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Of course they are developing mirrorless; Nikon runs through many protoypes during their r&d, doesn't mean that all will see the light of day. It would be the same of any company.

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I love these; we're kinda out of the peak of the flat-design era by now, but it's a nice modern motif to frame the history in.

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photomedium: I rented this and it's an impressive stills camera. However, they put the fn button in the most annoying place inside the grip and it protrudes out a heck of a lot more than in the 7200. This is a hefty camera, and that fn button kills what would otherwise have been amazing ergonomics like the d5500. WHY???

I just got mine today. Fn1's position is genius if you like using AF-ON. I find it ergonomically better with the double front-button than traditional back-button focusing.

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Rick Knepper: So, according to the title of the article, the theme is "undercooked". I wanted to find out what "undercooked" means but the article never uses the term again. I searched both the article and review and nada.

CMOS back then didn't have as much light-fill as CCD; there were advantages with using it on APS-C, but CCD had better efficiency with smaller photodiodes.

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I used to work in market research.. man these press releases take me back... a lot of numbers with no context (growth? what kind of growth, dollar growth/unit growth?... inflation driven or product driven?)... The press release isn't meant to be helpful, it's basically an advertisement for companies to buy the full industry report hoping that there is something substantive in it.

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fedway: The Summilux shots are so much better than the Elmarit's. The Elmarit isn't cheap either.

The 35mm Summilux is very contrasty, but the rendition between in-focus and out of focus is very pleasant. I also like the way highlights render on the Summilux vs the Summicron.

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Kurt_K: Overpriced, I would say, given the lack of stabilization.

Stabilization means making compromises in the optical formula. Compare the Tamron 24-70VC against the Canon 24-70L or the Tamron 17-50VC vs its previous versions... not direct comparisons, but basically we haven't yet seen a stabilized f/2.8 normal zoom that is every bit as good as best non-stabilized lenses. On a lighter mirrorless camera it would help, but on the DSLR's the heft of the pro bodies already makes for stable shooting platforms, and stabilization is less of a priority than outright optical quality.

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rhys1974: What about the Giotto YTL series?? The compact way this folds up makes it look like a good travel tripod. I have a a beautiful Manfrotto tripod, but it suffers the same fate as you mention here - too big and bulky to carry around on most days, so it sits at home gathering dust. Have been thinking about some more compact/lightweight options for a while now, but would like to see direct comparison of the Giotto with the above list..

I've had a chance to use the BeFree next to the Giottos VGRN pods.. Surprisingly, the VGRN pods are more resistant to vibration even though the leg sections are lighter and slimmer. I think it is because the Giottos leg segments are perfectly round, whereas the BeFree isn't.

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Spectro: I would probably still pick the older Nikon 35mm f/2D AF over this, much cheaper. Not sure why all the new updates are 50-75% more the then one they replaced theses days (from any makers).

Aspheric and ED elements, plus AF-S motors. There's your increased component cost right there.

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stuntmonkey: If you've never used it, then it's not worth the money. If you've used it, it's still not worth the money, but you have to use it at night wide open to really know what this lens is all about.

I don't have to. I've actually used it to know what I'm talking about. I wouldn't actually buy it for myself, but there are people who will have a proper use for it.

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On article Nikon AF-S Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G review (418 comments in total)

If you've never used it, then it's not worth the money. If you've used it, it's still not worth the money, but you have to use it at night wide open to really know what this lens is all about.

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If there was any justice, the Pentax K-3 should get the lions share of the traffic today, not the D610 announcement.

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I've had both the 4s and the 5s side by side. In limited light, what I'm seeing is that the 5s (like the 5) doesn't render low contrast details as well as the 4s, but still produces hard edges and boundaries that the typical iPhone user would find pleasing. Agree that the flash seems to overexpose, but the dual led flash can sometimes get it *really* wrong a make the image look like it was shot with an orange gel filter.

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SHood: "Although we don't have access to sales figures, we understand that the 1 System is doing pretty well for Nikon."

Ummm. Did you miss their press release saying they have 500k camera units unsold in warehouses, most of which are the Nikon 1. Nikon also said they are re-evaluating the Nikon 1 product and cutting back on Marketing and R&D.

This quote looks like it came directly from Nikon trying to save face.

Yes, launch is already interesting in itself, but this line pretty much tanked the readability of this article.

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I think the Nikon P series is rather underated. They've been overshadowed by other high end compacts, but the ergonomics and controls are pretty nice for this price range.

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On article Ten one-of-a-kind cameras from the 21st century (251 comments in total)

The F707 design -> eventually -> NEX. It was a great camera for it's day.

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I wish iOS provided lower-level access to the camera than it does. The reason why almost every camera app is a two-fingered tap is because exposure works by spot-meter with the regular camera and no other way. Apps that separate focus from exposure are really just doing two spot-meter/focus points instead of actually adjusting the exposure up and down as we know it.

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stuntmonkey: Here's a question... this is basically an e-mount dressed up to look like an a-mount. That's fine and all, price will find it the right customers... but in principle, how is this any different than dressing up an NEX-7 into the Hasselblad Lunar? Both seem to be gilding the lily here... if you want small and e-mount, working off of something like the NEX-3 seems like a more logical idea. Unless, of course, you want to "play" at shooting a "real" DSLR....

You guys...sheesh.

With the lunar, you are using cosmetic changes to justify a huge price increase. With the A3000, you are appropriating the look of a DSLR to give the impression of elevating the camera above its NEX-3 roots. My point... is the consumer really being served by the pseudo-DSLR packaging? Sony could have tried for $400 with the NEX form factor. In both cases, the consumer is paying... paying more for emotional value with the dressed up NEX-7, and 'paying' more in lost portability with a dressed up NEX+. The great things is that it's incredibly cheap for APS-C, but if you stop to think about it, it's also on the big side for a mirrorless camera.

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