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On article Making sense of Canon's 4K cameras with EOSHD (222 comments in total)
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Anastigmat: Even though this camera is not aimed at the sports photographer market, I expect quite a few of them to use it. Basically, this camera gives the sports photographer 24 frames per second capability, compared to 11 fps for people who use still cameras like the D3, D4 and D1-X. Sure, this camera is not full frame, but the 24 fps capability is simply a godsend for them. I expect those people who realize the usefulness of this camera for sports to show up at the summer Olympics and other sports events with this camera, even if they don not use the movie feature in their work.

no AF while recording

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ijustdontknow: I've been a loyal Nikon customer for over 25 years. But this smells and the "for the customer's own good" spiel doesn't hold water.

never believe companies that pretend to do something "for the consumers".

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this is just the usual anti-competitive move by a large company.
hope antitrust has a way of looking at this. and stopping it.

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark III low-light ISO series samples (302 comments in total)
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makofoto: Since low light ISO is so good now, there should be a setting where one can set say F2.8 and 1/125th of a second, and the ISO auto follows along.

Sport shooters would also like a Focus Trap mode, where the shutter releases when best focus is achieved, ie. one should be able to pre-set focus at a certain point, and the camera will auto trip when the subject matter does through that point.

that setting exists since forever and is one of the few features that should justify an upgrade from 5d2 to 5d3 for an expense of $1500+

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NikonScavenger: I actually wanted to buy one of these cameras because I'm in search of a pocket DSLR alternative (looks like it may be the G1X after all this mess). And all I can tell is that for every photo of the white orbs on dpreview there is one on flickr, or another photo site, that claims it doesn't exist.

I guess it brings me back to the old rule that the uglier the camera is, the better it works... also I wish Fuji had developed their super CCD technology more, I loved the wide DR of the old S5.

GaryJP: theorem "if [conditions] then fuji X10 produces orbs"
now if people reproduce the same conditions and there is no orb, the theorem is false.
but I know nothing about this specific case.
Anyway, not great advertisement for the new XPRO1, considering both X100 and X10 have significant hardware issues.

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Timbukto: Don't look like great EF lenses to me. f2.8? I guess I can thank Canon for improving resale value on my APS-C camera with 17-55 2.8 IS lens. I don't consider IS for 24 or 28 mm on FF in any way innovative or ground equates to the wide-angle of my 17-55 where IS is *least* felt. Sorry but the D800 is the more interesting release thus far.

I actually really like those 2 small primes.

- in APSC terms the 24 2.8 is 16 f/2 IS (nonexistent)
- 24mm -> aperture doesn't really matter in terms of DOF. then there's IS and that is a 3+ stop advantage (can shoot in light conditions absolutely unavailable to any other lens).
- couple this with supposed great ISO from 5D3 -> night monster.

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Ian: These look like perfect matches for a new mirrorless body just like Pentax's new baby. Compact, IS, not priced too high(?)...

not going to happen with EF/EF-S mount.

mirrorless = lenses are closer to the sensor.
these are EF so they need to be around 42mm from the sensor = either huge mirrorless (pointless), or with adapter (could work of course but not optimal)

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NovemberSun: There was a poll taken i read somewhere and it said that alot of people didnt use the IS in the 24-70 to begin with. Though I dont own one myself I do not see this as a negative. I own one lens with IS and its never engaged. Every other lens i own does not feature IS and i dont ever miss it. To me the exclusion of the IS feature in the 24-70 would suggest a more affordable price point...or at least a very competitive one. A price point at which I may very well bite...that is if its reasonable.

there seems to be a lot of people saying that "they don't need IS on wide angle" but the truth is that it's always useful.
more reasonable would be to have ditched the IS version because of size/weight. the old 24-70 was already too heavy.

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Jens_G: 24/2.8 will be nice on APS (36mm equiv).

yes, but thank god they did it EF and not EF-S! they prolly realized that small lenses are good for FF users.

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yeah Canon, DO release great lenses so I don't buy a D800.
I want more.

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On article Nikon D800 and D800E 36MP full-frame DSLRs announced (269 comments in total)
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Aero Windwalker: Let's see how Canon 5D Mark III is going to kick his ass this round. ;-)

yeah about that.
as a 5D2 owner, I feel like Canon is going to fail miserably this time.

nikon just released the perfect camera.
if only they had canon glass.

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