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  • I've signed up to DPRevived. :-) It looks good, but PLEASE.. give us a Dark Mode there!!.
  • It's a very nice idea, and many many thanks to those putting in the "hard yards" - but sadly, without the unique DPReview equipment reviews, it will simply be another photographic forum, not ...
  • It's a nice thought, but without the main operation (staff providing equipment reviews / ratings / comparisons), it's not DPReview, just another photographic forum.
  • I like the idea and would support it. However, who will ever replace the thorough and in-depth equipment reviews, which is the primary reason for DPReview's existence?.
  • I cannot believe you are closing. You're one of the biggest and best photographic review sites out there - I don't know who I will trust as much for camera reviews. Thank you for all you've done...

  • I was SHOCKED to read the email. I thought DPReview was far too big and important to close. I still can't get my head around it - their camera reviews are unparalleled anywhere in my experience, ...
  • Which is very approximately the equivalent of 64GB on an Intel Mac.
  • TM won't restore the system but it will restore everything else if that's what you choose. However, when restoring a clone of the entire Mac, CCC is not only better but a lot quicker! .
  • BOTH. TM for individual files and folders going back as far as you determine. CCC to have a complete clone of your system any time you need to restore it. Make sure you use different drives for each.
  • Any decent backup incremental software will ask you what you want to do with files you delete, i.e. delete them also from the backup, or keep them.
  • Replied in Questions
    Time Machine won't delete what you delete on the Mac - that's the whole point, i.e. you can recover files if you want or need. However, you CAN delete all backups of particular files or folders, ...
  • Yeah I find a CCC clone is the way to go to painlessly restore an entire system either to the same or a different Mac.
  • A VPN on its own? Probably not, but if you wanted to go the whole hog a VPN within a VM using a different MAC address than the host, almost certainly would.
  • I should have been more explicit - what I'm using is Chromium Legacy which is a github project which takes the very latest version of Chrome and tweaks it so it can be used on older versions of ...
  • I don't understand this? As far as I'm aware TM cannot restore your system.
  • Not so - if you click Chromium's Preferences / Privacy and security, you will find most of the options other browsers have, i.e. control over what cookies to allow, set 'Do not track me' for ...
  • I use Time Machine for when I need to restore individual files or folders from a specific past time. I use Carbon Copy Cloner - ON A DIFFERENT DRIVE!! - for when I need to copy or restore my ...
  • It's actually not true. Yes, sometimes you do need the latest OS to get the latest Safari, but after that you can update Safari until Apple stops supporting it on that particular OS.
  • You could try Waterfox instead, which is a more private variant of FF.
  • Good idea - the main thing to be aware of is that Photos' tools are all global; you can't create layers, use masks, add text, do different blending modes, or even simple selection. If you don't ...
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