 (like the f3) and love it so much that my two relatively new SLRs stay in the closet at home.

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bdcolen: The sad reality is Olympus is DOA - and I say that with a bag full of Olympus equipment, including some of the best glass anyone other than Leica has produced in the past couple of decades. The slide began when the company bet on the 4/3 format, rather than APC or full-frame. Though its sensors produce terrific color fidelity, when it comes to resolving power and high iso performance they are no longer in the same league with Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, or Fuji. The "consumer products" division - photo equipment - has long been the tail that has incorrectly been perceived as wagging the Olympus dog, but now if Olympus survives at all as a camera company it will be as a producer of point and shoots.

Yes, DOA! Please everyone, dump your lenses on craigslist, ebay, wherever. There are some fools still out there that would love to get our hands on some more SHG glass.

Ok on a more serious note, my E5 with 12-60 and 50-200 kit takes some awesome shots and to get equivalent glass and results with a Canikon I would have to spend an extra $2-3k for the same kit and it weigh twice as much. Perhaps the reason I'll keep buying Olympus is because the others just don't keep up with the quality for price or quality for weight.

Not to mention, my PM1 + 20mm Panny goes everywhere with me. I'll be buying Pen upgrades from a long time.

BTW: anyone know the latest market share numbers for ILCs? From what I see on the street I expect Oly is top 1 or 2.

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jameshamm: "..fall in its shares which have now lost almost two-thirds of their value over the past month.."

Not 4/3rd I'm afraid.

This is silly. The stock price doesn't relate to solvency directly. If I'm making a billion dollars a year and my stock price drops from $5 to $1, you bet I'm still solvent. There is also no implication that bankruptcy is imminent.
So far there are just reporting issues made public as it appears that losses should have been claimed in 2000, but were stretched out over years and hidden in M&A transactions. There is a loss of confidence in their being honest with the markets. There is not yet a sign that the business is actually operating at a loss. It will be a shame if this mess drives away their top talent. The cameras and innovation driven by this little company has made the entire industry stronger.

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tkbslc: Well done Olympus!

Now check out the sweet prime kit you can get for m4/3:

12mm f2.0
25mm f1.4
45mm f1.8

Agreed that the 25mm f1.4 looks great but just a plug for the 20mm f1.7.
It has been glued to my PEN for months now taking fantastic shots!

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