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Gesture: The more I look at this camera, the less it amazes. Love the sensor size and type, all the technology, fond memories of film era SLRs, but what is missing is that Nikon didn't try to re-think the interface for a digital SLR. Over the years, the digital SLR has come to resemble the flight deck of the space shuttle. Let's figure out how to simplify, yet gain ergonomic power, not simply patch on every conceivable interface control.

The interface is what I like about this camera - dedicated, non-programmable dials for everything is the way to go.

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On article Hands-on with the retro Nikon Df (231 comments in total)
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Daniel Bliss: Hmm, they blew it. Dials, easy on the eyes, easy to manipulate, but wrecked by all the locking pins; Compatibility with all the manual lenses, totally welcomed, undermined by the lack of interchangeable focusing screens; a sensor that's less of a data hog than some I could mention, only it's the 16MP unit from the D4, rather than a 24MP without low-pass filter that could go toe to toe with Leica and win and still be serviced at 5.5 frames a second by the Df's CPU.

Kind of makes you wonder where the F-mount is going. This is called, having a great design idea and then laying an egg.

The consolation prizes; at least it shows they can produce an FX DSLR with a sturdy build at a DX prosumer body weight, and at least it syncs with flash at a true, even-f-stop, 1/250th.

The frustrating part; it would have been so easy for them to get this right. Why did they make such basic mistakes?

Good points but I still like it more than any other product offering out there - dials, easy to manipulate, compatible with manual lenses, 16 MP probably enough

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Seems bizarre that no one is talking about image stabilization. One of the main benefits of this camera is that I can use it with my old lenses (Contax, OM, NAI). Seems to me, I'll take lower IQ with in - body IS for real-world shooting. I was really looking forward to this camera, because of the control layout, but I think I'll get a Pen.

Oh - I also find it bizarre there's so much emphasis on the price - total cost of this camera is equivalent to purchasing and developing about 100 rolls of film. All digital cameras (with the exception of the professional ones) are dirt cheap.

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