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On article Fujifilm X-Pro2 versus X-T2: Seven key differences (318 comments in total)
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zakaria: Fuji AF first gen is not so good i hope the new AF system is better because i like fuji colores and have a decent xf lenses intend to buy the xt2 if the the af is like the competitors!

Agreed that it was painful, but first gen is a long time ago for the X series. This is the 3rd generation, 4th if you count the X100. Fuji has also improved older models through updates.

Link | Posted on Jul 17, 2016 at 17:18 UTC

I read a lot of the negative posts here and think:

a) Taking out of context just to be negative (ie: "satisfy everyone") - who wouldn't say that? Clearly Fuji has made very quirky niche cameras, so they don't take that in the literal sense.
b) I get that you wish Fuji had say touch screen and other features you find on your cameras. A lot of us are perfectly happy with the way Fujis are today. So, if "satisfy everyone" is bad, then conversely some people are going to wish things are different. It doesn't mean the Fuji cameras are bad anymore than yours lacking the Fuji features are bad. Not having "X" (whatever "X" is) doesn't mean a camera is bad. To each their own. What's important to you may not be important to me. Buy the camera that has "X" then, don't diss Fuji.

Link | Posted on Jul 16, 2016 at 20:14 UTC as 10th comment | 2 replies
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sunnycal: How about satisfying people who prefer Bayer filter?

Some of us like the X-Trans just fine as it is...

Link | Posted on Jul 16, 2016 at 20:09 UTC

It is remarkably refreshing how direct the Fuji responses are. Thanks for conducting and posting this interview!

Link | Posted on Jul 16, 2016 at 20:08 UTC as 11th comment
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boinkphoto: So here's what I've always wondered - you the photographer are never truly still. They the subject are never truly still. Given that, is it really more than luck in many cases?

Yes, I've had cameras/lenses with horrible back focus so the extremes certainly matter, but once you are within a tolerance?

Obviously still lives and tripods are another thing but...

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, with S-AF that was my potential hypothesis. As soon as it locks subject and photographer (can) start to shift. I wonder what percentage of shots that impacts. Certainly as I get older I get less steady.


Link | Posted on May 20, 2016 at 17:36 UTC
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Clint Dunn: This is one of the reasons I gave up on my Canon DSLR's...inconsistent AF. Mirrorless is the true solution here, everything else in DSLR land is a band-aid.

Well, that is if you can focus in time. I love my mirrorless, but I would take DSLR AF any day over them. Granted they are getting better.

Link | Posted on Apr 27, 2016 at 21:45 UTC
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Edgar_in_Indy: Judging from the comments on here, it sounds like it's finally okay for DSLR users who suffer from AF adjustment issues to come out of the closet.

I've been praising Sigma for years for offering free lens-to-body calibration service, but many of my fellow DSLR shooters seem to believe that just proves that Sigma doesn't know how to build a properly calibrated lens in the first place. But since I've seen calibration vary from body to body I've owned, I know that at least half the problem is with the DSLR itself.

It's just the nature of the beast, so it's nice to finally see it being discussed in the open by DSLR makers. Although they probably didn't have much choice since AF accuracy is one of the major advantages of mirrorless, and is part of the reason I've been transitioning. Someday we'll find our dusty old lens calibration charts in the back of closet and laugh.

In the old D200 days there were tons of threads about focus accuracy. I don't think it was a taboo subject at all.

Link | Posted on Apr 27, 2016 at 21:41 UTC

So here's what I've always wondered - you the photographer are never truly still. They the subject are never truly still. Given that, is it really more than luck in many cases?

Yes, I've had cameras/lenses with horrible back focus so the extremes certainly matter, but once you are within a tolerance?

Obviously still lives and tripods are another thing but...

Link | Posted on Apr 27, 2016 at 21:38 UTC as 9th comment | 2 replies
On article Small but mighty: hands on with the Panasonic GX85/GX80 (315 comments in total)

Looks remarkably like the Fuji X-E2...

Link | Posted on Apr 5, 2016 at 10:43 UTC as 63rd comment | 6 replies
On article Nikon D810 firmware C 1.10 now available (62 comments in total)
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codeNsnap: Amazing how people whine when Nikon like any honest software provider provides a fix to address bugs. If only these people were made to write code they would realize that software bugs are a natural part of software development cycle. Even companies with best programming talent like Google, Apple and Microsoft update their products with bug fixes regularly. As long as the product does not have design flaws that cannot be addressed in software, I don't see what the fuss is about when a bug fix is released.

I can't speak for how intrusive the bugs are, however you expect what is essentially a hardware device to work without "bugs". While as a coder myself I get your point, I think people rightfully look at these sorts of devices differently than say PC software.

Link | Posted on Nov 5, 2015 at 14:59 UTC
On article Studio tests and samples: Leica SL (beta) (754 comments in total)

Comes with tow-hitch and U-Haul to carry to all your photographic occasions.

