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Meanwhile, I await the zuiko 150-400 telephoto. That will be sweet.

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Most significant? Mirrorless. I may be mistaken, but was not the first DPReview Gold rated mirrorless of the 2010’s the Olympus Omd Em1? Look it up. I would have voted it #1, had the editors thought to have included it in the list. The bias is, well...sanctimonious.

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Size matters: How many stupid comments have I read on so many forums including the one below stating "At this size, weight and price"... When will people differentiate between Mirrorless and Compact System Camera. At this size, weight and cost (for example with the 300mm on the front) it is a third of the size, a third of the weight and a third of the cost of a 1DX 600mm, D5 600mm or A9 500mm combo. For wildlife and sports photographers having to carry this level of gear round and pay for it it is just what we want! Image quality for publication is fabulous. Now if you want to get a FF camera and 600mm F4, pay $12,000 extra over the Olympus equivalent and carry it round for 8-10 hours a day feel free. You will make me laugh and I know there will be lots of places I can carry my gear to and lots of shots I can get that you can't.

Size. So much blather about sensor size. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the near total domination of "my sensor is bigger and better than your sensor" comments are submitted by boys and men?

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Aleks7: sure it's not, it's about marketing labeling 300mm lens as 600mm and claiming it's the same, right?


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An Oly E-3 owner here who has waited ... patiently ...for this, the EM-1. A load of wonderful glass in my bag, and finally, truly innovative hardware to make better use of. So much nonsensical prattling over what is professional equipment, what is not. In the end, it is the creative mind behind the viewfinder. Photography is not my full time profession, but I do make a good income from prints and photo shoots. New, unique, and leading edge. I love what I see.
My order went in today!

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I'd like to know who will replace their E-3 with the new OM-D, and why...thanks!

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