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Rexyinc: my first digital was the batman styled Polaroid PDC-3000!.. 1996 lols

first pro bodied studio camera ( the studio brought three of them at $30k each lols ) was the 2001 Kodak DCS760 6mp nikon pro body monster.. dropped it on my foot once.. OUCHES! haha.. still in use at that old studio up until just a couple of years ago lols.. boss wouldn't upgrade them until he went out of business stating they never paid for themselves and he was still paying them all off.. sucker..

Sonar autofocus!?!

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chrohrs: I've been using a GX1 since December, and it is indeed a fine camera. The camera feels solid, and the IQ and AF are just great. Plus I'm really impressed by the selection of high-quality, small MFT lenses. I like the combo so much that I sold off all my Canon SLR gear.

My only complaint is the inability to stop down during video. Shooting wide open with primes can be challenging because there's so little DoF. In fact, I ended up getting the slower 14-42 power zoom just for video. (More discussion at My guess is that Panasonic could change this with firmware, but they're protecting the GH2.

Still, I really love this camera. Don't let the small size fool you; it's a serious machine.

From the review:
"Interestingly, the only method of manual aperture control is found by activating the automated intelligent Auto (iA) mode. By dragging a 'defocus' slider while filming, you can control the depth of field beyond your area of focus."

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