(sorry I couldn't resist. That and I think I saw that same camera on a Kraftwerk album growing up in the 80's. Er, that said, mind you I wouldn't complain if someone gave me one. It would certainly lessen my need for exercise equipment).

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1513 comments in total)

What did some Leica exec say, "Fuji is eating our lunch with small, light cameras. I know what we do, go big!"?

Link | Posted on Oct 20, 2015 at 20:49 UTC as 411th comment

T-38, beautiful but ancient plane. Amazed they're still flying the things...

Link | Posted on Sep 1, 2015 at 01:30 UTC as 3rd comment | 1 reply
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Michael Houghton: I've followed this through the beta process.

I'm no photoshop god but I think this package has more than enough for a *huge* number of photographers. Not being a Lightroom user (and doing my raw development in OpticsPro), I cancelled my Creative Cloud subscription as soon as I was clear the betas were stable enough to use.

There will now be a litany of comments saying that if Serif were "serious", they'd have launched on Windows first.

All I can say is: they are going to make a lot of money. It's an excellent product which pairs well with Affinity Designer, and they've demonstrated a remarkable level of commitment to quality.

I worry about the Apple model with this. The design is "pay once, never pay again". That doesn't lead to an ongoing income stream except for completely new users.

Yes, you can rename the product so that it has to be bought again, but users are so used to the "buy and forget" that there is often a major backlash when a company dares to force a payment for upgrade. Moreover there is no paradigm for an upgrade price - if you charge $39 for V1 and then want to make a renamed V2, you are going to have to charge the full $39 again for current users instead of say a $20 upgrade price for prior owners.

Yes, you can take it outside the Apple Store, but if that's your exclusive retail point, you're going to miss a lot off possible sales.

Apple really needs to make some updates to the way the store works.

Link | Posted on Jul 16, 2015 at 21:19 UTC
On photo My reliable old friend in the Old Table Clocks. challenge (2 comments in total)
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bondiblue: Probably not as old as you think - post Art Deco, maybe 1930's.

Agreed, this is definitely Art Deco which puts it 1930's.

I like the picture though an I wish I owned the clock myself!

Link | Posted on Nov 28, 2014 at 17:35 UTC
On article Canon introduces new $78K 50-1000mm cine lens (175 comments in total)

My immediate thought was, "And the first time you drop it?"

Link | Posted on Oct 17, 2014 at 17:47 UTC as 26th comment | 1 reply
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Smeggypants: I found Jesse Chen's tutorial in 20 seconds on a web archive and really what he isn't teaching isn't rocket science. It's pretty simple.

If you don't want to people to steal your images then don't publish them.

It isn't rocket science to stab someone either, but that doesn't mean just `cause it isn't, you shouldn't go outside if you don't want to be stabbed.

Don't get me wrong, entirely different moral universe, however sometimes exaggeration gets the point across. At some point we have to expect people to do the right thing even if it isn't illegal or, well, difficult.

Link | Posted on May 29, 2014 at 00:24 UTC
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Richard Murdey: I don't believe it should be illegal to learn how to pick a lock, or to teach people how to pick a lock. It is sufficient that its illegal to steal a car or break into someone's house.

So ... he did nothing wrong as far as I am concerned.

I think you may be conflating "wrong" with "legal". It's not illegal to teach a child how to steal, but it is immoral.

Does he deserve everlasting damnation (or even to be the victim of a viral hate-a-thon), hardly. It's certainly a "let he who has not sinned" situation...

Link | Posted on May 29, 2014 at 00:20 UTC
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Carlos C: Update:
I just chatted with and Adobe sales can still buy CS6, but seems for not too much longer...see parts of the chat below:

Thank you for contacting Adobe Sales. My name is Phillip. How may I help you today?
Phillip: Hi, may I have your first name please?
you: can i still buy CS6 outright?
Carlos : Carlos
Carlos : is my first name
Phillip: Hello Carlos,
Phillip: Sure, let me help you with the information.
Phillip: You can buy CS6 outright, however, let me inform you that Carlos
Phillip: Going forward customers using Adobe products have to upgrade every year, this will soon become mandatory. This runs up to the same price as to the Cloud membership. Its the smartest decision to invest in Creative Cloud in the longer run.
Phillip: All of our customers are moving to Cloud as it is the new offering from Adobe. They have liked what Cloud can do and hence are subscribing to Cloud.

It's probably a good guess his name isn't Phillip either.

Link | Posted on Sep 9, 2013 at 17:11 UTC
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Dimit: It seems that the best of all and presumably the sole pair I'd need for the x system,i.e.the 23 and 56 mm are about to come last to impress us the most!!

Huh? The 35/1.4 is an amazing lens. The 18/2 is a fine lens, not spectacular, but definitely "good".

Do you own these lenses? I do.

Link | Posted on Jul 24, 2013 at 13:28 UTC
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