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maxnimo: Anyone know if this new version can still use the classic PSP tubes?

It certainly has tubes still in it. I've tried copying x6 tubes in to v2018 and they work. The new 2018 version is WAY better than the x6 version I was using. Very fast load times. More importantly little to no lag when using paint brushes - especially things like large diameter saturation brushes on large images.

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On article Nikon 105mm F1.4E ED sample images (279 comments in total)

The sample gallery is a waste of time. Only one image at f1.4.

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Jon Lewis: Hi All
The price doesn't bother some people but the caperbilitys
of the camera do the MkIII wasn't enough of an upgrade
And a 1DX is a bit too much of a sports camera so many are waiting

If your talking about the Canon 5D mk3 over the mk2. Then the mk3 is well worth the upgrade. I see it as a cheap 1DX - rather than an expensive 5D upgrade.

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sean000: My kid has the Vtech, and it is crap. Yes it is really designed to be a toy, but they could have included a better camera. The image quality is... probably worse than the first cell phone camera. It's that bad. I think my first VGA webcam produced better photos. It's also chock full of silly effects and games that my daughter has zero interest in, because they just aren't that fun. She does like looking through the dual-viewfinders. It's actually good for a 2-year-old who is more interested in looking through a viewfinder or just having a camera that she can hold and press the buttons for (as opposed to "Daddy's camera").

Now that she is 3 years old, she is starting to pay attention to the actual results of taking a photo, and she is starting to realize that the Vtech takes lousy pictures. Now she uses one of our old iPhone 3g phones in a drop-resistant case. You'd think for $40 VTech could have included a camera that is at least on par with a 2008 cell phone.

Agreed. The Vtech is rubbish. Buy the kids a plastic hammer for hitting things and a camera for taking pictures - not a piece of junk camera for hitting things with.

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oneroundone: Started using Pagemaker and Photoshop years and years ago. Moved onto (and purchased) CS-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6.
Now Adobe is screwing with us!!!
I've been loyal for many years, but I see it is time to find a replacement and NO LONGER use any of Adobe's software!!!

Adobe must think that there isn't anything else to use!
and on and on and on and on

I still use Jasc PSP 9. Covers all my photo editing needs. Great bit of software , not memory intensive and paid for itself years ago.

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(unknown member): I take it, nobody likes this subscription nonsense?

It'll take some one who only occasionally requires PS 3 months to learn. If you only need photo editing software occasionally, look elsewhere.

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On article Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue (240 comments in total)
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Holger Drallmeyer: People, buy a film camera and change the "sensor" with every frame :)

And I get masses of dust on each frame I scan!

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Looks like a reasonably good product. However I achieve this now with my back pack and waist belt pouch.

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Sticky tape appears to be the solution. Stick it over the histogram, problem solved. When you've finished with the tape, pass it over here and I'll stop the light coming in my camera :>

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Olgierd: A good solution is a simple solution. Why bother with something else if simple tape takes care of the problem. Plus it's inside the camera, means it's not changing aesthetic of 5D3 at all.

Disagree. There are some amazing adhesive tapes out there that you would be blown away by their characteristics. It's all about choosing the right one. Hopefully Canon have not gone for the cheap and cheerful type. Otherwise all your fears will come true.

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(unknown member): I see many people complaining about "the malfunctioning 3000+ USD Canon camera". Wooooow... And about the solution adopted. So there are two things here, it seems: the "wrong" design of the camera and the value of the item. Just to give you an example: something went very wrong with Apollo 13, just one item part of a MULTI-BILLION USD program. The astronauts survived because they used tape. In order to make the link between cube-shaped and cylindrical air canisters. So, you see, it's all about tape. Regarding both crew survival and your pictures survival. No worries, Canon surely knows by now that there is a design (or the robot just forgot to insert the tape) flaw and most probably they will try to calculate the cost of a "proper" solution. If the cost will not be justified, you will continue to see tape inside. But fortunately no "light leak". P. S.: without recognizing the flaw, Canon would have been in serious trouble - from me at least (remember the 1D III AF "story"). Cheers! :)

As they say duct tape is like the 'Force' is binds the universe together :>

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Brad121: I've gone off the idea of spending big bucks for this shoddy piece of work.

If tape works then great. It probably would have been the solution in the first place if it had been found out inhouse without the world hearing about this issue. Any way if you think this is bad I would advise you never to purchase a new car thinking that is a magnificant piece of engineering. They are filled with tape, foams, expanding foams, staples, recycled coffee cups. The more expensive the car the more sticky tape is used as well :>

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On photo Jorge Lorenzo at 2011 MotoGP, Laguna Seca in the Knee's Down challenge (7 comments in total)

Was that taken from the exit of the Corkscrew?

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On photo Doggone Hydromechanics in the 'D' for DOG challenge (5 comments in total)

Great pic. I've taken quite a few backlight animals shaking down after getting wet. It's never easy.

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