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TheRealNoelMorgan: I've been using a G7X for the last year and it's been a great all rounder, perfect for what I've needed. So will I upgrade to the mark II? Well probably yes and the main reason is the Digic 7 processor with its improved low light noise control and improved image quality.
I'm not a video buff so 4K doesn't interest me. No EVF and hot-shoe; again thankfully not an issue for me. I do wish the lens had been upgraded to at least 5X though.
I mainly use the G7X for concert photography, so low and very changeable light, shooting sometimes at up to 2000 ISO. My results are on Instagram if anyone's interested my id is: therealnoelmorgan

Great quality of pictures on your Instagram page. I would say that have such a low f stop at 100mm is a huge advantage for you. Funny though, with sony offering a 30mm shorter zoom on it's rx100 I thought that all manufacturers would stop making longer focal length lens. Guess there are people out there who still need tele's. lol

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I have not tested all the power shot cameras, but the ones I have owned S80, s90, s110 and for a week an s120 had no laggy menus. That is actually one of the pleasures of these camera's is that they are pretty snappy to use. The downside of these s series though was definitely carrying around those 25g extra batteries. Often wished I had a Sherpa tagging along just to relieve me of the burden.

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Awesome! Looks like you had a ball taking these.

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ThatCamFan: Late again canon, Sony just slapped you in the face with new models.

I am not sure, but carrying a 25g second battery around isn't really that big a deal. One plus side is you can use the camera as you charge the battery. The sony doesn't come with a charger so your camera is unusable when it's used as a charger. If the sony had a longer lens I would definitely have a hard time buying it over the G7 X. But that reach is important. Canon and Nikon must have been oversubcribed some sleepy drug as Sony is sure making some great inovations and products lately.

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ZAnton: They would better do an on-chip PDAF, instead of those stupid FPSes.
RX 100 needs a longer lens. 70mm is way too short.

Well I do thilnk a lot people don't feel that 70mm is ideal. Those would be the people that bought a zoom longer 70mm. Breaking News!!!! "Canon and Nikon have come forward to say that they have stopped making any camera or lens longer than 70mm." Sorry I couldn't resist. No camera is perfect but I am glad that sony is shaking up the market. We all benefit from competition. These 1" compacts have a huge advantage over any slr. mirrorless or cellphone camera. They can be carried on your person every day and have the ability to be used in seconds with just one hand after they a turned on. Opportunity for great shots can last seconds with these cameras I feel I have the advantage.

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Jogger: This would have been competitive 2 years ago.

Initially the battery thing might be a con as aftermarket batteries would not be available and orig. would be expensive but wait awhile and they are pretty cheap. Most experienced photogs would never go out without a second battery no matter how long it lasts, it just not prudent. I have an S90 and an S110. The batteries both weight around 20g each. So I am guessing that the batteries for the G7 are slightly larger lets be on the safe side and say 40g or an oz and half-ish. Definitely need to hire a Sherpa to carry those buggars.I think that I would probably have to rent a backpack with a wheel on it just to get through the weigh scales. Obviously I am exaggerating but it just goes to show that it less of a con than it really is. I must admit that it’s really nice to have Sony shaking up the market place, sleeping giants need awakening.

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Strange that an model that starts with the a does not take a mount lens. Just sayin.......

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Amazingly enough. V 2 still works with win7. Not perfectly but still a great viewer.

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J D Tranquil: I would love to see a change in IQ rather than the added wi-fi capability. I just want the RX100 so badly.

Ditto. Although I love the Canon menu system, I kinda think they missed the boat on this one.

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Sorry but If I want a camera that has interchangeable lens, I want a better selection of more than 2,3,4 lenses and a real viewfinder. Or if it's small then something with a 1" sensor I can put in my pants pocket and forget about it. But I guess they really are not targeting me as a customer.

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PC and macs definitely an article for religious times weekly. I have seen the ipad 3 and the retina display is to die for. I think this innovation is great. I can hardly wait til it comes to the pc, which it will and cost half as much. I had last weeks generation of mac air and sold it. I have a couple of programs that the mac version basically gutted. And I found the O/S to be to frustrating and most mac users could not help me as what I was doing was too complicated. I would not like to see the world without macs. And definitely glad they are not the only choice. Displays aren't relevant in photography magazines???

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