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On article Pentax Q7 Review (238 comments in total)
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chj: What a failed product. It's not small, it's not inexpensive, it doesn't have great IQ. Instead of a product that is the best of both worlds (camera size and image quality), Pentax decided to make a product that was the worst of both worlds. It's for someone that wants a toy to act like they have a "pro kit". Which would be fine for kids if it was cheap. But the same money could actually buy a good camera. So the market is for the kids of silly rich people?

what a failed "popular" product, do you mean? It even beat the Nikon 1 system!

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On article Pentax Q7 Review (238 comments in total)
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Katier: I have to say I find the review surprising. I use a basic Q and find it's performance excellent. It's ultra-compact nature with the 1.9 is very useful and I find IQ to be very good.

OK it obviously starts to get limited, especially ( in the Q with the smaller sensor) past around 800 ISO, but considering it's got such a small sensor high ISO performance isn't what it's about.

That said, the fact it runs with a 1.9 lens means that it's at least a stop better than the MLC competition unless your willing to spend over $1000 for a lens.

You can also do crazy things like put a 50mm f1.7 lens on it via an adapter and get a 210mm f1.7 (approx Q7) or 275mm f1.7 (Q/Q10).

In short, due to having high speed lenses the limited ISO range problem is reduced.. plus the compact size is a huge strength. I should add that have large hands and have zero problems with it.

Currently the Q is my main camera due to a DSLR theft, but I really only miss a view finder when compared to the DSLR.

The very good lens not mention here is the 15-45mm f/2.8.
I used a cheap magnetic viewfinder extender placed on the LCD when I needed it. Still not as good as OVF but at least it worked, on bright environment.

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On article Pentax Q7 Review (238 comments in total)
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Gary Martin: I think this system would make more sense if it had a better selection of tiny fixed-focal lenses, allowing the camera to be pocketable. If you can't fit it in your pocket, you might as well go a bit bigger for the big jump in IQ you'll get from a much bigger sensor. This is supposed to be a fun camera to use, however, and its owners seem to love it.

those who has hold it in theirs hands would noticed the different sensation. I was sceptic myself before I used it.

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On article Pentax Q7 Review (238 comments in total)
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Dale108: The Q's main market is Japan, where is seems to be quite popular. I have the original Q and find it fun to use. IQ is also quite good and I find DR better than other small compacts such as the LX7.


yup, I noticed myself, the DR is quite wide for a smaller sensor like this. I have the original Q btw. the IQ with 8,5mm lens is very good, very sharp wide open.

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On article Pentax Q7 Review (238 comments in total)
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techmine: Its not that small after all :-)

err, you probably never had it in your hand, don't you LOL I also thought it too, it was not very small after all, until I hold it in my hand, it really quite small, compared to my G11 and G1X, it's a tiny fun camera :)

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On article Pentax Q7 Review (238 comments in total)
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fakuryu: If you hate this camera, probably you just don't understand it.

yup, I really don't understand, why you have to hate a camera, a thing, a non living thing, as if they are alive :) it's just a gadget. I still think Q system is good. I have the original Q, at first I don't really expected it to be so good. It's only different sensation when you hold it in your hand.

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On article Pentax Q7 Review (238 comments in total)

decent/adequate IQ is on paper only, you have to use it to know why Q are fun to use!

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I wonder if the Pentax Q has the same problem or in other hand, the Q series might be have better situation?

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burnin: All I see are overexposed photos. Just sayin'.

it's high key, not overexposed!

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horrible filters!

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Roland Karlsson: The black grip looks OK, and suitable price being $99 extra for attaching it. But - the wooden ones looks as strange as it can be - just out of place.

3rd party grip for RX-100 inspiration

Link | Posted on Jul 23, 2013 at 10:28 UTC

lazy designer!

Link | Posted on Jul 23, 2013 at 10:26 UTC as 113th comment | 1 reply

expensive toy app!

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slightly better than 808!
Wish the sensor has better lens (what I meant, optical zoom lens with a proper body) but the 1020 lens is quite decent, judge on these images.

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On article Nokia launches 41MP Lumia 1020 for Windows Phone 8 (131 comments in total)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom real (and only) competitor so far ...

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On a photo in the Pentax Q7 Review Samples sample gallery (3 comments in total)

yup, very good iso 4000 IMO

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