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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1640 comments in total)

I don't understand why they decided to flip the screen below the camera...
And crippled auto iso?

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Wow! it's a very nice looking drone! Fold-away wings, monitor included joy-stick, and the hand grip are all nice features. But I wish they mentioned something about other sensors for safety and crash avoidance.

Only drawback I can think of is the camera itself. The FOV is way to wide for pleasing aerial video. If you look at the DJI Inspire, the fov is 94' or 72' depending on the model. I own the phantom 4 which has 94' and I think it's a bit wide sometimes. Of course you can fly closer, but that means distortion and risk of crashing. Maybe Hero 5 black has a crop in 4k mode?

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Aroart: I personally know quit a few photographers and videographers here in NY. Every time they use a Sony camera they all complain about the terrible battery life over priced lenses and ocassionall crashes. They either return them in a week or use them for a side kick and family gatherings. While the image quality is there I don't think it would be able to take the physical abuse and demands of a pro that shoots weddings or in extreme weather... So technically this camera realy should not be on best overall list...One more issue Sony doesn't even have the most used lense in there system lineup the 70-200 2.8.......

Something is wrong with your a7rII or your adapter is causing problems. I'm using all native lenses and the camera has yet to freeze on me.
With 5DIII, 5DII and 6D, it would freeze on several occasions even with L lenses. Of course removing the battery did the trick, but I don't believe that Sony is any worse.

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On article Miniature wide angle lens under development at UCSD (72 comments in total)

high resolution from such a small lens is great, but why are they comparing 1/3.2" sensor and lens to a full frame slr camera and lens?

perhaps they should really be comparing with the lens inside of a gopro in terms of size?

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Boerseuntjie: Nothing new Sony did it years ago...LOL with a .2mm OLED screen

A research prototype that's only 432x240 pixels.... Have fun with that one.

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I already have wireless flash and it works between any smartphones..

"Hey, can you turn on your led flash and hold it up?"

Now, if it was able to actually trigger a real flash, that would be nice.

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the reason: Autofocus at f8, in 2013...

I don't think you quite understand what this means...
This is not talking about stopping a lens down to f/8, but it's saying you can autofocus with a lens that has a maximum aperture of f/8. There is a difference.

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DonSantos: 24-48mm 1.8 zoom for ff please.


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DonSantos: If it was for ff I would have died an gone to heaven.

haha, i wish this was for ff too.

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