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mr.izo: when selling company buys reviewing site, you know it's game over. so sorry guys, not so much happy for you.

I'm amazed they let you get away with the year end TCStv episodes. I think that speaks for itself.

Link | Posted on May 1, 2018 at 17:48 UTC

I wish the camera manufacturers would stop doing this. Trade in programs are gimmicks, the cameras get binned if they are ever accepted.... you could just recycle it yourself for less effort. Its just a way of offering a discount without saying that they are cutting the price in order to protect "brand equity".

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On article Sigma interview: 'This is just the beginning' (340 comments in total)

I've been fortunate to meet Mr. Yamaki in person. He's an amazingly curious CEO, and asks lots of questions. Doesn't do a hard sell, but spends much more time listening than he does talking.

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justmeMN: "Traditionally, like most websites, DPReview has generated the majority of its income via conventional 'banner' advertising." - S.E.

So, moneybags Amazon is too cheap to be financially supportive of their own website? For them, financially sponsoring this site would be a minor marketing expense.

I for one am happy with the current state of hands-off-ed-ness of Amazon. They can very aggressive with market positioning if they want, and we don't want that. I wouldn't mind if there was a well marked "Amazon marketplace" available, but it would have ben be separate from editorial and plain as day.

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Battersea: Interesting but they should try to keep it simple

Yeah, it's a good idea, the details will probably need tweaking over time, but heading in the right direction if you want to divert attention away from 1st party.

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Androole: "... indicating that mirrorless is continuing its rise while simultaneously cannibalizing market share from its DSLR cousins."

To the surprise of no one at all.

Mirrorless is climbing from a smaller number, so it should be posting a higher growth rate. Canon use their own sensors for DSLR's, so they weren't as affected last year by the earthquake (so the drop in overall DSLR wasn't that big if you lump Canon/Nikon together), but Sony/Panasonic/Fuji are all on Sony-based sensors, so basically any number they post this year has to be bigger than last year.

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‘China is our number-one growth market,’ is the secret sauce. Coach, Leica, Ferrari... the answer is right there. One and the same trend.

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ZeBebito: How many chinese photographers are actual Leica users??? Let me guess... This means their core target has little to do with photography, Leica has become a jewel instead of a tool.

Most places are selling Q's and M10's as fast as they come in, but 'fast' is relative since it's nowhere near the volume that the Japanese do.

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stuntmonkey: I've briefly used the M10 and the M240's, the m10 is what Leica shooters wanted all along. It's not a rational decision, but the M-system does do some things better than what other systems can do. Take a Summilux 24mm and mount it on an A7rII; the corners aren't going to come out as good as they do on the native body. Basically for full frame primes, Leica is unique for optical rendition at the size of lens that they produce.

Having seen samples, it's not just the sensor cover thickness; converted A7rII's still don't have as good corner rendition as the Leica bodies; apparently the unique oblong micro-lenses on the m240 and m10 really do make a difference.

Link | Posted on Nov 10, 2017 at 19:03 UTC

I've briefly used the M10 and the M240's, the m10 is what Leica shooters wanted all along. It's not a rational decision, but the M-system does do some things better than what other systems can do. Take a Summilux 24mm and mount it on an A7rII; the corners aren't going to come out as good as they do on the native body. Basically for full frame primes, Leica is unique for optical rendition at the size of lens that they produce.

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Superka: There are lots of perfect film cameras.
People need perfect scanner, not camera.

The number of perfectly good AE-1's or FE2s out there is certainly not unreasonable.

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On article Leica M10 added to the studio comparison tool (211 comments in total)
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fPrime: Oh, Leica... if you'd only made the M10 with a full frame CCD sensor like the M9 then maybe more people would care. Now the output looks, smells, tastes like any old CMOS sensor from Sony. Undifferentiated. Boring.

Still with the CCD thing. Yes, the colours were different back then, but was because all manufacturer's used strongly colour separation in their colour filter arrays... it's not something that is inherent to the CCD itself, not mostly. "High ISO" and CMOS took off together, and people equated them to one another, but what was happening was that the sensor makers started to trade off the strength of the colour separation to tune for ISO performance. you really saw that happening when Nikon switched from D3 to D3s, CMOS to CMOS but the D3s had an ISO bump but with the trade off of some colour separation.

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As mentioned before , I find it odd that DPR posts about camera rumors now, considering how often they have pre-production units for launch day material. If they are sitting on a press-embargo'd unit while they are commenting on another site's rumors, that's cutting it a bit close, non-disclosure wise. And if they aren't, it seems weird that they wouldn't have a pre-production unit at this point in their history.

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RubberDials: 'If genuine'. LOL.

For the people who haven't quite got it. DPreview isn't reproducing rumours here, they're telling you without telling you. See the 'wishlist'...

It does seem strange; if the camera exists in pre-production form, DPR certainly will have it now, or will be getting it, so commenting on Nikon Rumors would raises eyebrows.

a) Either DPR is cutting close to the NDA line....

b) They don't have a camera yet and haven't signed an NDA yet. This would mean that the camera is still far off from shipping.

Link | Posted on Jul 27, 2017 at 16:16 UTC

Of course they are developing mirrorless; Nikon runs through many protoypes during their r&d, doesn't mean that all will see the light of day. It would be the same of any company.

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I love these; we're kinda out of the peak of the flat-design era by now, but it's a nice modern motif to frame the history in.

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On article Review: Nikon D7500, speed and capability (526 comments in total)
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photomedium: I rented this and it's an impressive stills camera. However, they put the fn button in the most annoying place inside the grip and it protrudes out a heck of a lot more than in the 7200. This is a hefty camera, and that fn button kills what would otherwise have been amazing ergonomics like the d5500. WHY???

I just got mine today. Fn1's position is genius if you like using AF-ON. I find it ergonomically better with the double front-button than traditional back-button focusing.

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Rick Knepper: So, according to the title of the article, the theme is "undercooked". I wanted to find out what "undercooked" means but the article never uses the term again. I searched both the article and review and nada.

CMOS back then didn't have as much light-fill as CCD; there were advantages with using it on APS-C, but CCD had better efficiency with smaller photodiodes.

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I used to work in market research.. man these press releases take me back... a lot of numbers with no context (growth? what kind of growth, dollar growth/unit growth?... inflation driven or product driven?)... The press release isn't meant to be helpful, it's basically an advertisement for companies to buy the full industry report hoping that there is something substantive in it.

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fedway: The Summilux shots are so much better than the Elmarit's. The Elmarit isn't cheap either.

The 35mm Summilux is very contrasty, but the rendition between in-focus and out of focus is very pleasant. I also like the way highlights render on the Summilux vs the Summicron.

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