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  • Replied in EXIF Revealer?
    Well, it seems I wasn't clear about what I wanted...I was wondering if there was a program that would allow me to drag-and-drop an image from an online source such as Google Images, Bing Images, ...
  • Replied in EXIF Revealer?
    Thanks! I'll try them both.
  • Created discussion thread EXIF Revealer?
    Is there a downloadable program that will allow one to see the exif of a particular image? I seem to recall trying one years ago that either didn't work or I couldn't figure out...
  • Thanks for the tip, Cato.
  • I tend to agree that it is better to shop where you live, for a number of reasons. I checked out that same website to find I might save $50 on a lens that cost $400 in the U.S. and $600 in Canada. ...
  • Created discussion thread Can Canadians...
    ...save money by ordering from U.S.- based stores like B&H and Adorama? Or do the duties and taxes actually make the product cost more, especially with the exchange rate around 25%? Curious to hear ...
  • Should we ask Marco Rubio to judge?
  • Thank you, Fred. I have actually heard nothing but good things about the 18-300, super zoom limitations aside. It would seem to be a definite upgrade from the 18-250.
  • Thanks for the advice. You're right: the few extra bucks I'd save by selling privately may not justify the added trouble. That's why my cars always get traded in at the dealer!
  • Created discussion thread Selling Privately
    I was going to trade in my Canon T2i and Sigma 18-250 lens at one of Toronto's two big camera stores. I'd get $200, maybe a bit more. But then I thought selling them privately would get me a ...
  • Well, I'm still kicking the idea of a new super zoom around. I fully realize the compromises in IQ they represent, particularly at the long end, but the truth is I have become addicted to their ...
  • Created discussion thread Lens Adapters
    I am far from a beginner, but I am going to swallow my pride and post here to avoid getting flamed in other forums... But to be fair, I am kind of embarrassed I didn't know about this. I have been ...
  • Thank you, Canonaimer, for that info. I have been pondering for a while whether or not to stay with Canon APSC or make the move to one of the mirrorless systems, Fuji being the most attractive. ...
  • Created discussion thread Sigma 18-250 vs Sigma 18-300
    I am thinking of trading in my Sigma 18-250 in favour of the 18-300. Has anyone done that, and what are your experiences in regard to IQ, balance, build quality, etc.? Thanks!
  • A quick check of prices of the major camera stores in the Toronto area revealed that Downtown, Vistek, and Henry's are all selling the XT-2 with 18-55 for $1950. Aden is offering a 64k card and ...
  • There is certainly lots of detail, and the 15-45 holds its own against the primes, but is there not an over processed look in some of the shots - even at low ISOs? It reminds me of the results you ...
  • Before any more of you offer helpful advice on this issue, you may want to check the News & Rumor forum where this same "johnwicky" asked, "How many megapixels do I need?" several weeks ago. You ...
  • Also furry.
  • Noah is about to launch the ark as the rain begins to fall. The horrified anteater asks him, "What do you mean you only brought two ants?" Ba-da-boom.
  • Many prominent Victorians -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle among them -- were convinced of the reality of pixies, and indeed many were photographed. Of course due to the limitations of long exposures, ...
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