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rgs_45: This just shows that Apple is a company that knows how to make money.

If Apple can make $$$ mount of profit from a single iPhone while other phone makers have to sell 3 or 4 or 5 phone to make the same profit, who is a better company?

Flooding the market with multiple product is not good business just to gain volume market share is not a good business.

The way I look at this after reading the numerous posts is:

1) I will not buy that A product 'coz it's way overpriced.
2) I will spend my money on S product 'coz they're garbage.

Also, Android phones are not competing against Apple, they are competing against other Android phones. Used to be Apple vs Samsung. Now, Samsung vs Apple, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc.

@sushieater: let's put it into the car business, Ferrari and Lamborghini probably own less than 1% combined of the total car business, they sell their cars at an outrageous prices and they smake money.

Since we're here at DPR, look at the Leica. No Leica owner complains about their prices. They buy it anyway. They can't wait to get the latest camera or lenses. Leica makes money. Nikon is a similar to Samsung. They make good products and yet they're losing money. It's not how expensive the product is, it's how the people that will buy it percieves it.

If you're in a business to make money, try your best to get as much as you can through the products and services you sell.

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Glen Barrington: Am I the only one who noticed those photos are out of focus? That last one might not be OOF, but the others are for sure.

@ historianx. I agree with you. Most people nowadays are too engrossed with sharpness that they forget about the subject, specially photojournalism.

Photojournalism isn't about sharp photos. It would be nice to get sharp photos all the time but recording the event is more important. 99.9% of the Pulitzer award winning photographs in journalism will not meet the sharpness category by any means but the tone of the subject, what it conveys to the public is the most important thing.

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On article These are the four cameras that won Oscars in 2017 (112 comments in total)
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straylightrun: Is this supposed to be funny..?

@petrogel That's a good one!!

And the "Best" camera is?..drum roll please...Arri!! NO. It's Red! Oops's Panasonic

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I have never ever seen a bunch of "smart people" make stupid and dumb comments every time a new product comes out. The sensor is too small, my smartphone can take better photos, it's too expensive, etc, etc, etc,. The one that irks me is trying to compare a tiny sensor to the likes of the APS-C, FF and others.

This, for instance, is an action camera to me so I will at least compare it to the go-pro, nikon mission and the likes. With its low light capability, i think it's better than the rest in its class.

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Superka: I need video, not photos. Give me video, now!

@fatdeeman. the a6500 is a stills mirrorless ILC camera with a video function, on the other hand, there dedicated video camera with stills function. 2 different systems. I think the Panasonic GH4 and soon to be release GH5 has the best balance from an ILC camera that provides great stills and video.
I understand that some individuals wants the best of both worlds which is totally understandable.

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On article Woof! Sony a6500 sample images are here (365 comments in total)
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Superka: I need video, not photos. Give me video, now!

Buy a video camera if you want video.

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If I have that much money to spend on a drone, I will buy a "stealth" one so no one will know when I'm "peeping" on them. hahaha!

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On article Nikon KeyMission action cameras now shipping in US (81 comments in total)

What a waste! Nikon should have just put the money they spent on R&D to expand the N1 and AW-1 Series. I think there are more people interested on the 1 Series than this, specially the V and AW series. There are enough followers that are looking for a better V model, myself included. I was tired of waiting for a new V(4) that I will be interested in but the wait is over. I still have my V1 and will use it until it croaks. I will be waiting for the release of the Olympus EM-1 II + 12-100/4.0 Pro lens to replace my Nikon 1 system. If Nikon will have an announcement for a new V series before the the EM-1 II comes out, I might be willing to wait. If not, M4/3 here I come and you can take my money.

I'm sure I will NOT buy any of these and even if someone give me one, I will sell it or trade it for a Go-Pro. Love my Go-Pro

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DWinter: People complain so much and so often about so little nowadays, despite having so much to choose from, that it's hard to even keep track sometimes. Some people will just never be happy, no matter what. I'd say there are quite a few folks out there that are either spoiled or enjoy complaining just for the sake of it. I prefer to ignore both kinds, and I assume companies do it as well.

