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chicco47: I have a lot of doubts whether the DxO scores based on scientific lab tests have any practical value; in same cases they are in contrast with practical results.

That's pretty much like saying, it doesn't have any practival value if you shoot with high-end FF gear or a point-and-shoot. And in fact, if you are just taking pictures for the internet it's likely even true.

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peevee1: Reading their article, I did not find the mention at what aperture do they measure the sharpness? But let's assume it is the best a given lens can do at any aperture (ignoring DoF and light requirements). But what about zoom - at what focal length this is measured?

Otherwise the scores themselves are useful just to confirm the stupidity of sensor megapixel wars of last many years, with most lenses giving only 4-6 P-Mpix of optical resolution at best.

They are not only measuring most common apertures and focal lengths (like 2.8, 4.0, 5.6 ..., 35 mm, 50 mm ...) but also different camera bodys. By analysing their data you might find out, that most SLR-lenses indeed provide more than 12 P-Mpix (depending on aperture, focal length and camera sensor of course).

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