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PHOTOJOE55: They've come a long way from my first Hasselblad that had directions in the manual that read "if the camera is accidently dropped into salt water, rinse it a few times in a bucket of fresh water, then place in an oven on low heat temperature for several hours until completely dry before returning the camera to regular use" It never mentioned what to do with the lens, but my first thought was "wow rugged camera" I wonder what Victor would say about this one!

Had a photographer drop his 80mm while rushing around. He picked it up and threw it 30m in to a nearby field.

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garyknrd: Just out of curiosity, what does this cost? I cannot afford one but would like to know.

You don't buy a medium format camera like you would buy a dSLR. The price advertised is not the price you buy the cameras for. Speak with reps directly is the best place to start, either with Hasselblad or larger retail companies will have their own rep that deals with medium format cameras. First you'll find they will offer them at a massive reduced price to that advertised, prices change almost weekly, they also usually have some trade in programme too. Example, recently offered that if I was to trade in a Leaf Valeo 11 back (lucky if you get £200 for that old back) for H4D-40 with 80mm for £9k down from £14k. This practice is the same with high-end hi-fi/AV products and sports cars.

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CamasJC: I hear supercomputers (for processing those... 200MB(?) RAW files are finally getting down below the 6 figure mark. Maybe I'll find a used one on eBay... :)

"Photo$hop", please stop trolling like a 12 year old.

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marike6: DPR should always use the model in P6210004. This image is pleasing for obvious reasons, but it is also excellent, well taken photograph. Good job.

Side note, the E-M5 like many digital cameras seems to have trouble with the red channel, i.e. blown out red channel in her dress.

Do reds still blow out if you use a hot mirror?

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wlachan: 4/3 was supposed to be smaller, lighter & less expensive, but looks like Olympus has been sidetracked by their greed again, just what happened to the E system. History is repeating itself again.

It's an ideal portrait lens for the m4/3rd system. If you were shooting with a 135 sized DSLR, you'd either be wanting the use a 85mm f1.4, 135mm or 70-200mm. This is "smaller, lighter & less expensive" compared to those lenses.

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Alexander Vienna: I must say, I am very disappointed of the quality...... I stay with my 75mm 2.0 Summicron Leica lens on the OM-D.......... with is fantastic!!!

Or try a Contax G series 90mm f2.8 . Slightly slower, larger focal length but is a lot cheaper.

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