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  • Sure you're implying I'm stupid. Great argument.
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    No professionals photographers are just as prone to brand marketing as any other consumer. Canon being one of the best is not the same as 'the best'.
  • Did they actually say it is a flawless system?
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    That's a good point. Canon seems to have very good product support.
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    They certainly make very good cameras. They have a very long history and have built up a large amount of brand loyalty. So I don't think it's because they are the best. I think it's because their ...
  • Probably be something like the Leica phone. I believe it's basically modified design of an existing sharp cell phone.
  • Strong possibility is just that. It doesn't mean I'm right. If omds is going to be phasing out the olympus branding it means they do not have the rights to continue to use it indefinitely. So if ...
  • Seeing as I own olympus gear, anything that helps omds is beneficial to me.
  • Yes, sorry if I didn't make that clear that this pure speculation on my part. Actually, let me correct myself. It is not confirmed, its basically still a rumor at this point, but the "source" ...
  • Created discussion thread Samsung and olympus.
    So omds confirmed that they will phase out the olympus branding. (Post on 43 rumors) So I guess there is a very strong possiblity that the rumored Samsung phone will be some deal with Olympus corp ...
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    There will always be a bad copy. A better question to ask is, what else can manufacturers do to reduce the number of "bad" copies without increasing the cost significantaly?
  • ? I'm not sure if they need or it's just easier to design that way. Fuji xe4 is not much bigger then the ep7 and fits a decent evf...
  • The ep7 features 5 axis ibis. Body is pretty small. Yes no evf, but maybe the could add a small evf (remove the flash). People would complain that the evf is too small though. An em5 mkiv (or an ...
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    Context: I said panasonic went one step further "creating the gm series". It was smaller then anything olympus created in the mft mount (to my knowledge) that was main point. That holds true ...
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    Maybe I should have added "has made" in my original comment. You have added the following qualifiers in your replies: (1) Must be current in production (2) Available new
  • Gm line exists it was just discontinued. Unless you are suggesting all gm series cameras were destroyed or impossible to buy. Rare maybe, I've seen them pop up a few times. You cannot discount them ...
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    Thanks but tedof already explained that. I misread what they wrote.
  • I didn't mean cheaper as in worse just cheaper :) But yes based on what you have said, it is a better camera in a lot of ways.
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    I think there's a misunderstanding. Each camera model has more the one person willing to buy it. Otherwise olympus would have sold the camera division a lot sooner. This is not unique to panasonic ...
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    Because one camera is unlikely to appeal to a wide enough audience.
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