@jim11. who said that you will have to flip the screen to shoot? You can just leave it as fix screen. Some people that want the flip out screen is there for them. I hardly use the flip out screen when I had the FZ 200 but when I need it, it's there. Another good thing about a flip out screen is that you can flip the LCD screen in for extra protection when storing the camera.

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1179 comments in total)

Great camera. There will be several people out there will be considering this for portrait/landscape, etc.

Even though I will not be purchasing one of this (well, who knows), I love the bigger format as I used to shoot the 500CM back in the 80's. Nothing better. Now that this format is becoming more affordable, hopefully the "FF equivalency" crap that seems to keep popping up like mushrooms every time a new body or lens will eventually dissipates (doubt it).

Maybe Mamiya, Bronica and the rest of the MF players can come out with their version at an affordable price will be great. More choices, better prices. A lot FF users might be interested. Of course some good lenses too.

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We ALL live in a matrix. What we see is not actually what we saw. It never really happened. It's just our imagination. If you see someone taking a photo of their food, kids, pets, etc, it's just our mind playing tricks on you. IT IS NOT REAL! IT IS NOT REAL! IT IS NOT REAL! Just let those "poor" folks enjoy their their moment because in the matrix, there's nothing real.

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On article Huawei clarifies Leica-involvement in P9 camera design (53 comments in total)
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deep7: That augers well for image quality. The reviews will be interesting. (Not that I would personally get an Android phone but many people get on with Android just fine.)

The Huawie is an Android device, just like LG, HTC, Motorola and others. I am curious about this new Leica branded camera phone from Huawei and see how good they really are.

The thing is Huawei's prices are getting more expensive, I bought the Ascend Mate 2 after two Note 3 crap out on me in 1 yr. Got the Mate 2 for $250 over a year ago (cheaper now) compared to Samsung Note 3 for $600+ when first came out. First Note 3 died after after 6 months and replacement died in about 6 months.

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I would like to do an "equivalency" of this to FF as a lot of FF users uses equivalency to other smaller format.

What would be the medium format equivalent of a F1.4 f-stop on a FF? F5.6? or maybe F8.0?

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On article Ona launches Clifton leather backpack (120 comments in total)
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alcaher: I wish this company the worst with this new product and their other leather products... After all it seems they dont wish the best to all the innocent Cows and animals.

Comments like this is uncalled for. I guess the OP does not realize that the hide from the cows or any other animals are sold/donated to others that can make some useful things instead of throwing away and get wasted. I just wish farmers raise more animals for food consumption and have their unused parts be made to other items. Too bad that the bag in this article is a bit too pricey.

BTW, I love good steak and good leather jacket.

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On article Ona launches Clifton leather backpack (120 comments in total)

$499.00? I might sell some equipment to be able to afford this :) but then, I will not have anything to put inside.

Nice looking bag though

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL compacts (310 comments in total)
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One_Oldman_4U: You can get the 1 Series.

The thing is, making these fast lenses for the 1 Series ILC, they will be a lot bigger than what's on a fix lens irregardless if they have the same sensor size. If they do, a lot of people will be whining about the size. The physics involve for designing fix lens and interchangeable lens is totally different.

But the way I look at it, this is just my opinion, the 1 Series will fade away sooner that expected. If they ever will come out with a V4, it better have a built in EVF, better sensor/IQ go back to SD card, higher capacity battery, better grip, etc, etc, etc priced less than $700.00. If not I will jump ship to M4/3. I like these new DL series but I still love the flexibility of ILC's.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL compacts (310 comments in total)

You can get the 1 Series.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL compacts (310 comments in total)
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Mark9473: For a long time, many people have complained that Nikon had missed the boat on large-sensor fixed-lens zoom compacts.

Now Nikon have rectified this - in a big way, so it seems.

Summary of comments here below and on the forums:
"What on Earth were Nikon thinking when they decided to make large-sensor fixed-lens compacts? Do they think we are stupid? The lenses on these are permanently attached, for crying out loud! We want interchangeable lens cameras!"


You can get the 1 Series.

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2016 at 19:34 UTC

They all look good on paper so far. I like the 18-50. My question is, will they have the quick and accurate focus of the 1 Series? If the have same IQ as the J5, even better. If they do, the 18-50 will be on my hand sooner that expected. I have M4/3 for the rest of my shooting.

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