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  • That is Photoshop Creative Cloud, the info panel of Photoshop 2018 shows the files.
  • Created discussion thread 1000 items in P/S ?
    HELP NEEDED, does anyone know why my 2018 P/S CC says it has 1000+ items,I guess they are image files, how do I safely remove them and stop a new build up? I don't want to press the wrong button ...
  • I have tried High Sierra Photos, mine crashes when exporting images from the edit screen when I re -import them.It crashes, freezes and renders images very slowly. Also checked 5 different Macs in ...
  • Replied in High Sierra?
    Before you move HIGH SIERRA,look at Apple Support Communities website many people have problem with H/S. My problem with H/S is when using Photos, the crashing problem that plagues me I have found ...
  • Update, today I performed my standard short test on 5 Macs,an Air,2 13inch MBP,a15inch MBP and a 27inch iMac 5k. The 15inch MBP passed as did the 27inch iMac. The winners have Radeon Pro 555 ...
  • Very encouraging, thank you.
  • I am using the latest version 10.13.1 but please look at the Apple website you will find that some people like you are having no problems but many like me who do. The Apple store at Lakeside had ...
  • Yes last month I thought it was solved but I celebrated too soon . On the Apple support website there are many people with the same problem as me. I have shared my computer with AppleCare and there ...
  • Photos crashes when after exporting a file to an independent software like Luminar or Markup and then saving the modified file back into High Sierra. After the image is transferred back into Photos ...
  • Well consider this,High Sierra has a big problem with the Photos app. Apple brings out an update which does nothing, in the testing I have done, to fix the problem.The update does contain 70+ new ...
  • Created discussion thread Has Mac LosT The Plot?
    Is Mac now style over substance.
  • Thanks Andy, but how do I change to the HFS+ version of the library? Please understand I started in photography using glass plates and finished using a Hasselblad digital, but all this computer ...
  • Thank you, I will keep a sharp eye out for any problems!
  • Problem has been solved, by reinstalling High-Sierra,thank you apple care.
  • Created discussion thread Photos keeps crashing!
    Does anyone know why Photos, on my 2014 HighSierra MBP with 16 gig of RAM keeps crashing. It used to do the same when using Sierra and I hoped High Sierra might have improved matters, no such luck. ...
  • Replied in Don't agree
    There you have me! First line of my reply OK,it does look like Jan Davidsz de Heem . Second line not so good.
  • Replied in Don't agree
    Very impressed with the Old Master shot, it reminds me of a Jan Davidsz de Heem. This type of photography proves the camera does not matter, what matters are original ideas,they will keep ...
  • Here is the answer,set your camera to spot metering, and RAW, then set the exposure comp setting to + 1.5 stops, and meter from the white fur, job done. You may need to vary the exposure comp ...
  • Replied in 40D dying
    It's not dying ,it just needs a clean, a new battery and possibly a new lens.If you have a 17-85mm f4-5.6 lens the cable in the lens that sends info to the camera body may have failed.Good luck!
  • Just a thought, I have found when using M-RAW on my 6D increased the contrast a little. It may be happening to your 5DS.
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