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On article Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 Review (2123 comments in total)
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princecody: Why no touchscreen Fuji?

This was the deal breaker for me as well. I think given Fuji's prior poor performance in video, most of those who were given a pre-prod X-T2 were purely still shooters who found no use for the touchscreen and therefore, there wasn't much clamor for a touchscreen. I read all the "reviews" from Fuji-sponsored shooters on launch day and most of them barely even mention video...

Which is too bad, IMO. Given how good Fuji's JPEG engine is, I really wanted this as the ultimate stills/video vacation camera where I can just leave everything as SOOC - both stills and video. Was planning on mounting it on a gimbal (Zhiyun Crane), but the lack of touch to focus is just a bit of a bummer. Hoping it gets added on the X-T20, but then I'm hoping they don't drop the mic jack on the X-T20 either.

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On article ESPN publishes iPhone 7 Plus photos from US Open (359 comments in total)
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moranjr: What is the point of this exercise? These photos are not impressive in the least.

Let me guess, you are either a landscape shooter or a studio shooter.

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On article ESPN publishes iPhone 7 Plus photos from US Open (359 comments in total)

I guess DPR is full of studio and landscape shooters who have never tried any street shooting. Some of these images are actually pretty good.

Lots of ridiculous comments on here. Complaining about tilted horizons, LOL. Poor framing, really?!? Look, I know not everyone will go look at the HSCP group on Flickr and 'get it', but the ignorance in a lot of these comments is staggering.

If given the same opportunity to shoot this event, most people here would probably show up with their long lenses and shoot the same images of the players with thin DOF. Yawn.

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On article Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? (207 comments in total)

Well, for current owners who are also gearheads (like me!) that can mean only two things = no buying new cameras until the next one, or Leica Q. :D

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1141 comments in total)

I wonder how much smaller they could have made the lens if they dropped the IS. I think most potential buyers here would value size vs IS? Or just me?

The RX2 will come in at a lower price point, for sure. There's a chance it might even have a built in EVF, but it is unlikely it will have an on-lens distance scale like the Q. I know I will be in a tiny, tiny minority here, but for the way I shoot, AF + on-lens distance scale makes the price difference worth it for me. Of course, I largely prefer 28mm vs 35mm too, LOL.

Might be time to say sorry to the wallet. Unless of course the GR II turns out to be full frame as well, haha.

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On article Das ist Gut: Hands-on with the Leica Q (51 comments in total)

Wow! Finally! AF + useable on-lens distance scale + built-in EVF at this size at $4250 USD. No need to wait for an RX2. :DD

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rallyfan: Why harass the three elderly women in Spain?

Gotta love some of the comments here. "If the photo is staged, that's another story." Hasn't it occurred to some people that perhaps a staged photo would be a greater crime than some imagined slight?

Personally, I have taken dozens and dozens of photos of people who raised their hand to cover their face when I took their picture, out of reflex, or just out of surprise, and we all ended up having a laugh afterwards.

The issue here is that some people seem to honestly believe that 'what other people think' is based on what seems reasonable to them if they had been the one taking the photograph.

If you don't feel a photo is appropriate, then all it means is that you wouldn't take it if it were you. But that simply does not mean that others are unethical or rude when they do otherwise. Your own personal feelings do not get to dictate whether harassment occurred or not.

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Good stuff.

PS - DPReview really needs an upvote/downvote comment system similar to Reddit.

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pseudobreccia: Why would anyone want the Leica X when the Fuji X100S is on the market?

If not for the price premium, I would, because of the on-lens scale.

I would have been willing to pay the premium too, if they included the external EVF at that price. :)

But as it is - Leica price premium + extra cost of VF = not enough to offset the benefits of the distance scale for me.

But cost aside, I think this is a much (far) better thought out camera than the X100T.

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On article Ricoh expands Q series with Pentax Q-S1 (359 comments in total)
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JanMatthys: $499.... at least they're realistic about their pricing, it has a real hot shoe, F/2.8-4.5 lens and takes real SD cards, this is much more logical than the Nikon V3 which has no real hot shoe, a slow zoom F/3.5-5.6 lens and a micro SD card and sells for $1,300!

The V3 doesn't have lens similar to the 06 lens in size/speed/reach though.

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On article Ricoh to offer limited edition Pentax Q7 Premium Kit (88 comments in total)

This is actually tempting for me. Although the only lens I'm really interested in in the current Q line-up is the '06' f/2.8 tele-zoom. A Q7 + the 06 would pair nicely with my GR & RX1. The 08 lens would be a nice bonus though.

If Pentax could come out with an f/1.0 wide-ish walk around lens, maybe 28/35/40mm EFOV, it would round out the system pretty well. I think given the small sensor, an f/1.0 lens wouldn't be obscenely large. It would probably be only slightly larger than the largest zoom for the Q.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Review (354 comments in total)

Price keeps dropping on this one, so I'll most likely spring for one. GX7 sensor in a small package is a biggie for me.

The only possible deal breaker is the Powershot-like back dial, like on the Oly E-PL series. If the Pentax Q can incorporate a proper back dial, I don't see why they couldn't do one here.

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This is listed as about 2.7in long, so it's about the same length as the FA31 or the 18-55 WR. It also means it's significantly smaller than the DA* 16-50.

This is pretty much the largest lens I'm willing to consider in any system. I actually wish they only did a 20-30mm lens, and kept it smaller, but I think I will be in the minority in wanting that, LOL.

I no longer shoot Pentax or DSLRs, but I just might pick up an old K5 just for this, so I can have a good compact weather sealed kit. I used to shoot with the DA15/FA31/FA77 plus the 18-55WR as my weather sealed lens.

Though I kind of wish Pentax would just re-issue the DA15 ir DA21 as a WR lens, LOL. That would be even better for me.

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On article Just Posted: Ricoh GR preview (158 comments in total)
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3systermuser: Seriously, I just cannot get why it is so special , it seems to me is another boring 28mm fixed lens camera from last decade or even last century.

Nikon A was also very boring but this one seems even worse , it has no EVF , it has no 4k video or any serious video mode , and I think it does not even have any kind of IS/VR/VC,etc.
So why do so many people get excited about this GR thing?

It's basically a GRD with a larger sensor.

Which means that it's a very customizable camera with a great lens, and is a very appealing camera to those of us who like cameras that get out of the way when shooting, especially in the streets. I cannot emphasize this enough, because you don't see this just by glancing at some spec sheet.

Also, part of the appeal is that with the GW-3 adapter, it is also one of the most compact ways to get a 21mm EFOV f/2.8, at any sensor size. (As the GW-2 did with the GRD IV, at f/1.9)

To me, the lack of an EVF option is the biggest negative. But for me, isn't too much of a deal-breaker, considering the competition. With snap focus, I can get away with using an OVF most of the time. Not ideal, but compared to my experience with an XE1 - you get an EVF in a compact body and an on-screen distance/DOF scale, sure - but the focus-by-wire implementation was just dismal. I'd rather have Ricoh's snap focus.

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Looks good to me.

f/2.8 at that size is pretty good, IMO. If you want faster, then get the CZ 24mm.

$350 may be pricier than the Canon 22mm, but one still has to bear in mind that despite the glacial pace Sony has released lenses for the NEX system, it's still significantly more mature than Canon's mirrorless system - and $350 is still much cheaper than other relatively compact APS-C lenses in roughly the same FL:

Fuji XF 18mm f/2 R - ~$600 USD. Faster, but much larger, and with a non-reversible hood.

Pentax 21mm f/3.2 Limited pancake - ~$600 USD. Superb build quality, has a DOF scale, and a great hood, a pain to use with filters though.

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