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GXR. M-Mount. The final way with manual lenses? Should I stay or should I go... Ricoh Talk Oct 13, 2012
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Thank you Ricoh Talk Oct 9, 2012
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50mm lensor or M + prime Ricoh Talk Oct 5, 2012
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At the other extreme Ricoh Talk Sep 30, 2012
Pentax gets it, Why doesnt Ricoh? Ricoh Talk Sep 28, 2012
Medium format GXR module with 645D sensor (pentax) Ricoh Talk Sep 28, 2012
Gxr; Next Lensor; List Ricoh Talk Sep 27, 2012
GXR still goes on. Photokina news. Ricoh Talk Sep 25, 2012
Zeiss Planar 50mm Leica Talk Sep 24, 2012
MY settings again Ricoh Talk Sep 24, 2012
GXR bodies way down in Japan Ricoh Talk Sep 23, 2012
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M8.2 with Leica M Elmarit 24mm taken picture with a Lee gray filter 0.9 Pro Glass Leica Talk Sep 21, 2012
Thoughts After M Hands On - Photokina Leica Talk Sep 21, 2012
Some pictures, as requested by Pieter Leica Talk Sep 21, 2012
Click if You Can Afford It Leica Talk Sep 21, 2012
So, it's probably going to be another GXR-M for me Ricoh Talk Sep 19, 2012
New from Ricoh : M-mount macro patent Ricoh Talk Sep 17, 2012
The 'bodsor-concept' Ricoh Talk Sep 16, 2012
Nothing from Ricoh Ricoh Talk Sep 14, 2012
Sony RX1 full frame 35mm f2 Ricoh Talk Sep 13, 2012
" little story "...M9+50 Cron... Leica Talk Sep 11, 2012
Rolduc Bell Tower, or: A Biogon 21mm/2.8 in dire straits Ricoh Talk Sep 10, 2012
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Carl Zeiss ZM lens introduction at Photokina Ricoh Talk Sep 9, 2012
Fuji brand M mount adapter worth it? Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Sep 9, 2012
Old March rumour Ricoh Talk Sep 8, 2012
Fuji X-E1 Ricoh Talk Sep 7, 2012
What is all of this talk about Android systems? Ricoh Talk Sep 7, 2012
What will you do when the un-thinkable happens and GXR system goes to book of history Ricoh Talk Sep 5, 2012
Rangefinder vs. EVF: your choice? Ricoh Talk Sep 4, 2012
Back to basics...I like the 50mm A12 f/2.5 macro Ricoh Talk Sep 3, 2012
Sensor-Lens modules: the "smart" solution? Ricoh Talk Aug 31, 2012