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On article Why Raw video might not be the game-changer you expect (255 comments in total)

I purchased the Ninja V for the A7SIII in order to get around Sony's in-body noise reduction that can't be turned off. The amount of NR applied under high ISO's with that camera is ridiculous. It turns the footage to muck. By shooting to the Ninja V, I can take the raw footage and apply my own NR in post editing and the results are astoundingly better. I don't necessarily need raw, but I do need Sony to give us the ability to turn off their heavy-handed noise reduction in-camera.

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Can you program a button to engage tracking in video mode? For example, the A7SIII can only begin tracking a subject in video mode by tapping on the back display. It will not allow tracking to be engaged by doing back-button focusing. (Works in stills but not video.) This makes it difficult to use the EVF and engage tracking. You have to look at the back display and tap on it....at least on the A7SIII.

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On a photo in the Canon RF 800mm F11 IS STM sample gallery sample gallery (6 comments in total)
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liquidstone: This one has good details, looks like the lens is quite decent.

Agree. Crops really nice. Definitely a usable lens for bird photography.

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On article DPReview TV: Is Jordan out of touch? (147 comments in total)

Even though Chris is always so mesmerizing, I certainly noticed the weirdness in your last video. Please go back to your regular style. Much more pleasing.

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(unknown member): "Telephoto lenses for mirrorless are just as long as their DSLR counterparts, so there's no size benefit to throwing away your mirror."
The lenses might have the same size, but the overall size is smaller. Furthermore mirrorless is not just about the size.

If the mirrorless camera is full-frame sensor, then yes, telephoto lenses will be big, but if the camera for example has an M43 sensor, telephoto lenses are much smaller. The Panasonic G9 with their 100-400mm lens (200-800mm equivalent) is a fantastic camera/lens with great telephoto properties and it is small and light.

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On article Sony a7 III Review (2182 comments in total)
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photog4u: DPR: Does the A7 III have an AA filter? Seems to be a lot of conflicting information circulating . Thank you.

I would also like to know. From this test, it looks like it doesn't?

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On article Action packed: Shooting the Sony a6300 in Miami (241 comments in total)


Thank you for the review. Did you have a chance to try the a6300 with the Metabones IV adapter and any Canon telephoto lenses? Considering this camera is built for action photography, how well does it autofocus with adapted longer lenses (300mm - 600mm)? Is it the same as the A7R2? Hopefully better?

I will really be curious to see how the a6300 works with the Sigma 150-600 with the Sigma MC-11. Might we finally have a combination that will autofocus quickly for sports/wildlife photography? This is the one piece of the puzzle that has been missing.

Comments Dan?



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On article Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera review (92 comments in total)

Can anyone suggest an app for the Snapdragon version of the Note 4 that will give me 4k HDR? Will the "Open Camera" app work with a Snapdragon version? Will "Snap Dragon HDR" produce 4k HDR video?


An app that will allow me to flatten a 4k video? Not over saturated? Not overly contrasted? (Snapdragon version)

Are there any samples posted on youtube or vimeo?


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On article What is equivalence and why should I care? (2504 comments in total)
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justin23: Didn't really cover a few things that break equivalence or make it complicated.

The example I like to use is say you use a 300mm f2.8 on an APS-C camera. So it gives you a FOV equal to 450mm. Use the same 300 f2.8 lens on a FF camera, because it has the narrow DOF you crave, yet unfortunately you need to crop it a little.
Guess what, crop a FF image to match a APS-C image and suddenly the DOF also matches. People never believe me or don't realise this, but cropping is what affects DOF, but this is in agreement with what was stated in this article.
This is why at the same time a 300mm f2.8 lens is the same on all sensors and thus why equivalence is often only a tool for those who care.

Especially when photographing wildlife or sports, you commonly don't have the ability to move closer to your subject. It drives me crazy when it's stated that a cropped sensor gives you added "magnification" when in fact a cropped sensor is "pre-cropping" the image.

It would be great if DP added to their camera reviews a test from a fixed distance using the same lens. For example, comparing the Canon 7D and Canon 5DM3 with the same ISO, aperture and lens from a fixed distance would more accurately portray noise level characteristics for those of us who shoot wildlife.

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On article Orion DVC210 DLSR Crane Review (43 comments in total)

Can't see video. Says "private".

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On article GoPro updates with Hero3+ (34 comments in total)

The jello effect found on the current line of the GoPro can be fixed by using a ND filter. This slows down the effective "shutter speed".

It will be interesting to see IF the "auto low lite" feature could also be used to slow down the shutter speed to reduce the jello effect.

Personally, I hate the fish-eye look of the lens and I've replaced it with a Ragecam 5.4mm 10mp lens. This makes the camera into one heck of a video camera...sharp 1080p with no distortion.

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (376 comments in total)

Total agree with the previous posts. Come on DPR...Why is it taking so long for you to fully test and review the 1DX? I have to assume that there has been friction between you and Canon for the past few years. It seems that ever since the 1D Mark III, you guys have taken your sweet time in reviewing Canon's flagship cameras. I don't understand it and I believe it is undermining your reputation as an independent reviewer.

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark III low-light ISO series samples (301 comments in total)
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digitalweddings: thank you DPR, how about the same for the D800?

Andy...I assume these are native jpg? What NR setting was used? These images look much better than the over_NR images that Canon has on their Europe and Japan websites.

Thanks for doing this. These look great.

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